ICCF Congress, Dresden, Germany, October 2006
Photographs by SIM Per Söderberg (SWE)

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1. Typical Congress photographers
"Could you please take a photo of...."
From left: Dinand Knol (RSA),
Ambar Chatterjee (IND)
and Russell Pegg (ENG)

2. Cuba Delegate Pablo Salcedo
with IM title certificate
for JR Capablanca's nephew

3. Andrew Dearnley (ENG)
in front of the Frauenkirche

4. WGM Luz Marina Tinjaca' (ITA)

5. GM Richard Hall (ENG)

6. Fritz Baumbach (GER)
Med Samraoui (ALG)
Anne-Marie Burghoff (GER)

7. GM Raymond Boger (NOR)

8. ICCF auditor GM Henk Sarink (NED)
with his wife Thea

9. SM Georg Walker (SUI)
awarded with the
Bertl von Massow in Gold

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