ICCF Congress, Dresden, Germany, October 2006
Photographs by GM Raymond Boger (NOR)

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1. Six World Champions

2. New World Champion Ivar Bern (AUT)
with ICCF President Med Samraoui (GER)

3. ICCF Executive Board

4. OLY14 winning Germany team

5. OLY14 winning Germany team

6. ICCF vs. City of Dresden match
Boards 1-10

7. ICCF vs. City of Dresden match
Boards 11-20

8. Pedro Hegoburu (ARG) and Dinand Knol(RSA)
Gino Figlio's SIM title certificate

9. Pedro Hegoburu with
World Champion Tunc Hamarat (AUT)

10. Soeren Peschardt (DEN) on left receives his
SIM title from the ICCF President

11. ICCF President Med Samraoui (GER)

12. ICCF President Med Samraoui (GER)
with Max Zavanelli (USA) and
Ruth Ann Fay (USA)

13. Ruth Ann Fay (USA) picks up
the USA awards

14. (left to right) Soeren Peschardt (DEN)
new World Champion Ivar Bern (NOR)
GM Raymond Boger (NOR)

15. Per Söderberg (SWE) on right receives his
Bertl von Massow Gold Medal
from the ICCF President

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