In the
Team Motto: Victory or Death!
Team Song: Who Let the Dogs Out
Team Flower: Snap Dragon
Team Movie: Enter the Dragon
Favorite Microbe: Flesh Eating Virus
Team Anthem: These Boots Are Made for Walking (they'll walk all over you)
Team Mascot: Pit Bull
Favorite Ice Cream: Rocky Road
Team Bird: Flamingo
Team Insect: Praying Mantis (you'll need divine aid)
Team Fish: Piranha 
Team Dinosaur: Tyrranosaurus Rex
Favorite Starlet: Xena (the Warrior Princess)
Favorite "Dr. Who" Quote: "May the Talons of Wang Chiang Shred Your Flesh!"
Most Appropriate Music:  We are the Champions!

ICCF Champions League

John Knudsen, Grayling Hill, J. Franklin Campbell, Ralph Marconi

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