ICCF 2006 -- Dresden, Germany
Note from George Pyrich, Delegate for Scotland (SCO)

Day 2, 16 October 2006

Monday, 16 October 2006

Hi Franklin,

News of another eventful day at the 2006 ICCF Congress! The following is a selective extract of events. The day began with an interesting discussions on proposals put forward by the Presidentīs Council. Ideas discussed involved the concepts of “Money” Tournaments whereby entrants paid higher entry fees in order to compete for substantial cash prizes, possibly under faster time controls and also the possibility of remuneration to persons for performing specialist technical tasks. In both instance Congress approved the formation of a working group to further examine these proposals. Another working group was established to explore the possible development of a private forum for ICCF officials- Also further consideration will be given to the possibility of producing an ICCF 60th Jubilee book (or DVD) in 2011. Finally in this section, Congress authorised a group led by the new title tournaments Commissioner Marco Caressa (ITA) to examine qualifications requirements in World Championship events as Congress was concerned by the recent instance whereby new World Champions were produced in quick succession. The main business of the day was centered upon the ICCF Statutes where a restructuring of the Executive Board was proposed by the Presidentīs Council- despite lengthy discussions the Congress was unable to reach a final resolution on the issue and the Presidentīs Council was asked to reconsider and re-present its proposal later during the Congress

Thereafter Qualifications Commissioner Eric Ruch (FRA) presented his customary excellent report which was warmly acclaimed by the Congress. Ericīs presentation included some interesting Statutes. Total new titles awarded have now levelled out at just over 100 each year since 2004. This follows the implementation of the revised rules approved at Seixal Congress in 2002. Nowadays we have just over 40 new IMīs each year . Not so long ago we had over 180 in one year.

The Congress then expressed its great appreciation of the really excellent work undertaken by the ratings Commissioner Gerhard Binder (GER). Congress noted that the ratings Commission will undertake a review of nominal ratings allocated to unrated players during the coming year.

Next the Congress noted the low numbers of appeals submitted during the year to the various appeals Commissions.

Thereafter, Congress approved proposals submitted by Rules Commissioner Gerhard Radoszticz (AUT) to clarify rules with regard to the “40 day rule” and reminders to players generated automatically on the server.

A very busy day ended with a presentation by ICCF webmaster Evelin Radoszticz (AUT) on developments on the ICCF website during the past year and development plans and improvements for the future.

More news soon

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