ICCF Finance Director
Grayling Hill


ICCF 2003
Congress Report 3

Ostrava, Czech Republic, October 14, 2003

Below is the summary from today. I wasn't able to get the simul game from Evelin today, it was a very busy day. However, the GM drew quite a few and lost a couple too, I think. It lasted until early morning and I had already gone to bed. :-)
-- Grayling Hill
(see photos below the report)
  1. The GM, SIM, IM, LGM, LIM, and IA were given to the players or their delegate today.

  2. George Pyrich (SCO) retired as Qualifications Commissioner.

  3. Éric Ruch (FRA) was named as the next Qualifications Commissioner.

  4. Congress asked Chris Lüers, the new World Tournaments Director, to review the complete ICCF tournament system and make proposals during the 2004 Congress in India.

  5. Congress approved that the 20th World Correspondence Chess Championship Final will be played by postal transmission.

  6. Congress approved Søren Peschardt (DEN) as the new Title Tournaments Commissioner.

  7. Congress approved a new Tournament Office Structure under the World Tournaments Director (WTC). There will be two principal deputies:
            Title Tournaments Commissioner (TTC) and
            Non-Title Tournaments Commissioner (NTTC).

    • The WTC will have direct responsibility for approval of all invitational tournaments.
    • The TTC will be responsibile for the World Championship Cycle, Olympiad Cycle, Grand Master Norm, and Master Norm tournaments, both Email and Postal.
    • The NTTC will be responsibile for the World Cup Cycle (through the organizing member federation), Master Class, Higher Class, Open Class, and Thematic tournaments, both Email and Postal.

  8. Congress approved adding Fischer Random Chess tournaments to the Thematic Tournament Office.

  9. Congress confirmed the Acting General Secretary's approval of a series of invitational and open tournaments.

  10. Congress approved the concept of a staging large open tournament in the off World Cup years.

  11. Congress received the Africa/Asia Zone Report.

  12. There was no European Zone Report. The Zonal Director was not present.

  13. Congress received the Latin America Zone Report.

  14. Carlos Cranbourne stated his intention to retire and not stand for election as the Zonal Director.

  15. Congress received the North America/Pacifc Zone Report. Ruth Ann Fay, Deputy Zonal Director delivered the report as Ralph P. Marconi, Zonal Director was not able to attend Congress.

  16. Congress received the Acting General Secretary's Report.

  17. ICCF-US ( was awarded the "Friend of ICCF" award.

Seated left: outgoing Vice President (Rules) Ragnar Wikman
Seated middle: Membership & Services Director Pedro Hegoburu
Standing middle: Deputy President & Development Director Max Zavanelli
Standing right: ICCF President Josef Mrkvicka
Here Max Zavanelli, who is also the ICCF-U.S. Secretary and a
strong player, receives his SIM title from President Mrkvicka

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