ICCF 2006 -- Dresden, Germany
Note from George Pyrich, Delegate for Scotland (SCO)

Day 3, 17 October 2006

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Hi Franklin!

Herewith news from another busy day at the ICCF Congress! We began with perhaps the most enjoyable event of the Congress- The presentation of awards and titles. One nice feature this year was that a considerable number of players had travelled some very considerable distances in order to receive their awards in person. Another was the attendance of all the members of the Gold medal winning German team in the 14th Olympiad Final.

I expect that the team photograph with all the players attired in specially prepared and unique T-Shirt will be made widely available!

Thereafter we turned our attention to ICCF marketing matters, specifically the disappointing progress in this area during the last year. After some discussion, the congress resolved that ICCF must promote itself more effectively . Next we returned to the matter of ICCF Statutes which we had been unable to conclude yesterday. The members of the Presidentīs Council had met yesterday evening and now presented revised proposals. Following some more discussion the Congress agreed to a restructuring of the Executive Board which, effective from 01.01.2008 will comprise:

  • President
  • General Secretary
  • Finance Director
  • World Tournament Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Services Director
  • 4 Zonal Directors

Thus we have a net increase of 1 to the new EB whose members will be elected or confirmed at 2007 Congress when the normal 4 yearly elections are scheduled. The new EB set up sees the deletion of the DP&DD post and the new post of Marketing Director established. Marketing is now viewed as crucial to the future development of ICCF and the Marketing Commissioner is now effectively promoted to the EB. Additionally the current post of M&SD is effectively split into 2 posts. General Secretary (who will deputise for the President if required) and Services Director as it is considered that the workload of the M&SD is excessive.

Thereafter the 4 Zonal directors reported an events and activities in their respective zones during the past year. Congress was pleased to note news of new developments and progress in all zones.

The day ended with a return to financial matters when Congress approved the earlier formation of a Finance Committee to be chaired by the ICCF President. This Committee is to assist the acting Finance Director Ruth-Ann Fay with the completion of the ICCF accounts for 2004, 2005 and 2006 in accordance with a clearly defined timetable. Congress then accepted Ruth-Ann proposals with regard to fees for server events, specifically that National Organisations shall in future shall be required to pay a fee of 1 CHF per game for National events played on the ICCF server.

Well, thatīs it for another day! The blitz tournament starts in about one hour! News of this and other exciting developments will follow tomorrow!


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