ICCF 2005 Villa La Angostura Neuquen - Argentina
Note from George Pyrich, Delegate for Scotland (SCO)

31 October 2005

31 October 2005

Hi Franklin,

Some more details of what happened day 1 - not a comprehensive report but just some details!

After an excellent musical introduction by an Argentine musical duo, playing self-made Argentine musical instruments, we had opening speeches by Max (on behalf of ICCF) and Carlos Cranbourne and Claudio Goncalves (LADAC Argentina).

Membership matters - Congress approved a 65th member of the ICCF family - Burkino Faso.

Bertl von Massow Medals - Gold & Silver awarded to Santiago Cardoso (MEX), Joachim Walther (GER), Jorge Deforel (ARG) - Silver Medals to Dimitry Lybin (BLR), Egbert Boesenberg (GER), Daniel Finkelstein (ARG) (loud applause for this one!), Guido Bresadola (ITA), Thed Klauner and Francois Riva (both LUX)

Ruth Ann, assisted by Max, presented report on ICCF´s finances following recent resignation of FD. Audited acounts to 31-12-03 showed Net Assets of SF 189,032 with surplus for year of just over SF 8,000 - accounts for year to 31-12-04 not yet audited showed net assets reduced to SF 140,196 following server expenditure of SF 101,162 - general expenditure was SF 30482 and income of SF 54490 - ICCF investments had an excellent year and made up the overall deficit after including server expenditure. Also, estimate figures for period to 30-09-05 showed net assets of SF 122,166 - note that 2004 and 2005 is subject to audit.

Therafter we had the elections - I guess everyone knows the details by now!

Next Pedro gave a really excellent and well-informed and researched report from the Tournaments Commission with recommendations (yet to be approved by Congress) of introduction of new 4th stage to WC cycle (Preliminary sections, a new 1st stage for those without pre-qualifications to SF´s and further stages), approval of minimum categories for sf´s and candidates (7 & 10 respectively), revised qualifications for the IA title and also changes to rules in team events whereby substitute players may have games rated and qualify for title norms (under certain conditions). A good deal of discussion on Pedro´s report.

The day ended with another excellent presentation - this time by Nol van ´t Riet (NLD) on the work of the Server Group over the year and its plans for the coming year (Phase 3) - Nol offered detailed technical information and requested approval for expenditure of SF 10,000, sum estimated by server group as requirement for Phase 3 - of course, Congress happy to agree to this! Nol said that we´d be asked to approve additions and refinements each year from now on as we continually sought to further develop the server.

So, day 2 starts about 1 hour from now. Unfortunately our new President Med Samraoui has not yet arrived - Alan Borwell also unable to arrive follwing serious travel problems. Seems also that Miss Hatchethead and the dogs haven´t showed either - somebody mentioned something about passport irregularities!

Today´s main items are President´s Commission and ICCF Statutes, ICCF Archives, Webmaster and Internet, Marketing and Publications and, finally, Title Qualifications.

As you may gather, I´m now recovered from the ordeal of my journey to Angostura - to be fair, the people I met at Iberia Airlines were sincere and helpful people who did their best to provide a good service - my reservations concern the apparently limited abilities of the guys behind the scenes who organise the show - just like ICCF I hear someone mutter....

Best regards,

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