ICCF 2006 -- Dresden, Germany
ICCF vs. Dresden Dynamo Chess Club

Day 4, 18 October 2006


ICCF vs. Dresden Dynamo Chess Club


ICCF lost versus the strong team of Dynamo Dresden by 8,5-11,5. Mikhael Umanski draw on board 1, Ambar Chatterjee and Achim Soltau won, while Dr Baumbach, Marion Smerl, Soeren Peschard, George Pyrich, Med Samraoui, Pedro Hegoburu, Andrew Dearnley draw. Dmitry Lybin, Petr Buchnicek, Rabchonov, Marinov, Josef Mrkvicka lost their games. The complete results and games will be put later on the iccf.com by George Pyrich.

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