ICCF Congress, Mumbai, India, November 2004
Photographs and captions by Søren Peschardt, Delegate from Denmark

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1. 3 Indian dancers

2. This warm welcome met us every morning!

3. The Congress venue

4. Michael Jackson - or?

5. ICCF Weightlifting competition

5a. Promise: A similar picture next year!!

6. Cigars are a must!

7. The World Champion - and his successor!

8. ICCF Dream Team

9. ... and their Cheerleaders

10. 2 tired old men after a long walk to Elephanta Caves

10a. ... and a couple of youngsters

11. Amici Sumus = We are friends

12. Outside the venue

13. Oops - a picture from Baywatch

14. A hard working EB-member

15. ... and his secretary

16. One of the next organizers!

17. Red Fort, Delhi

18. PGN or numeric?

19. Was the Congress in India or in Hawaii?

20. Two Celtic druids

21. Beer named after Bobby?

22. ICCF Blitz Champion celebrating

22a. Sunset at Taj Mahal - a moment I'll never forget!

23. "I had Chicken Tikkala 3 days in a row - so this morning I woke up with this on my arm!"

24. Suomi on elephant

25. Austria on elephant

26. President and first lady

27. Beauty and the beast

28. After 13 days with Indian food - it was time for Pizza Hut!

29. Happy Diwali!

30. CPH airport - home again!

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