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Welcome to my Correspondence Chess Web Site, part of the award-winning CC.COM established by John Knudsen. The CC.COM web sites and Tim Harding's Chess Mail web site were awarded a special "Friends of ICCF" award at the 1999 ICCF Congress. Please visit the other CC.COM sites:
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My latest APCT column:
The Campbell Report, July-Aug 1999
23-Sept-99: Mark Morss' new column covering the Two Knights Defense, Modern Variation: 4. d4 exd4 5. e5 is now available. See Lost Variations for his fascinating story of rediscovered old analysis, commentary on why old analysis is often of no value, and his own valuable ideas in this line. His next column should be posted about 18-Oct-99.

Also see 13th USCCC Final - Diary of Mark Morss.

The ICCF Congress in Switzerland is now over.
Check the news section for my final comments.

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23-September-99: The ICCF Congress in Thun, Switzerland is over and we can look forward to some interesting reports. Daily reports on the Congress for the first three days are now available. For additional reports watch the ICCF Web Site.
Day1 | Day2 | Day3
20-September-99: Two full days of ICCF Congress meetings are now finished and it appears that the delegates are working long, hard days to get through all their work. Pedro Hegoburu (ICCF Press Officer) is posting daily reports on the Congress which make for entertaining reading. Check out the ICCF Web Site for links to the first two (and following) reports. Or you can go directly to ICCF Congress - Day1 and ICCF Congress - Day2 for the first two reports.

It turns out that 6 of of the 8 living World Champions are attending this ICCF Congress: Grigory Sanakoev and Mikhail Umansky from Russia, Vytas Palciauskas from the USA, Fritz Baumbach and Horst Rittner from Germany, and 2-time champion Tonu Oim from Estonia.

18-September-99: The annual ICCF Congress will get underway tomorrow in Thun, Switzerland. Much of the decision making of ICCF occurs at this annual week-long Congress. An early report from CC.COM's webmaster John Knudsen, who is in Thun, indicates that Russian Sergey Grodzensky has withdrawn from the election for General Secretary, leaving England's representative Alan Rawlings unopposed. This means that there will be no contested elections this year.

Besides the ICCF officers and representatives from national member organizations (ICCF-U.S. Secretary Max Zavanelli is there representing the USA) there are at least three cc World Champions at the meeting: Fritz Baumbach, Vicktor Palciauskas, and Tőnu Őim.

16-September-99: I just added a new chess link where you can follow email games in progress. Partidas por e-mail - Games of David Llada is an attractive site in Spanish showing David Llada's games (with notes and diagrams). This is a good opportunity to become familiar with Spanish algebraic notation. Thanks to Jesús López de Lerma Ruiz for bringing this nice site to my attention. He added, "You asked for new links to live coverage of email games. Well, I can provide you one from Spain; or to be more precise, from Pravia, a small town in Asturias, in the north of Spain, which has a lot of History as you can learn in this pages. They are ruled by a chessfriend called David Llada ..." Be sure to check the links at the bottom of the page if you enjoy poking around chess web sites.
15-September-99: For a humorous look at the sometimes comical world of OTB chess, check out Klub Karpov! There only seems to be the one page at the moment (perhaps some of the links will become active in the future) but this single page is well worth a look. Too bad about the pesky popup ads that come with geocities sites, though.
14-September-99: Today I moved the crosstables for two sections of the ICCF NAPZ (North American/Pacific Zone) Master Class from the unfinished page to the finished page. Congratulations to Rene P. duCret (USA) and Artur Mrugala (CAN) for tying for first with 5-1 scores in M-59 and to Edward Duliba (USA) for winning section M-65 with 5½-½. Rene deCret recently qualified for the ICCF International Master title with his outstanding performance in the 3rd NAPZ Championship. Meanwhile, Edward Duliba is having an outstanding tournament in the 14th USCCC prelims. So far he is a perfect 7-0 in section US14P01.
11-September-99: At my invitation, USCF Senior Master Mark Morss has agreed to share his experience in the 13th USA Correspondence Chess Championship Final. Check out the new 13th USCCC Final - Diary of Mark Morss and watch his games as they progress. Mark plays an agressive style, starting with the opening moves, so these games will be exciting to watch right from the beginning.

Also, go to The Campbell Report, July-August 1999 for my APCT print column just posted.

9-September-99: The Chess Journalists of America have a competition every year for the best chess journalism in various categories. Here's the 1998-1999 CJA Awards listing. The only category specific to correspondence chess is "Best Postal Magazine", won again this year by theAPCT News Bulletin, which (by the way) carries "The Campbell Report"!
8-September-99: The Correspondence Chess Championship of the United States is underway with the start of the Final round of the 13th USCCC. Check out the 13th USCCC Final crosstable for this outstanding event and follow the progress here. I've added a link to this page in the checkerboard menu above.
5-September-99: ICCF Grandmaster Juan Morgado has withdrawn from the ICCF Presidential Election!

In a surprise move, GM Juan S. Morgado has abandoned his quest for the presidency of the ICCF just weeks before the ICCF Congress in Thun, Switzerland, allowing current president Alan Borwell to stand unopposed. In a forward-looking and positive statement, the popular GM from Argentina has promised to work within ICCF to improve the organization. Tim Harding has provided Morgado's full statement, or you can go to the Chess Mail site and follow the link for more information.

31-August-99: 10 of the 12 sections of the 14th USCCC have just received updates.
29-August-99: Mark Morss' latest opening column has just been posted here at The Max Lange Once More; the Staunton Gambit . Mark addresses some suggestions he received from readers concerning last month's column on The Max Lange Attack, followed by new analysis on the Stauton Gambit, accompanied by four annotated games illustrating his points. Mark has provided a zipped file of the main page games as well as the four illustrative games (in both new CB format and PGN), which you can download from the main column page.

I would also like to congratulate Mark Morss on qualifying for the final round of the 13th U. S. Correspondence Chess Championship that just began. As soon as the final (official) crosstable is available the crosstable and game results will be maintained at this site, so we will all be able to follow the progress of this great tournament. Note that the question of whether or not to replace recently deceased David Heap in this event hasn't been resolved, to my knowledge.

24-August-99: Steve Ryan contributes his second article to The Campbell Reportwith this advice on how to organize yourself for play in correspondence chess (as well as an additional note on chess boards seen in public). Read his article Some Thoughts on the Mechanics of CC Play
21-August-99: John Knudsen has created a web page honoring David C. Heap, whose death is reported on below. This page, providing a download of a collection of his games, is at
15-August-99: Rest in Peace, David C. Heap

Bob Rizzo has informed me of the death of well-known American correspondence chess competitor David Heap. Following is Bob's message:

I was saddened today to learn of the passing of David C. Heap on July 23, 1999. His wife wrote me that he had entered the hospital and after 6 days was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. It had spread throughout his body and he died only 10 days after the diagnosis. I was playing against Dave in the 1998 USCF Correspondence Team. I know he also was in a section, US14P09, of the ICCF US Championship which you are posting. His wife, Peggy, does not have much computer experience so she is responding to sympathies, by snail mail, as she gets time. She had requested in a letter to Joan DuBois (USCF CCTD) that maybe a blurb could be put in Chess Life acknowledging all the kind words and that she would try to respond to all of them in time. Perhaps you could put such an anouncement on your site since so many of these same players do log on.

Anyone wanting to express sympathies can write to:

Peggy S. Heap
3518 Thunderbird
Missouri City, TX 77459

Another thought that I had was that maybe a compilation of his games could be assembled and an article written.

The Campbell Diary -- 14th USCCC
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