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Tutorial for using the ICCF Server -- Game List

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In the illustrations, my cursor will be shown as or


To view a list of your games on the server click on the "Games list" link in the left column of links under the heading "Playing".


Clicking this link will take you to the following page. Note, this shows a list of my games at this moment in time. Your list will look different and will show only your games.

The columns of this table showing your games can be changed. Click the "Customize" button at the bottom and you will get a popup window allowing you to change your display.

Choose which information you wish to see displayed for each game by clicking on the little checkbox. When you click on a box it adds the checkmark or takes it away. All the checked information will show in your games list. After you have made your selections click the "OK" button. The games list will then be updated to show the information you have selected. Note, if you uncheck everything you will get only a list of opponents and whose move it is, as shown below.

You may choose not to show all the information since it takes a lot of room. I choose to show everything except the Event name. The players are sorted into groupings by tournament, so if you are playing in multiple server events, the players for a specific tournament will be listed together. However, if you wish the list sorted in a different order there is a neat sorting function.

Sorting the Game List

Just click on the header at the top of the column you wish sorted. Here are the results from clicking on each of the headers for my games list. For example, in the first column I clicked the column header "Status" and it sorted the games into status order, waiting game first and games where I'm on the move last.

This allows you to list your games in whichever order you prefer. The next time you display your game list is will revert to listing in order of event (not displayed above). This is useful if you want to check in which games you are on the move (Status: Waiting), to see which games have to older or most recent moves (Since), want to see in which games you have the least time remaining (Time Left), like to see your games divided by whether you are White or Black (Colour), find a specific opponent by listing in alphabetical order (Opponent), or see which opponents are getting lowest on time (Opponent time left). A very nice feature!

In the games list, you may select a game to view by clicking on the "Waiting" or "Your Turn" link. For a discussion of how to view your position and make moves go to Game Page (Waiting) or Game Page (Your Move).

Note: if you are on the move in a game where your opponent is on leave, during the duration of the leave the Status of the game will show "Opponent leave" instead of "Waiting". If it is your move but you are on leave, the Status will say "Leave" and you will not be allowed to move. If the game has finished the status will indicate the winner. In the above example "BlackWins" indicates black won the game. You can still click on this link to see the finished game. If your opponent has just resigned or agreed to a draw, the message boxes will also be displayed allowing you to send your opponent a final message. There is a "Send message" link below the message box to send the message.

Once a game has finished you can remove it from your Games list. Click on "BlackWins" (or similar WhiteWins or draw link) to go to the Games Page for that game and click on the "Close" button, as illustrated below. After you click "Close" this game will no longer be shown in your Games list (after you click "Close" there is no way to restore your game listing to your Games List, so be sure you want to remove this link before you click "Close"). However, you could still visit that game page using the link in the event crosstable, as described on the "Viewing Live Games" tutorial page. Even if the event isn't displaying the games "live", if you are logged in then all of your games appear "live" for you.

Note: if you resign or agree to a draw, you may wish to delay clicking "Close" for a few days to allow your opponent an opportunity to send you a closing message. Once you have clicked "Close" your opponent can no longer send you a message.

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