ICCF Finance Director
Grayling Hill


ICCF 2003
Congress Report 2

Ostrava, Czech Republic, October 13, 2003

  1. Josef Mrkvicka, the new ICCF President, took over as Chairman of the Congress.
  2. Congress dismissed the old Presidium and installed the new Presidium.
  3. Congress approved the WebServer project plan, budget, and expanded Steering Committee.
  4. Congress appointed Iain Mackintosh as ICCF WebServer Project Manager.
  5. Congress established a Development Fund for future projects.
  6. Congress empowered Alan Borwell to continue to look for a location for a permanent ICCF Archive.
  7. Congress heard the Marketing Directors report and accepted it.
  8. Congress approved the Qualifications Commissioners report regarding ICCF GM, SIM, IM, LGM, LIM titles, GM norms, and partial GM norms achieved.
  9. Congress heard part of the Tournaments Discussion Groups Report.
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