ICCF Finance Director
Grayling Hill


ICCF 2003
Congress Report 4a

Ostrava, Czech Republic, October 15, 2003

Here are my notes on the last day of Congress.
-- Grayling Hill
  1. Congress reviewed Playing Rule 2(l) (the one day transmission rule) and Playing Rule Guideline 2(g) (the clarification that created the so called "phony day"). After lengthy discussion Congress decided t leave the Rules and Guidelines unchanged.

  2. Congress strengthened the Playing Rule Guidelines 3 (a) & (b) by adding the following paragraph: The Tournament Director will normally record a loss against a player who has been silent for over 40 days and who has not notified the Tournament Director and his opponent about the delay.

  3. Congress approved technical clarifications to Playing Guidelines 3 (a) & (b) dealing with failure of email to be delivered and counting of vacation time when calculating time to send a repetition move.

  4. Congress approved technical clarifications to Playing Guidelines 8 (a) & (c) dealing with special leave.

  5. Congress received the Ratings Commissioners Report.

  6. Congress approved a new Appeals Commissions structure, which added two new commissions to the existing one. The three commissions are as follows:

    Appeals Commission - Playing Rules
    This commission deals with appeals related only to the Playing Rules.
    Appeals Commission - Other ICCF Rules
    This commission deals with appeals related to Tournament Rules, the Code of Conduct, and any other rules matter.
    Arbitration Commission
    This commission deals with complaints against ICCF Officials and Tournament Offices.

  7. Congress approved Ragnar Wikman as Chairman of the Appeals Commission - Playing Rules.

  8. Congress approved George Pyrich as Chairman of the Appeals Commission - Other ICCF Rules.

  9. Congress approved technical changes to the language on the ICCF website regarding the Appeals Commission - Playing Rules reflecting the new structure.

  10. Congress approved technical changes to the Appeals Commission procedure to reflect the new structure.

  11. Congress approved additions to the Playing Rule Guidelines specifically dealing with Team Tournaments.

  12. Congress approved the ICCF Code of Conduct Guidelines with minor technical changes.

  13. Congress received the Arbiter Review Commission report and encouraged them to continue their good work.

  14. Congress expressed its wishes to continue to work toward increasing liaison with FIDE and their member countries.

  15. Congress was asked to review the possibility of affiliating with the General Assembly of International Sports Federations.

  16. Membership and Services Director, Pedro Hegoburu, outlined the procedures for the upcoming Zonal Director elections.

  17. Congress received an updated report from N.R. Anilkumar (IND) on the 2004 Mumbai Congress.
News of extracurricular Congress activities:
  • An after hours meeting of CLAPDAC was held on Monday evening, at which noted CC journalist Tim Harding (IRL) was found to have a small recording device in his pocket. It was apparently determined that the recording device was not operating. However, CLAPDAC President, Capt. Freeze, and CLAPDAC board member Chris LŁers displayed shock and concern on their faces.
  • On Wednesday evening, the ICCF Congress OTB team played a 32 board match against Chess Club Jškl KarvinŠ, which the ICCF team won 24-8.
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