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Tutorial for using the ICCF Server -- Login/Logout

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To play on the ICCF server you must be logged in. Once you are logged in the server will attempt to keep you logged in by saving your login information in a "cookie", a file set up on your harddrive for your browser to keep specific information readable by the server. In your browser options you can specify whether or not you will allow cookies to be used. If you disable cookies you may have troubles keeping logged in.

There is no need to log out unless you want to prevent other users of your computer from accessing your games via the server. A player is responsible for moves made, though, so you might want to be cautious, at least if you are using a shared computer. I recommend logging out after each use if you are using a friend's computer, a work computer, an Internet Cafe, etc.

1. Go to the ICCF Webserver http://www.iccf-webchess.com/ web page.

2. In the lefthand column on the webserver page, under the heading "Login", is a link that reads login or logout, depending on whether or not you are logged in. If you are not logged in you will see the following:

3. Place the cursor (as shown) on the link "Login" and click. Note that if this is the first time you have even logged in, you will be asked to change your password. When you are first registered as a user, the server will email you a complicated temporary password. You must change to a different password (don't keep the same password - change it to something different and to something you can remember. Write it down somewhere.

Note that my cursor is shown as

I recommend clicking the checkbox (shown checked in the above illustration) after the words "Remember login". This will keep you logged in permanently, as long as your browser is set up to use "cookies". Note the warning, though, "Do not use this on a shared computer, such as an internet cafe". If this isn't checked when you log in, then your "cookie" will be deleted after you close the browser and keep other people from making moves for you. Just fill in your ICCF ID# and Password and click the "Login" button.

Note that there are links for finding your ICCF ID and your password, if you have forgotten them.

If you have previously logged in, when you log in again you the server may fill in your password for you after you have entered your ICCF ID#. If it does it will look like the following, and you can just click the "Login" button. Note: you'll probably want to click the "Remember login" checkbox before clicking on the "Login" button.


If you are already logged in the main page will look like this:

The link under the "Login" header (blue background) will say "Logout" and the welcome message at the top of the page will show your name. Just click on "Logout" to log out of the server. If you use your personal computer and don't have any concerns about someone else taking advantage of you being logged in, I recommend that you never log out. This makes it easier to use the server later since you won't have to log in again.

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