ICCF Press Officer
Pedro Hegoburu


ICCF Congress
Final Report (#4)

Thun, Switzerland, September xx, 1999.
REF: Congress Report #1999-4

Welcome and goodbye, readers!

Yes, I will not upset you with more news and gossip from the ICCF Congress! Mainly because it was over last Friday morning…

First of all, I must beg your pardon for posting this last report so late. Franklin Campbell was absolutely correct when he wrote about "exhausted" delegates! So I will try to summarise what we did on Wednesday and Thursday, thus ending this report.

As I wrote previously, the Congress Agenda could not be dealt with in full before the Tuesday evening, and so we were summoned for Wednesday morning meetings. We discussed several items and reports, the best part was the presentation of the 2000 Congress in Daytona Beach, an excellent wok by Ruth Ann Fay (Max Zavanelli's wife). At this point I would like to congratulate Ruth Ann for her job at the 1999 Congress (she did not join the Ladies program which consisted of tourism, but instead she took part in Congress sessions!) and for the work she will surely perform admirably in next years' Congress (when they will be hosts). Then we confimed the 2001 Congress (Rimini, Italy), 2003 Congress (Karvina Raj, Czech Republic, in conjunction with the Slovak Federation), and 2004 Congress (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!), and gave a first option for the 2002 Congress to Belgium. And thus this years' ICCF Congress ended!

After lunch there was a short ICCF Presidium and Senior Officers' meeting, in order to exchange ideas for the future. And after that I had a Marketing Commission meeting, which set the milestones for next years' work! This was undoubtedly the most demanding ICCF Congress, but we are all proud of the time we dedicated and the results we achieved. It was friendly (as usual) and very successful! The official ICCF Congress Minutes are currently being prepared, they will be available at ICCF's Website in October.

Later that day, a handful of ICCF kamikazes decided to challenge GM Vlastimil Hot in a 30-board simul. The final results can be seen somewhere in this Website, I will only share with you three good games… for ICCF!

The first one is a very correct game from Med Samraoui, Zonal Director for Africa/Asia:

GM Vlastimil Hort - Mohamed Samraoui [ALG] [C85]
Thun ICCF Congress simul, 23.09.1999
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 a6 4.Ba4 Nf6 5.0-0 Be7 6.Bxc6 dxc6 7.d3 Qd6 8.Nbd2
(… idea Nc4) 8...b5 9.a4 0-0 10.b3 Nd7 11.Bb2 Bb7 12.Qe2 Rfe8 13.h3 Bf6 14.Nh2 g6 15.Ng4 Bg7 16.Qf3 c5!? (… idea f5) 17.Qe3 Qf8 (… idea Bh6) 18.axb5 axb5 19.Rxa8 Rxa8 20.Ra1 Rxa1+ 21.Bxa1 h5 [21...h5 22.Nh2 only move Qa8 23.Qe1 Bh6=] ½-½

Then we have a good game from Carlos "Viceroy" Cranbourne, Zonal Director for Latin America:

GM Vlastimil Hort - FM Carlos Cranbourne [ARG] [B91]
Thun ICCF Congress simul, 23.09.1999
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.g3 e5 7.Nde2 b5 8.Bg2 Bb7 9.0-0 Nbd7 10.f4? Be7 11.Kh1 Nc5 12.Nd5 Ncxe4 13.Nxf6+ Bxf6 14.Be3 0-0 15.c3 Re8 16.Qc2 exf4 17.Nxf4 Rc8 18.Rae1 d5 19.Qd3 Be5 20.Bd4 Bxd4 21.Qxd4 Rc4 22.Qe3 d4!? 23.cxd4 Rxd4 24.Kg1 Ba8 25.Re2 Nf6 26.Qf2 Rxe2 27.Nxe2 Rd2 28.Bxa8 Qxa8 29.Qe3 Qd8 30.Nc3 Ng4 31.Qa7 f6 32.h3 Ne5 33.Qxa6 Qd4+ 34.Kh1 Qd7 35.g4 Qd3 36.Qa8+ Kf7 37.Qb7+ Kg6 38.Qe4+ Qxe4+ 39.Nxe4 Rxb2 40.Rf2 Rxf2 41.Nxf2 Kg5 42.Kg2 Kf4 43.Nd1 b4 44.Nb2 Ke3 45.Kg3 Nd3 46.Nc4+ Kd4 47.Na5 Nc1 0-1

Finally, another win from the South American task force, this time by Brazilian Delegate Alberto Pinheiro Mascarenhas:

GM Vlastimil Hort - FM Alberto Mascarenhas [BRS] [B22]
Thun ICCF Congress simul, 23.09.1999
1.e4 c5 2.c3 d5 3.exd5 Qxd5 4.d4 Nc6 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.Be2 e6 7.h3 Bh5 8.0-0 Nf6 9.Be3 cxd4 10.cxd4 Be7 11.Nc3 Qd6 12.Qb3 0-0 13.Rfd1 Rfd8 14.Nb5 Qb4 15.g4 Bg6 16.Qxb4 Nxb4 17.Ne5 Be4 18.Nc3 Bd5 19.Nxd5 Nfxd5 20.Bd2 Nc2 21.Rac1 Nxd4 22.Bf1 Bf6 23.Nc4 Nf3+ 24.Kh1 Nxd2 25.Nxd2 Bxb2 26.Rc2 Be5 27.Bg2 Nf4 28.Re1 Rxd2 29.Rxd2 Bc3 30.Bxb7 Bxd2 31.Rd1 Rd8 32.a4 Nxh3 33.Kg2 Nf4+ 34.Kf3 g5 35.Rb1 a5 36.Rb5 h6 37.Bc6 Be1 0-1

The final result was a clear plus for GM Hort, but the "real" winners were those who took part in the simul, because they had a great time and enjoyed their games no matter the result!!

On Thursday morning we woke up really early because we had to take a bus from Thun to Grundewald, and from there the cabin to Mount Schilthorn! It was our (well-deserved) tourist day after so much work. The ride in cabins was very nice, they take you to the mountain top (2970 meters above sea level) in less than 35 minutes! Once we reached the top, we had one hour of free time to walk around until lunch was served. Most people just took pictures around the restaurant, some others that were more daring left the restaurant in order to see the surroundings… and two of the bravest ICCF people went trekking into the mountains, until the restaurant was nothing but a small accident amidst the mountains! The courage shown, the determination to succeed, the stamina and adrenaline flow, nothing stopped these two men in their quest for success beyond the 64-square chess board! Let us remember the name of GM Fritz Baumbach as one of "Mount Schilthorn's Conquerors", and that of Pedro Federico Hegoburu as the dumb, non-existent player that followed his trail!! (I promise not to do this again, I was much near to defeat than to victory…).

A splendid lunch rewarded our intrepid appetite; the restaurant is a marvel of architecture, as it spins on its center, giving a magnificent view of the mountains around. But after eating we had to head back to the cabins and the bus, because later that day we had the Closing Banquet aboard a ship sailing the Thunersee!

As you can surely imagine, these last events are very relaxed, after a hard week's work. The Banquet is a nice retribution to our effort, I enjoy it very much but always feel a bit sad because it also means that our stay has come to an end and I will not see my friends for a year or more! For example, next year we will not have the company of George Stibal and his wife Sheila, nor that of Mart Tarmak (who is, BTW, Vice President of the Estonian Football Federation!!) because they will be attending the Olympic games in Sydney! However, we will meet new friends form all over the world, everyone with a keen spirit and good intentions is welcome and will surely enhance the ICCF family!

And the show goes constantly on. This being the last report on the ICCF Congress, I bid you farewell! Next year some other ICCF Press Officer will have the task to report to you, our "customers", "clients", or simply "friends" or "supporters", on the development of the 2000 Congress. I am sure that whoever takes over me will be better than his predecessor (it really does not take that much to be better than me!) and he will write more entertaining, insightful, informative reports. Nevertheless, I will feel my task has been successful if these reports have helped you see what ICCF is about, what Congresses are like, the way we work to bring you a better CC future, the way we enjoy ourselves and how human all this "ICCF fever" is.

Therefore I appreciate your patience in reading these so-called "reports" which are nothing more than a personal look at an ICCF Congress, hoping that you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them. And on behalf of the ICCF family gathered in Thun, a big "thank you" for trusting us to decide on the future of this wonderful, unique experience that Correspondence Chess is.

May it give us many more hours of happiness!