ICCF 2005 Villa La Angostura Neuquen - Argentina
Note from Søren Peschardt, Delegate for Denmark (DEN)

30 October 2005

30 October 2005

Dear Franklin

Important news from the first day:

New WTD: Francois Riva, Lux

New FD and DEcoordinator: Michael Millstone, USA

And new President: Med Samraoui who got 38 votes - Claudio got 17.

Otherwise the first day was a disgrace to ICCF and democracy. Our Deputy President Development/Acting President - or whatever he and others like to call him - completely refused, that ICCF has had any kind of crisis in 2005! He did not intend to make any kind of report to Congress - and he completely refused to discuss the different problems. So once again ICCF wipes all its problems deep down under the carpet in AMICI SUMUS spirit.

Of course I had expected to discuss the different happenings, that caused so many great ICCF officials to leave - Chris Lueers being the most prominent of them. But NO: Subject not open for discussion. Somehow I just expected that - but the sad fact, that only George Pyrich and I spoke against it - well, that was a great surprise to me.

Please feel free to post this on you website - and on TCCMB in my name if you can. There will not be any more reports from me - because I have decided to skip the rest of the Congress.

Best wishes

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