ICCF 2003 Congress
Proposed Agenda

Ostrava, Czech Republic, October 11-18, 2003

Sunday 12th October
09.30 Opening of ICCF Congress 2003
11.00President's Introductory Remarks
  1. Approval of Minutes of 2002 Congress
  2. Matters arising from previous Congress
  3. Membership matters
  4. Bertl von Massow Awards
  5. Accounts to 31/12/2002 and Treasurer's proposals
  6. Auditor's proposals
  7. Financial Plan
14.15Election of Executive Board
15.00Meetings of Discussion Groups
17.15Presentation - ICCF Webserver System (discussion in Agenda item 8)
Monday 13th October
  1. Technology and Web Server proposals
  2. ICCF Archives, including game score databases
  3. Webmaster & Internet matters
  4. Marketing and publications matters
  5. Qualifications, including rules proposals
Tuesday 14th October
  1. Title Awards
  2. Title Tournaments
  3. World Tournaments, including thematics
  4. Email Tournaments
  5. Other Tournament proposals/arrangements
  6. Africa/Asia Zone
  7. Europe Zone
  8. Latin America Zone
  9. North America/Pacific Zone
  10. Other General Secretary proposals
Wednesday 15th October
  1. Tournament Rules proposals
  2. Ratings, including rules proposals
  3. Other Rules matters, including Code of Conduct, Appeals, and Arbiter Review Commission proposals
  4. External matters
  5. Internal matters
  6. Future Meetings
  7. Any other matters
Notes relating to items on the Agenda for ICCF Congress 2003
To Item 1The updated Minutes of the 2002 ICCF Congress in Seixal, Portugal have been circulated previously, and are also available from the ICCF website
To item 3Congress will be asked to consider Presidium proposals concerning the membership of Ecuador (FEDAPI).
To Item 4Bertl von Massow medals can be awarded to those friends who have served ICCF meritoriously in organising CC at international level for at least 10 years (silver) and 15 years (gold). Late applications must reach the General Secretary as soon as possible.
Discussion GroupsThese will focus on specific issues - full details will be provided to delegates/officials in Ostrava.
PresentationWill be made by members of ICCF Webserver System Steering Committee. It will provide details on the project development and will identify issues to be discussed and decided by Congress, under item 8 on the Congress Agenda.
To Item 13International CC titles can only be awarded following a request from the appropriate member federation and after confirmation by the tournament organiser. All late applications must reach the Qualifications Commissioner by email as soon as possible, with copy to the General Secretary.
To item 17Tournament approvals are handled in the first instance by the General Secretary, under powers delegated by a previous Congress and all delegated approvals are presented to Congress for ratification. Any applications where delegated approval has not already been given will be discussed by the Congress. Late applications must reach the General Secretary by email as soon as possible; applications submitted after 30th September will not be considered by the 2003 Congress.
To item 25Draft Code of Conduct Guidelines are circulated with the reports package.
To item 28It has already been agreed by Congress to accept the kind invitation from the Indian Federation AICCF to host the 2004 Congress in Mumbai, in early November, and details of the Indian proposal are circulated with the reports package. Further details of the 2004 Congress will be provided in Ostrava.
As yet, no firm offers have been received to host Congress from 2005 onwards. Any federation which could be interested in being a host is invited to contact the General Secretary.
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