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Sites Concentrating on Correspondence Chess
http://correspondencechess.com/ (CC.COM) [updated 1-Jan-2004]
More than a chess site, it's a whole domain devoted to correspondence chess. Created by John Knudsen as the home of his personal web site (now known as "The Correspondence Chess Place") he has provided a home for numerous other sites, including The Campbell Report, Ralph Marconi's Chess Page, The Correspondence Chess Message Board, American Postal Chess Tournaments, Canadian Correspondence Chess Association and more. The latest additions are the site of the 10th CC World Champion Vytas Palciauskas and Correspondence Chess News. As John puts it, for correspondence chess CC.COM is the place to be! This site was awarded the "Friend of ICCF" award at the 1999 ICCF Congress in Thun, Switzerland.
The Correspondence Chess Message Board (TCCMB) [updated 10-June-2004]
One of the most useful destinations on the web for cc enthusiasts. Here cc'ers can share their opinions and ideas. Many of the top cc competitors and organizers contribute to the discussions and debates which take place here. Update: TCCMB has a new address and a new look. After server well for six years, the old messages board has been replaced with a more modern version. The URL has changed so update your favorites list.
Chess Mail magazine [updated 3-May-2008]
Tim Harding's cc magazine is perhaps the best cc publication is the world, certainly the best cc magazine published in English. Harding brings us the latest news and a lot of great information and you'll frequently find new material here ... news, games, reviews, photos. Subscribe to the magazine and visit his excellent web site, one of the biggest chess sites on the web. This site was awarded the "Friend of ICCF" award at the 1999 ICCF Congress in Thun, Switzerland. Update: Tim Harding has ceased publication of his excellent magazine Chess Mail and only maintains this web site in a minimal fashion. It is still worth checking occasionally, however.
The Correspondence Chess Place (TCCP) [updated 3-May-2008]
John Knudsen's personal web site containing a wealth of material for the cc enthusiast. Articles, humor, game downloads, all sorts of stuff. Check it out and see why John Knudsen has inspired many of us to follow in his steps to provide useful and entertaining features as a service to our fellow correspondence chess devotes. His old site remains archived at http://correspondencechess.com/knudsen/. Update: Since moving to the USA in 2007 Knudsen hasn't updated this site much. However, it will contains a lot of useful information worth checking out.
Correspondence Chess News (CCN) [updated 9-Nov-2003]
This is a weekly online newsletter containing short announcements of news, games and articles. Every CC enthusiast should check out this fabulous source of news and information. Unfortunate, this publication ceased with issue #100. Fortunately, there is an archive of the issues which will continue to be worthwhile reading for many years.
Ralph Marconi's Chess Page [updated 3-Nov-2005]
This is the excellent cc site created and maintained by International Arbiter, tournament director and cc Master Ralph Marconi, who also served a term as the North American/Pacific Zone (NAPZ) Director for ICCF. He's a regular columnist for Check! and The Chess Correspondent and the team captain for the Canadian Olympiad team. This, along with his cc tournament directing and his great enthusiasm for cc, means his site will be worth visiting frequently. You'll also find crosstables of numerous ICCF events at this site.
Viking Chess [updated 9-Nov-2003]
Webmaster Karsten Fyhn (Denmark) has put together a very nice site with both OTB and CC represented. You'll find some useful information here. His statement: “These pages are mostly about Scandinavian chess, Scandinavian players, games and events. However also chess from the rest of the world could be a subject for this page, as long as it is in the Viking spirit!” The site is partly in English.
ICCF Deputy President (Rules) Ragnar Wikman [updated 21-Jan-2003]
Not much chess but some good "New Age" links. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for several years.
IECG Forum [updated 4-June-2006]
Not quite as active as TCCMB and more pertinent to IECG members in its topics, but you may still find some interesting cc topics covered here. You don't need to be an IECG member to participate.
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"Live" Coverage of CC Games

Tag Team Match [added 8-January-2006]

A unique tagteam match is now taking place with the game displayed with a couple moves delay.

Playing White: 7th USA Champion Dave Taylor and IM Chris Sergel (2512)

Playing Black: SIM Jason Bokar (2571) and GM Peter Coleman (2597)

The basic rules, as supplied by Dave Taylor:

  • No consultation between players.
  • Each move made independently and partner does not know what move you are going to make. Only consultation would be just to agree to offer a draw or resign.
  • Time limit: 10/60. But game is expected to be fairly rapid.
  • Dave Taylor played first move, then Peter Coleman, then Chris Sergel, then Jason Bokar.
  • Move delay is only so posters on TCCMB can chat about the game without effecting the outcome.
  • A strictly "for fun" match and all participants have agreed on everything.
  • If one player takes a vacation/time out--for one time--his partner can make a move--or the partnership can just take the time off their accumulated time.
F. Alava-Moreno's Correspondence Chess Website [updated 4-June-2006]
Fausto Alava (ESP) has created a simple web site to display his IECG Master Class games "live". He is following the ICCF guidelines for displaying "live" games by applying a 3-move delay and obtaining permission of his opponents. The live games are from IECG CM-2004-00247. He also has the crosstable and all games available for replay from the finished section IECG CM-2003-00226. Nicely done! And now he's gotten off Geocities ... hooray!
Szachy Korespondencyjne - Correspondence Chess [updated 4-June-2006]
This is the web site of Maciej Tritt (POL). He has started showing some of his games with a 3-move delay starting at move 10, to following the new ICCF guidelines. So far he has games from two events: Poland - Hong Kong team match and ICCF section ICCF/EM/MN/076. Nicely done.
Welcome to My World of Chess!! (Wolfram Schön) [updated 2-May-2004]
This is the personal web page of IM Wolfram Schön (GER). Currently he is showing "live" coverage of his games of the World Championship WC17 Candidates, section 3 (see crosstable). Actually, all the games are finished (he tied for first place with 13-3!), but he's promised to supply some annotations. Perhaps other "live" games will be added in the future. IMPORTANT UPDATE! (2-May-2004) IM Wolfram Schön has added "live" coverage of his games from the WC XVIII Final! He has provided a 3-move delay and obtained permission from his opponents, as specified in the latest ICCF addition to its Code of Conduct. Fantastic! I salute this fine gentlemen for his efforts to make these great highest-level games available to us.
Marius in the 14th Olympiad Final [updated 31-Aug-2004]
The games of Marius Ceteras (ROM) in the 14th Olympiad Final (Marius is on Board 3) shown with 3-move delay. This is part of the Romanian Chess web pages. There may be other "live" coverage in the future, so check out their main page. 31.08.2004 Update: Marius Ceteras has removed his on-line coverage for now based on instructions from his TD. He provides an explanation.
First French Club Championship (at the A.J.E.C. site) [added 9-Jan-2004]
The national federation of France AJEC presents their First French Club Championship "1er championnat de France des clubs (par e-mail) : finale (parties actualisées chaque mois)" in live coverage. Under the crosstable click on the link "l'applet Java" and a new window will open with the club games. You can view both the finished games and the on-going games. Some of the other tournament crosstables (see the navigation bar on the left) have the same link "l'applet Java" for viewing finished games. Thanks to the AJEC Webmaster Olivier Bouverot for pointing this out to me. Content is in French.
TCCMB vs. Chessworld [added 8-Oct-2003]
A consulation match between a team of players from the TCCMB message board and a team of players representing the Chessworld chess server.
CC Tandem Chess [added 8-Oct-2003]
An intriguing match tween CC Tandem Chess Teams: Grayling Hill (2346) and Jason Bokar (2509) Ave. Rating = 2428 vs. Dave Taylor (2528) and Ken Reinhart (2458) Ave. Rating = 2493 Referee: Steve Ryan. Rules: Alternating moves from each player on the team. No consultation on the opening and no consultation during the game. Time limit is 10/30. Hosted at SIM Jason Bokar's Chess World
Completed TCCMB Public Exhibition Matches [added 8-Oct-2003]
There have been a number of "live" matches conducted under the auspicies of the TCCMB message board. Here all the finished games are archived in replay format.
Raymond Boger Chess Web [updated 9-Nov-2003]
GM Raymond Boger of Norway (ICCF 2488) has a number of his games here along with crosstables, official results, and photos and short biographies of his opponents (in English) ... very nice! Java replay is available for his games. He has a great collection of ICCF Congress photos.
ICCF 50 years World Champions Jubilee Tournament - 50WCJT [added 9-Nov-2003]
A fantastic event to celebrate ICCF's 50th Jubilee. All eight living world champions are taking place in this event. The players: Fritz Baumbach (Germany), Hans Berliner (USA), Tônu Õim (Estonia), Vytas Palciauskas (USA), Mikhail Umansky (Russia), Horst Rittner (Germany), Gert Jan Timmerman (Netherlands), Grigory Sanakoev (Russia), and Jorn Sloth (Denmark).
Toms Fernschachseite [updated 4-June-2006]
Java replay and crosstables by the strong German master and ICCF IM (ICCF 2465) Thomas Schmelz. The site is in German, but you can find the games by looking for the link to "Laufende Partien" near the bottom of the page. This will bring up a list of tournament links to the games. The notation used is German algebraic. Thanks to Anja Schmidt for sending this link. [Update: I can't locate any "live" games, but perhaps they are there somewhere.]
USCF Senior Master Steve Ham vs. Fritz and Nimzo
This fascinating match between a strong cc competitor and two top-ranked chess engines could reveal information about how much help a chess engine can provide to the cc competitor. Senior Master Steve Ham of Minnesota (USA) played two 2-game matches, one against the latest Fritz 6 chess engine and one against the equally high rated Nimzo 7.32 chess engine. The games have ended but the extensive notes by Steve Ham make this worth checking out. The match started on December 1, 1999. Java replay is provided for those with version 4 browsers.
Volker Jeschonnek - Wchess
Ralph Marconi hosted this "live" two game match between Candidate Master Volker Jeschonnek and the WChess chess engine. This is a test of how well a chess engine can do at traditional correspondence chess time limits. The match is finished, so this page documents the completed games.
13th USCCC Final - Diary of Mark Morss
The games have finished, but here are the moves and positions of all 13 games of USCF Senior Master Mark Morss in the 13th U. S. Correspondence Chess Championship Final Round. Mark plays an aggressive and entertaining style of chess so these are entertaining games..
Arne Henriksen Memorial Invitational
Here are the moves of the games of USCF Senior Master and ICCF IM John Mousessian (ICCF 2466) in the Arne Henriksen Memorial InvitationalICCF email tournament organized by the Danish Chess Federation. These high-level games were played by email and have now finished. Mousessian obtained his first IM norm in this event by winning his final game with Josef Pribyl (CZE).
The Campbell Diary
My own coverage of my games in the NAPZ Master Class M-71 and M-72 sections. These games are being played by postal delivery, and all but a couple games have finished.
Interactive Game 2
Ralph Marconi has been documenting the email match between USCF Senior Master Steve Ham (ICCF 2498) and a consultation team of Master players from NOST. The game has finished with Steve Ham winning with strong play. The resulting report contains a deeply annotated game with comprehensive notes by Ham and numerous additional comments by members of the losing team of master players. Though there's no longer moves to follow, close study of the notes (many written during the heat of battle) will be an educational experience.
Arild Haugen (NOR) - CC Games [updated 16-October-2001]
SIM Arild Haugen of Norway (ICCF 2555) is posting his games "live" along with some finished games with annotations. It looks like he's using the Palview JavaScript viewer, which is a very nice way to view games. Of particular interest is his 25th World Championship Semi-Finals games (click the "Live games" link).

With the ICCF server providing many games "live" now there is much less activity in this area of personal web pages with "live" games. Most of the above links are kept as an archive of past efforts.

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Correspondence Chess Organizations
ICCF's Official Site [updated 8-Dec-2001]
Main site for the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF). The ICCF leadership appears to be working on becoming more "pro-active" in improving service to the cc community. I think this site is worth keeping an eye on for future developments. One nice feature is the comprehensive rating list. Click on the "Ratings and Titles" link in the top navigation bar and download ICCF Ratings Commissioner Gerhard Binder's fantastic Eloquery tool to allow you to find the ratings and titles for all ICCF players. With all the retroactive rating of events you may be surprised to find that you now have an established ICCF rating! Note that new ICCF Webmaster Evelin Radosztics of Austria has recently completely overhauled the site and it has a great new look and excellent functionality.
ICCF Congress Web Site [added 9-November-2003]
This is an unofficial web site set up in 1999 to make news from the ICCF Congress in Thun, Switzerland available as quickly as possible. News items and links have been added for each Congress since then. If you are interested in the people and news of the annual ICCF Congresses this web site should prove useful.
ICCF-US official site. [updated 31-Aug-2004]
The home of the USA office of ICCF and ICCF-U.S. Secretary Max Zavanelli. Check here for announcements of special interest to USA competitors in ICCF events. An order form is available for printout for entering ICCF events and ordering select cc materials. Recent additions: Crosstables Archive and USCCC Games Archive for USA and NAPZ Games Archive for NAPZ events, List of USA Titleholders and photos of many USA and NAPZ people. This site was awarded the "Friend of ICCF" award at the 2003 ICCF Congress in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Additional information can be seen on the ICCF-U.S. "Friend of ICCF" page.
ICCF - NAPZ (North American/Pacific Zone) [updated 3-May-2008]
The North American/Pacific Zone of ICCF has just launched this new web site devoted to the activities of NAPZ (2005). The webmaster (and creator) or this site was SIM Jason Bokar, the Deputy Director of NAPZ at that time. There hasn't been much recent activity on this site.
ICCF - Europa (ICCF European Zone) [updated 4-August-2005]
The European Zone of ICCF has just launched this new web site devoted to the activities of the European Zone. There is Zonal news, crosstables and a great ICCF Photo Album. The webmaster is SIM Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi (ITA).
ICCF - Africa/Asia Zone [added 4-August-2005]
The Africa/Asia Zone of ICCF now has its own web site devoted to its activities. Check here for official news of the zone and information about its officers and activities. The webmaster is SIM Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi (ITA).
American Postal Chess Tournaments (APCT) [updated 3-May-2008]
The Campbell Report webmaster J. Franklin Campbell has launched this site for his favorite USA cc organization on 3 Oct 1999. It has descriptions of available e-mail and postal tournaments, rules of play and other useful information along with a results listing and a full rating list. The book and supplies catalog has been removed, as this service has been discontinued. Update: APCT has closed down so this web site is no longer active. It remains on-line for historical interest.
Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA)
Information on the USA cc organization CCLA.
US Chess Federation (USCF)
USA chess players may find some useful information on this site. There is a correspondence chess section, including several of Alex Dunne's recent "Check is in the Mail" columns from Chess Life and an interesting message board to discuss announced topics at http://www.uschess.org/cc/forum.html (though the last topic announced was in early 1999, so this feature may be obsolete).
Canadian Correspondence Chess Association Tournaments (CCCA)
Information on this Canadian cc organization. Webmaster Ralph Marconi redesigning the pages and is keeping the site up-to-date. Check out the Articles section for the 7-part series "Lessons for CC Players" by World Correspondence Champion Grigory Sanakoev!
All Service Postal Chess Club (ASPCC) [updated 30-March-2007]
This is the official site of the ASPCC, an interesting club formed to cater to the needs of chess players in the armed services, primarily to allow for the unscheduled time delays caused by military activities. My experience with them was positive and they have been an excellent organization, no longer requiring members to be in the military. They publish a bi-monthly magazine King's Korner. Server chess is not supported.
British Correspondence Chess Association (BCCA) [updated 4-June-2006]
Scottish Correspondence Chess Association (SCCA) [updated 9-Nov-2003]
A well-done site aimed at the Scotish cc competitor but with topics of general interest as well. There's a nice collection of concise book reviews. Check out the interview of ICCF President Alan Borwell in "News" (Scotland has provided more than its share to the world of international cc). This site was awarded the "Friend of ICCF" award at the 2002 ICCF Congress in Seixal, Portugal.
Österreichischer Schachbund Fachgruppe Fernschach (ÖSB-FS) [updated 31-August-2004]
This Austrian site reports on cc news. It looks great and should be very useful ... if you can read German.
International E-mail Chess Group (IECG) [added 29-July-2001]
A free email chess club.
cceurope [added 1-Nov-2002]
The homepage of the European Tournament Office in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF).
All India Correspondence Chess Federation (AICCF) [updated 28-Oct-2003]
The homepage for the All India Correspondence Chess Federation (AICCF). Their bulletins are worth checking. AICCF will be hosting the annual ICCF Congress at Mumbai in 2004 and have set up a special web site: ICCF Congress 2004 - India. There are still many pages under construction as of October 2003, but it already has information on the site, including some photos.
Nederlandse Bond van Correspondentieschakers (NBC) [added 18-Nov-2002]
The homepage of the NBC, the national federation of Holland. Content is in Dutch. An excellent site, if you can read Dutch.
Associazione Scacchistica Italiana Giocatori per Corrispondenza (ASIGC) [added 18-Nov-2002]
The homepage of the ASIGC, the national federation of Italy. Content is mostly in Italian. An excellent site, winner of the 2001 "Friend of ICCF" award
l'Association des Joueurs d'Échecs par Correspondance (A.J.E.C.) [added 18-Nov-2002]
The homepage of AJEC, the national federation of France. Content is in French.
Clube de Xadrez Epistolar Brasileiro (CXEB) [updated 6-June-2006]
The homepage of CXEB, the national federation of Brazil. Content is in Portugese. An excellent site, winner of the 2000 "Friend of ICCF" award.
http://ccfu.org.ua/ [added 7-October-2011]
Correspondence Chess Federation of Ukraine.
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Other Good General Chess Sites
Colorado Chess Games [added 25-September-2008]

A small chess site by DuWayne Langseth presenting some chess games (in replay format) by Colorado chess players. There are also some links to youtube chess-related videos.

Studio Fred Lucas [added 29-January-2008]

The web site of photographer Fred Lucas. There is an interesting section devoted to chess photos.

ChessNinja [added 2-June-2006]

This is the personal web site of chess journalist Michael Greengard, widely known as Mig. He has written a popular column for years titled ,"Mig on Chess". This column has been carried on a variety of popular web sites from TWIC and KasparovChess to its current home at ChessBase. If you enjoy his style you'll certainly want to visit this entertaining personal site. I recommend you check out his Daily Dirt page and look for any special features or interviews listed, such as his Interview with David Levy. I won't comment on his newsletters which provide training for a fee, since I have no interest or experience in this area. However, there are bound to be a few items of interest for you here. He's started archiving his old Mig on Chess columns, which is good news for us fans.

ChessVista [added 1-June-2006]

Congratulations to chess photographer Frits Agterdenbos of The Netherlands on this great new web site. It's a pleasure to see such high quality chess photos. Hopefully, he can continue publishing material at the high level of these first efforts. He has started with daily reports from the Chess Olympiad - Torino 2006 with some superb photos of the competitors. He says, "On the home page there will be visual reports on what is new in the world of chess. In the photo album there will be chess photo collections with tournament shots and with thematic features, all with short captions."

Chessmix.com [added 14-June-2005]
Added at the suggestion of Chris Inkiov who described it as, "Chess games database, world calendar, current events, etc."
Nova Scotia Chess [added 14-May-2005]
The web site of the Nova Scotia Chess Association. It has current International news and features for the OTB players of Nova Scotia, such as games collections and tournament announcements. It is worthwhile scanning through Our Newsletters, as well as some other pages.
United States Chess League [updated 3-May-2008]
Greg Shahade is organizing a chess league to allow the major cities in the USA to compete on-line. So far three cities are signed up: New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco. League play will begin in the Fall of 2005. 8-player teams will compete on Wednesday evenings using the Internet Chess Club to broadcast the games on-line. I suggest following the developments by checking out the web site from time to time. It sounds like a great concept. Update: the league appears to be quite healthy with several seasons now completed.
For Chess Lovers [added 28-Feb-2005]
A new web site worth checking out. It's main attractions are collections of games available for replay using Palview4, a JavaScript replay package. I enjoyed the tactical puzzles. The site also provides an email chess club, but I didn't check it out. The endgame section was still being built. I suspect the site will be expanding soon.
Stuyvesant Town Chess Club [added 18-Feb-2005]
This is an interesting little chess site of a USCF affiliate chess club. It's worth poking around a bit on the site. My favorite page is the Chess Maxims page where you can read some wonderful chess quotes.
Marf's Russian Chess Translations [added 23-Nov-2004]
There is some great stuff on the web in the Russian language. To quote the intro to this site, "Here you will find great annotations to recent high-profile events in the chess world, formerly available ONLY in Russian, translated by James Marfia (USCF rated chess Master and translator of Bronstein's Zurich 1953)." To start with he has translated the material on the 2004 Russian Championship Superfinal on the http://www.chesspro.ru web site. This is great stuff! Thanks to Chess Today for bringing this site to my attention. Here's hoping that Marf will be able to continue posting his high quality translations.
TWIC - The Week in Chess by Mark Crowther [updated 18-Aug-2002]
The best source for current chess news and games. Mark Crowther is one of the great chess enthusiasts on the web and constantly updates the news on this site. He also provides many recently played games for downloading. This is the first place to go to look for OTB news, though the site basically ignores correspondence chess except for high profile "Master X vs. the World" type events.
The Chess Cafe
One of the most professional and informative sites on the web for chess enthusiasts. Hanon Russell hosts a number of regular columns by well-known chess jounalists, including cc authority Tim Harding. There is a huge amount of material at this site. Don't miss it.
GM Chess
This is an interesting site, particularly for those who follow OTB chess. They offer free downloads of large collections of games arranged by player and coverage of major OTB events, in addition to their training programs available for a fee. It's certainly worth a look. With 1999 FIDE World Champion GM Alexander Khalifmanheading up this organization and ICCF GM Gennady Nesis, GM Peter Svidler, GM Konstantin Sakaev and GM Vladimir Epishin on the staff you can expect the highest quality advice available.
Russian Chess
Interesting coverage of some major OTB events. I recommend a visit. If you have a modern browser you can follow events "live." They also have a number of tournaments archived so that you can play through all the games move by move. This looks like a great site for those who like to follow the major OTB events.
La Mecca Chess Encyclopedia [added 10-Mar-2003]
Lots of interesting stuff at this site. "Today in the History" gives some interesting information for the current date, there's an "International Chess Events" listing, a good set of links and a lot of chess facts under the heading "Who, When and Where." I even spotted an ICCF Congress announcement from Pedro Hegoburu under "Last News." There's lots more, too.
Palamede - Major world chess sites working together [updated 29-September-2004]
This was a portal to an enormous amount of chess content. CC.COM joined this family of sites about October 2000 and cooperated loosely since then, but it now appears to be pretty much gone. Many of the sites previously associated with Palamede still exist, with links on the main page of this site. The link given here is to the personal site of the owner of Palamede Alan Cowderoy. There is an indication here that Palamede may yet become functional again. For now, the CC.COM sites are no longer considered part of Palamede.
GM Alexander Baburin's GrandMaster Square
This is an exciting addition to the Internet created by GM Alexander Baburin, a most interesting and enthusiastic chess journalist. As an extremely strong competitor himself, he knows all the top players and has much inside news that most chess players will find fascinating. In addition to his own material, including interviews, photo gallery, reports on major events such as the Chess Olympiad and FIDE World Championship, and other excellent features, he hosts web sites for other world-class GM's Alexander Morozevich and Lev Psakhis, where you can download game collections and see annotated games. You should also check out his latest publishing venture at http://www.chesstoday.net/. The issues I've seen of this 3-page daily newsletter Chess Todayhave been excellent, well worth the modest subscription fee. I suggest checking out all these sites and subscribing to Chess Today to encourage this exceptional, groundbreaking work and make it possible for GM Baburin to continue this outstanding work.
United States Chess Federation (USCF)
The official site of the United States Chess Federation
USCF Master Randy Bauer's Chess Site
Master Randy Bauer's web site appears to have disappeared. His great feature "Chess Tips" (Playing To Win With "Your" Defense) now appears on Jeremy Silman's site.
Chess Archaeology [updated 3-May-2008]
Nick Pope's site is devoted to accurate and entertaining explorations of the history of chess. Here you'll find articles about significant chess matches of the past as well as photos, drawings, game collections and references. There's something here for both the serious chess historian and those simply wishing to sample from our rich chess heritage. This site is also recommended by John Hilbert. Nick Pope is also the webmaster & historian for the Michigan Chess Association. Update: it appears that this site may no longer be updated, but it contains some good content.
EN PASSANT - Nørresundby Chess Club
This Danish Chess Club page features software, chess fonts, chess graphics and selected links ... well worth visiting. They named "The Campbell Report" the Link of the Month for September 1998 (thanks!) so I can recommend sampling their other selected sites as well.
The Chess-L Archives
According to the Chess-L chess discussion list moderator Frank Maximus this web site contains the archives of the discussion group from February 1994 to the present. While the mix of comments by the list contributors spans the spectrum from intelligent observation to the studiply inane, there's little doubt an interested reader could spend many hours at this site.
The Retrograde Analysis Corner [updated 21-Jan-2003]
A rather neat site with some very interesting retrograde chess problems. I'm not big into chess problems, but these appeal to me. The URL use to be http://catv6081.extern.kun.nl/~retro/RetroCorner.html but, at least temporarily, it has moved here. You might also want to check out the German-language site at: http://janko.at/Schach/.
The Open File [added 25-Mar-2001]
A relatively new site with some interesting articles and photographs of famous chess players. An interesting feature is the page of chess stamps featuring chess. Mike G. Petersen and Larry Stoch provide this site.
Bill Wall's Chess Page [added 7-May-2001]
Bill Wall is a true chess enthusiast who has been involved with chess for a long time and in many ways. He was Secretary of the Chess Journalists of America 1985 to 1989. His chess site is fascinating with both serious and humorous material that will keep you entertained for hours. I kept laughing out loud at his funny, funny comments. For example, you know you're a chess addict if "you take a chess set and book to the bathroom, and forget to go to the bathroom." Some of his topics: Death of chess players, Beavis and Butthead chess, Annoying Your Opponent - best techniques, Epigrams of Chess (chess quotes and sayings) and Pronounce that chess word. Recommended!
ECU -- European Chess Union [updated 3-May-2008]
A potentially interesting site for anyone interested in OTB activities in Europe.
Chathurangam - India's comprehensive Chess website [added 22-June-2002]
Whether you are a fan of GM Viswanathan Anand and GM Krishnan Sasikiran or like to follow the exploits of the 13 year old phenomenon WIM Humpy Koneru (soon to be a WGM!), you'll find much of interest at this excellent site devoted to the chess of India. There are interviews, pictures and other good features. They also cover some international chess news. Check out the page Chennai Champs.
Societa Scacchistica Novarese [added 14-July-2002]
The Italian Novara Chess Club has been nice enough to provide an English version of their interesting little chess site (see "English version" link in the left navigation area).
Chess City Magazine [updated 3-May-2008]
I'm not sure what's going on with this site, but it looks potentially interesting. I would have guessed it had just become dated, since a lot of links don't work and many photos don't display, but there has been an obvious recent update (May 2003). Perhaps the site is just now becoming rejuvinated after a period of lack of interest. It is labeled, "Edited by Eric Schiller" and there is lots of information about books. Perhaps this was meant to be a site to popularize his books. Anyway, it's worth a look. Update: it looks like it hasn't been updated since 2006.
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Player Sites
Chess 22 - GM Etienne Bacrot [added 12-Aug-2007]
The personal web site of GM Etienne Bacrot of France. It is in English and French. This looks like a recently created site with minimal content at the moment, but appears to have promise. It currently has a biography of Bacrot and pages devoted to chess news, Bacrot's tournaments, a little chess theory, chess puzzles (one at this moment), a gallery of photos and a couple basic links. Hopefully it will be expanded with time. Thanks to Chess Today for the link.
Mida's chess corner - chess BLOG of FIDE Master Dario Mione [added 12-Aug-2007]
The personal chess BLOG of FIDE Master Dario Mione of Italy (in English). This chess journalist also contributes regularly on the Italian-language chess web site http://www.messaggeroscacchi.it/. "Mida" writes in an entertaining style and provides chess news, photos, games for replay and some interesting opinions. This obvious fan of Ivanchuk adds entries fairly often. This BLOG is worth checking on a regular basis. Thanks to Chess Today for the tip!
Maxim Dlugy, International Grandmaster [added 4-May-2007]
The personal web site of GM Maxim Dlugy of the USA, which appears to be quite new. There are short sections on biography, his tournament record, description of his tenure as President of USCF, his business career, a few photos and a small selection of games in replay format. He has announced plans to start a chess league with information to come. The site is attractive and I would expect will expand in the future.
Alisa Maric, Official site of chess grandmaster [added 21-Mar-2007]
The personal web site of WGM Alisa Maric of Serbia ... the provided features are: biography, games in replay format (including wins over Anand and Nisipeanu), an interesting selection of photos (using Adobe Flash) and a "Press Info" page providing some of the stories published about this talented female chess player.
Veselin Topalov [added 2-Oct-2006]
The personal web site of GM Veselin Topalov giving some biographical information, a few games and some news about recent events.
The Chess Mind - chess BLOG of Dennis Monokroussos [added 14-August-2006]
Dennis Monokroussos has created an interesting BLOG which he appears to update frequently. The archives are worth investigating as well. According to his opening comments, "This is a blog for chess fans by a chess fan, one who loves the beauty of the game and wants to share it with those who are like-minded. Yet the chess mind is not only a chess mind, and other topics, such as philosophy, may appear from time to time." He is well known for his programs on the ChessBase playchess site.
Susan Polgar Chess Blog [added 8-August-2006]
GM Susan Polgar has created a very interesting web log (blog) which she appears to update frequently. She provides chess news, commentary, chess problems, and lots of photos. Besides the interesting content she also provides great entertainment. I strongly recommend a visit to this unique site.
Alexander Morozevich Official Site [added 4-August-2006]
GM Alexander Morozevich. This neat site offers news about Moro's latest triumphs, provides a database of games in PGN (and a link to the ChessBase collection of his game with on-screen replay), photos, an analysis of his ratings, and some interesting interviews. If you're a Morozevich fan you'll want to visit this site. In English and Russian.
The World of Correspondence Chess
10th World CC Champion Vytas Palciauskas' personal web site. GM Palciauskas provides articles and other material here showing why he won the world championship. Don't miss this great new site. More material is expected to be added to this site.
13th CC World Champion Mikhail Umansky [added 28-Apr-2006]
13th CC World Champion GM Mikhail Umansky has announced the launch of his personal web site with biographical information, results, photos and games. He plans to add more annotated games in the future. It is available in English, German and Russian.
SIM Jason Bokar's Chess World [updated 9-Nov-2003]
ICCF SIM Dr. Jason Bokar (USA) has created this nice site where you can read his chess biography, see which events he is playing, use java replay to view some of his games, and find a lot of advice on chess links (his favorites for a number of categories).
Chess Home Page of ICCF GM Pertti Lehikoinen [added 1-Dec-2002]
ICCF Grandmaster Pertti Lehikoinen (Finland) has put together a site you may find of interest. The main link given is to his cc area. His general home page is at The Homepage of ICCF GM Pertti Lehikoinen.
Ponomariov.com [updated 3-May-2008]
A very nice looking site devoted to GM Ruslan Ponomariov. It is available in both English and Russian, so if you see the Russian version just look for the "English" link near the top left. It has the features you would expect: photos, collection of his interviews, collection of games, biography, list of recent accomplishments. It also has an unusual feature for submitting questions directly to the GM. Update: the latest news item on the English section is dated 2005, so perhaps this site is not being updated.
Grand Master Varuzhan Akobian [updated 3-May-2008]
The home page of GM Varuzhan Akobian. This is a modest site providing a biography, list of results, some photographs, information about how to obtain chess lessons from the young GM, and a small selection of his games playable using the MyChessViewer Java viewer. Hopefully, additional material will be added as time passes and his good results multiply.
Dennis M's Chess Site [updated 3-May-2008]
Dennis Monokroussos is a USCF rated master. This web site is his chess BLOG, and it looks well done to me. You may know of Dennis through his ChessBase on-line lectures (he provides links to his archive of lectures here). He is talking about moving his blog to another service, so watch for a change of URL in the future.
The Bobby Fischer Unofficial Home Page [updated 30-Aug-2005]
Whether you love former world champion Robert J. Fischer or hate him, it's impossible to ignore him. This web site contains much of interest about Fischer, including 800 games you can play via a Java aplet, over 800 games in a downloadable database, biographies of Fischer and other world champions, photos, articles published about Fischer, information about Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) and a collection of Fischer links. Congratulations to Chuck Ayoub on his excellent and very interesting web site!
Vladimir Kramnik, World Chess Champion [updated 2-Oct-2006]
[2004] The new web site of the current World Chess Champion Vladimir Kramnik. It doesn't have a lot of content yet, but it bears watching. It appears to be professionally designed and looks quite nice. It has a biography of Kramnik, some photos, over 1,500 games for download and a Message Board for fans. This is definitely worth watching. [2006 update] The site must have expanded a bit. Lots of message board entries can be found and there is a collection of interviews of Kramnik. During the controversy at the 2006 World Championship Match with Topalov things got active with a number of new articles explaining Kramnik's viewpoints. There is also material about Kramnik's recent illness.
GM Alexander Baburin's GrandMaster Square
This is an exciting addition to the Internet created by GM Alexander Baburin, a most interesting and enthusiastic chess journalist. As an extremely strong competitor himself, he knows all the top players and has much inside news that most chess players will find fascinating. In addition to his own material, including interviews, photo gallery, reports on major events such as the Chess Olympiad and FIDE World Championship, and other excellent features, he hosts web sites for other world-class GM's Alexander Morozevich and Lev Psakhis, where you can download game collections and see annotated games. You should also check out his latest publishing venture at http://www.chesstoday.net/. The issues I've seen of this 3-page daily newsletter Chess Todayhave been excellent, well worth the modest subscription fee. I suggest checking out all these sites and subscribing to Chess Today to encourage this exceptional, groundbreaking work and make it possible for GM Baburin to continue this outstanding work.
Jon Levitt's Chess Pages [updated 3-May-2008]
English GM Jon Levitt's personal web site. There's not a lot of material here yet but it's worth a visit and holds promise for the future.
An interesting and eclectic web site by writer, novelist, columnist, bicycle racer, and chess player Tim Krabbe. He also contributes a column to Chess Cafe. Everyone should visit here at least once as there is a lot of interesting chess content here.
Jeremy Silman - International Chess Master [added 3-March-2004]
IM Jeremy Silman. This site was a great discovery! Keep an eye on this one. Silman's gotten off to a good start with a lot of content, including a bunch of book reviews and some nice articles. I didn't find the non-chess items so compelling, but anyone who likes one of my favorite cult classics "Liquid Sky" can't be all bad. Hopefully he'll dress up the site with some Java replay of the games one day. He wrote a new book just for this site! And he claims to have been "... putting in four months worth of fifteen-hour days (seven days a week)" on this new web site. The news section by John Henderson looks worthwhile. I strongly recommend a visit. Don't bother using Netscape 4.7, though. Update: Silman has updated his site giving it a nice, clean look. It works fine with Netscape now. I still didn't spot any Java replay, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it show up one day.
GM Peter Svidler Official Site [added 13-June-2004]
GM Peter Svidler. This is a modest site, but it lists some of Svidler's results and games, and it has an interesting selection of photos. The webmaster is not identified and the photos are mostly without captions, but it is certainly worth visiting the site of any top GM chess player.
Anjelina Belakovskaia Home Page [added 24-Oct-2004]
A modest but professional looking site devoted the 3-time USA woman champion WGM Anjelina Belakovskaia.
Raymond Boger Chess Web [updated 9-Nov-2003]
GM Raymond Boger of Norway (ICCF 2488) has a number of his games here along with crosstables, official results, and photos and short biographies of his opponents (in English) ... very nice! Java replay is available for his games. He has a great collection of ICCF Congress photos.
CC GM Dr. Stephan Busemann's site [updated 3-May-2008]
Dr. Stephan Busemannis a Grandmaster of correspondence chess. Here he expresses his opinions on some cc topics. His latest project is a reference page of material on a hot subject "Using computers in CC - Opinions", where he plans to provide pointers to numerous articles on the web that discuss this controversial subject.
Simon Hradecky's Correspondence Chess Games [added 8-Mar-2005]
Simon Hradecky of Austria, rated 2537 on the April 2005 ICCF rating list, provides his chess games from recent ICCF events, many with annotations. The games are presented using replay pages generated by ChessBase 9.0.
Jon Esnaola San Sebastian [added 7-May-2005]
Jon Esnaola San Sebastian's cc web site. Currently it is in Spanish and Basque but there is an English menu and he has plans to add more English. This cc player documents his cc activities in the Spanish organization A.E.A.C. and in ICCF. There are some games available for replay.
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Chess Publications and Commercial Sites
Online Photography Colleges [added 1-Sept-2011]
Sandy Rothman maintains this site to help people identify on-line colleges where they can get educational courses and degrees in photography.
Chessmaze International [added 23-May-2009]
In response to a request from Vandana, Link Manager of the Chessmaze web site in the UK, I am posting a link to this commercial site. Their description: "Chessmaze International specializes in selling high quality classic and artistic chess sets, chess pieces, chess boards, backgammon sets, and other games such as dominos and checkers."
The Chess Choice [added 11-Feb-2009]
This is a new commercial site. I don't know anything about it, but the owner Darren Barcomb asked for a link and said, "I just opened a website, www.thechesschoice.com. I offer chess products, and will be adding an online playing and tournament section."
Chess Today [added 12-Aug-2007]
This web site is the home of GM Alex Baburin's daily email chess magazine Chess Today, one of the best English-language chess publications available! It's amazing enough that the staff manages to publish every day, but the content is up to date and makes wonderful reading. Most days there are 1-3 chess challenges (positions from current or past events with one side to move and win), news of current events, one fully annotated game and a database of games from current events (including the annotated game of the day). Other features appear from time to time, such as cc news, endgame analysis, open letters, letters from readers, editorial comments, etc. It is a great publication distributed in Adobe PDF format for easy reading/printing for off-line reading. I particularly like the well organized monthly database distributed to subscribers containing all the hundreds of games distributed with the newsletters during the previous month. I keep a special database in ChessBase where I append these monthly databases and gradually have built up a very nice database of thousands of important games, many of them fully annotated.
ChessOK.com (Convekta) [added 10-Aug-2007]
This site supports the products of the Convekta company, most notably the Rybka chess program.
Chess Openings software by Bookup Corp. [added 24-Feb-2007]
Bookup has a long reputation for their superb chess opening database program. Unlike many, this database program concentrates on the organization and display of your opening repertoire, not on providing data. The user must enter their own information while Bookup displays and organizes it for easy use and reference. My knowledge is dated, but you can read about their software at this site.
Chessville [updated 3-May-2008]
Chessville is an ambitious new email publication that looks very attractive. You can go to this site and subscribe, if you don't already receive it. I believe they plan to archive the magazine (up to issue ten as I write) at the site, but I didn't see this feature there yet. If you have any trouble with the cool-looking link bar across the top there is a link to the site map at the top and bottom of the pages that guide you through the entire site. The target audience is the beginner and intermediate OTB player. You'll find a few cc links in the Playing Sites, Online Leagues, & Correspondence Chess section. The Alekhine's Parrot section usually has some lively and interesting material. The people responsible for the site are enthusiastic and anxious to provide a great resource to the chess community so things can only get better.
Notzaï [added 14-June-2005]
Added at the suggestion of Chris Inkiov who described it as "Regular chess news."
Chess Zoom [added 14-June-2005]
Added at the suggestion of Chris Inkiov who described it as, "A very good selection of chess products."
ICCF Amici On-line Magazine [updated 3-May-2008]
ICCF has launched an on-line magazine to keep people informed about the activities of the organization. It will be interesting to watch how this publication evolves. The editor is Alex Dunne (USA) (well-known for his long-running Chess Life column "The Check is in the Mail") and the webmaster is GM Raymond Boger (NOR), well-known for his excellent Congress photography and web work on his personal site Raymond Boger Chess Web. Update 26-June-2005: Alex Dunne has resigned as editor; webmaster GM Raymond Boger has taken over the editor duties. Update 3-May-2008: The editor is Michael Blake, who published one issue dated January 2007. The older issues are available at http://www.amici.iccf.com/
Chess Mail magazine [added 29-July-2001]
Tim Harding's cc magazine was perhaps the best cc publication is the world, certainly the best cc magazine published in English. Unfortunately, it is no longer being published. The web site is still on-line and retains some information and may be updated occasionally.
Correspondence Chess News (CCN) [updated 3-May-2008]
An on-line magazine concentrating on the latest cc news plus articles. It was founded by John Knudsen. The current business manager is Grayling Hill. This is the best source for what's new on the web, as related to correspondence chess. Excellent! Update: CCN has ceased publication after producing 100 high-quality issues. These issues will remain available on-line.
Chess Journalists of America (CJA) [updated 1-January-2004]
The CJA publishes a quarterly journal and conducts the annual competition for the best chess journalism for the year. This web site provides information on the organization, how to join, sample magazine articles and resources for the working chess journalist. They moved to their own domain in Dec. 2003.
New In Chess (NIC) Site [updated 3-February-2003]
By the publishers of the superb New In Chess magazine.
British Chess Magazine [added 21-March-2003]
Web site for the venerable British chess magazine which says it is the "World's Oldest Chess Magazine - Established 1881". The web site has international chess news, book reviews, and links as well as information about the magazine and sales of books and other chess products.
ChessCo and Thinkers' Press
Extensive chess book catalog.
ChessBase USA [updated 3-December-2002]
Donald Maddox's site for his ChessBase USA operation. If you're a ChessBase user, as I am, you may want to visit occasionally for new product information. The T-Notes column provides news and advice on using ChessBase. He's recently added the chess books from Chess Digest to his stock. I like his newly designed web site and can recommend the service.
ChessBase International Site (Germany)
This much improved site for the International office of ChessBase will be mostly of interest to ChessBase users. However, others may find something of interest in the news and events sections.
Alpine Chess and Game Fonts [updated 28-April-2002]
Steve Smith's chess fonts are the best I've seen. I use them with ChessBase as well as with my printing. Unfortunately, he was recently killed when a vehicle struck him while cycling. His son is continuing the business. I just found this new URL for the chess fonts home page.
DTG Projects - Chess Products for the 21st Century [added 7-April-2004]
Digital Chess Clock, Electronic Chess Board for chess software, online play, and live game broadcasting, and Tournament Broadcasting Software.
The Chess Baron [added 17-Sept-2005]
An English source for Staunton chess sets.
All the King's Men [added 17-April-2006]
Sales site for a variety of chess sets.
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Chess Data
The ICCF On-Line Game Archive [updated 3-May-2008]
Wes Green maintains this official ICCF resource of games played in ICCF competitions. Wes pays special attention to providing uniformly formatted games in PGN. This is a great resource for the cc competitor. It was originally maintained on the CC.COM domain but has moved to the ICCF domain.
ICCF-U.S. On-Line Game Archive for USCCC and NAPZ events [updated 31-Aug-2004]
Thes are two smaller games archives for events run by the ICCF-U.S. office or NAPZ (North American/Pacific Zone of ICCF). There may be some overlap with the ICCF On-Line Game Archive above, but there are a number of tournaments that won't appear at that archive.
University of Pittsburgh Chess Page
THE site for downloading masses of games. There are also some chess utilities here. Check the "Chess Archives" for games to download.
Chess Lab [modified 14-Mar-2001]
They claim, "Two million interactive chess games online" plus they have a few other features. This site allows you to search the game database. For researching openings or finding that elusive game score this might be a good place to try.
Lars Balzer's Links to Chessgames [updated 24-Oct-2003]
Lars Balzer has collected a large set of links to sites all over the world offering game downloads. I checked and he already has the new ICCF-U.S. download page. He has them divided by country and also has a correspondence chess section. He has also noted either that the pages are updated regularly or the year when the last update occurred. If you're looking for downloads, this may be your best place to check first.
Chessville - Miscellaneous Downloads [added 4-March-2004]
Chessville provides a number of downloads, including e-books and games.

A number of other sites provide downloads, such as "The Correspondence Chess Place" and Chess Mail magazine.

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Specific Openings
Tom Purser's Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Pages
Any BDG enthusiast will want to visit the web site of Tom Purser, one on the chief proponents of this exciting opening.
Diemer-Duhm Gambit
Jyrki Heikkinen maintains this site dedicated to the gambit that can begin with 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.c4 or 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.e4. This site provides extensive analysis of this gambit, a download of over 1,000 games, a listing of pertinent books and magazines, articles and an on-line magazine.
Marek Trokenheim´s home page
Marek Trokenheim (Sweden) has created a site dedicated to the "Orang Utan" opening 1. b4. If you have any interest in this opening you should pay a visit to his pages. Check out his wallpaper design!
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Playing On-line
Chess Conquest [added 26-March-2012]
A new on-line chess playing site founded by Alwyn Bester.
Sudoku Games 4 All [added 23-February-2008]
A collection of Sudoku games.
Tetris Games 4 All [added 23-February-2008]
A collection of Tetris games.
YourturnMyturn [added 10-October-2007]
A server providing free play of turnbased classic boardgames and modern board games against other players. Some of the games are chess, backgammon, checkers battleships, connect four, go, pente and reversi.
Chessworld.net [added 3-July-2006]
A server worth checking out if you intend to play on-line.
Schemingmind [added 4-June-2006]
I don't have any personal experience with this site, but several friends indicate it is a good place to play correspondence chess. They claim to provide a sophisticated browser-based interface, an analysis board, organized team leagues, thematic tournaments and active user forums. It seems well worth checking out for anyone looking for a place to play cc on-line.
myChess.de [added 20-Feb-2005]
From looking at the list of features this appears to be an interesting chess server for playing correspondence chess. For instance, you can choose time limits of 10/10, 20/10, 30/10 or 40/10 (40 days for 10 moves). You have limited access as a free member (2 games at once, no rating). Full membership costs about 1 Euro per month, payable directly through your German bank or via PayPal. I haven't experienced playing on this server so I can't give my personal recommendation, but for this modest price it may be worth checking out.
Internet Chess Club - The World's Most Active Chess Club
One of the best places to play OTB chess on the Internet, especially speed chess. You can log in as a guest and play for free or join the ICC to enjoy full membership services, such as ratings and a chance to watch GM's play from time to time. Download their excellent chess interface program Blitzen first and then try it out using this program. They also provide viewing of major events occasionally and provide an excellent service.
Atlantic Chess
This is a relatively recent addition to the web, a chess site allowing users to play correspondence chess visually with email notification. If you wish to play some cc on the web using a "handle" instead of your name, you may want to check out this site. One feature I really like is the spectators area, when you can view any of the other games in progress.
World Correspondence Chess Federation (WCCF) [added 1-Sept-2003]
I don't know if this organization is related to the WCCF of the past, which was set up as a small rival of ICCF. However, it now appears to be a small free email chess organization with a nice web site. You can sign up for a variety of tournaments and play some friendly games by email. There is also a link to a web chess server where you can play using a graphical web interface. I didn't try it myself, but it may be fun to check it out.
ChessManiac.Com [added 1-Jan-2004]
A new (to me) playing site. I don't know much about it but it might be worth checking out. To quote the webmaster, "We offer free email turn based correspondence chess."

For a list of other organizations offering email play, check the list maintained at TCCMB: TCCMB links to email chess organizers. Also, many correspondence chess organizations offer on-line tournaments. Check the links under Correspondence Chess Organizations.

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Learning to Play Chess / Scholastic Chess
IchessU [added 9-August-2011]
Description provided by webmaster: "Learn and play online chess with some of the best chess coaches! IchessU Ltd. is one of the best websites that offers online chess lessons from their team of chess coaches."
Chess Kit [added 14-June-2005]
Added at the suggestion of Chris Inkiov who described it as, "Free Chess Training and Tutorials, Database of Tactics, Strategy and FEN Positions, etc."
The Study Simul [updated 8-March-2005]
GM Viktor Gavrikov has an interesting approach ... he plays a simul on the playchess.com server on Saturdays at 5pm server time. After the simul he gives a lecture to his opponents using one of the games for analysis. He also gives private lessons.
Chess is Fun [updated 3-March-2004]
10th USA cc Champion IM Jon Edwards web page dedicated to teaching chess to beginners. He has recently created additional pages (actually a new web site linked to the old one) providing book reviews and a games collection for those just learning chess. If you are a new student of the game or provide instruction to others then you may find this site most useful. Just click the link "Book Reviews and Great Game Archive" to get to the new section. See the new comments below.
Chess Puzzle Series for Kids and Adults [added 21-October-2001]
Chess tutorial software and training simulators for beginners and tournament chess players.
USCF Scholastic Council—Home [added 1-December-2002]
This site is for the USCF Scholastic Council and the scholastic chess community. I recommend that you check out their archive of newsletters for interesting information. The "Site of the Month" feature is useful.
The Great Pawn Hunter Chess Tutorial [added 1-December-2002]
Chess fundamentals for the beginner player and a number of stories meant to entertain and teach chess concepts. Created by Manus Patrick Fealy.
WolffChess.Com [added 3-January-2003]
This is a training site created by 2-time USA Champion GM Patrick Wolff. Become a member for $20 a year and you can use the 500+ training exercizes to improve your game. There are a couple sample exercizes available.
Mark Lowery's Exciting World of Chess [added 24-Jan-2004]
This site was created by a chess enthusiast to help people learn about chess. He has problems, links, chess instruction and covers a variety of other chess topics.
NM Dan Heisman [added 2-March-2004]
National Master Dan Heisman offers lessons. You'll find his site of particular interest if you live in the Philadelphia area.
Ward Farnsworth's Preditor at the Chessboard [added 12-May-2005]
Subtitle: "A Field Guide to Chess Tactics". An interesting site with instruction on chess tactics. It seems to be quite well done and is well worth a look. Congratulations to Ward Farnsworth on his excellent achievement.
Supreme-Chess [added 20-April-2006]
A set of chess tutorials
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Other Lists of Chess Links
A new project to create a complete and accurate list of links to (English language) chess sites on the Internet. This is currently a work-in-progress but it has the potential of becoming an excellent source for chess links and is already off to a great start.
Chess World
A new site that provides a search engine to find chess sites. I don't know how complete their database is, but it's definitely worth a try.
Edinburgh University Chess Club Links [updated 18-May-2008]
Another good source for chess links.
The Chess Portal [added 31-Mar-2002]
Per-Åke Lindblom (SWE) has created a nice collection of chess links. He claims 700 links at this time, and he has visited each site and provided a short description. This link is to the English version. There is also a Swedish version. This is a great supplement to the giant lists of links. Here you can expect only sites of some quality to be listed.
Chessville Comprehensive Links [added 22-Feb-2004]
The on-line Chessville magazine web site has this nice selection of chess links, including Correspondence Chess Links.
schaaklinks [added 20-July-2004]
An interesting set of chess links by Edwin Meyer of The Netherlands on one big page with photos and graphics. This is certainly worth checking out. The links are presented in a logical and entertaining fashion.
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Chess Odds & Ends
Chess Vocabulary in 5 Languages [added 13-Feb-2004]
A useful collection of chess terms given in five languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
Chess Quotes [added 9-August-2010]
An interesting collection of chess quotes indexed by topic and by player.
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Sites By APCT Members (not listed elsewhere)
Chess is Fun [updated 18-May-2008]
10th USA cc Champion IM Jon Edwards web page dedicated to teaching chess to beginners. He has recently created additional pages (actually a new web site linked to the old one) providing book reviews and a games collection for those just learning chess. If you are a new student of the game or provide instruction to others then you may find this site most useful. Just click the link "Book Reviews and Great Game Archive" to get to the new section. Note: the new Chess Blog makes for fantastic and entertaining reading, though he hasn't updated it much in recent years. Jon Edwards is to be congratulated on this fabulous addition to his site!
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Non-chess sites I also find interesting
Mother's Hearth - Insense Making Supplies & Kits
If you are interested in hand rolled or hand dipped incense or quality bath products for gifts or for yourself (or information on how to make your own incense) visit the site of my nephew Carl Franklin Neal.
Art and the Zen of web sites
Some really useful guidelines for designing web sites.
Internet Movie Database
A useful site for movie lovers.
Nancy's Death by Chocolate [updated 18-May-2008]
The title says it all!
Sky & Telescope magazine [updated 21-Jan-2003]
Amateur astronomers will find this site very useful.
The World at our Fingers
Definitely worth a visit. I downloaded their very useful World Clock. You'll find all sorts of interesting stuff here.
Essential Links
Links to all sorts of interesting things, such as newspapers, magazines, weather reports, search engines and cartoons.
photoSIG [added 18-May-2008]
A photos critique site. View the photos for fun and read the critiques for a photo education.
dpreview [added 18-May-2008]
A review of the latest photographic gear with announcements of new products. The Discussion forums are of particular interest.
Nature Photography Forum
The Web's Top Photography Pages! [updated 18-May-2008]
Links to some very nice photo pages.
Angelfire - Provider of Free Home Pages
Angelfire gave me my start on the web with my first free site. Unfortunately, they now require ads posted on all their sites.
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