Meet the Team
John 'The Great Dane' Knudsen Board 1: IM John 'The Great Dane' Knudsen
Great Dane
Wait till he gets
his teeth into you!

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ICCF Rating 2480. Founded CC.COM in 1996. Founded TCCMB in 1998. Founded Correspondence Chess News in 2000. Webmaster for GM Vytas Palciauskas (X World CC Champion) web site since 2000. ICCF Executive Officer, 1999-2000. Awarded ICCF IM Title in 2001 (David Lodge Memorial). 2 SIM Norms in 26 Games (Lodge Memorial (Cat. V) and FINJUB-40 Email (Cat. IX).
Grayling 'The Hitman' Hill Board 2: Grayling 'The Hitman' Hill (Team Captain)
The Target
You're in
his crosshairs!

ICCF Rating 2271. Owner and Manager of the popular CC.COM domain of correspondence chess web sites. News Editor and Business Manager for Correspondence Chess News.
J. Franklin 'Mad Dog' Campbell Board 3: J. Franklin 'Mad Dog' Campbell   The 'Mad Dog' himself
Mad Dog
This puppy
has teeth!

ICCF Rating 2249. Webmaster for The Campbell Report, ICCF-U.S., American Postal Chess Tournaments (APCT) and Chess Journalists of America. Former ICCF Press Officer, has written The Campbell Report for APCT News Bulletin for 14 years and has contributed articles to Chess Mail and other chess journals. TD for the Pacific Area Team Tournament IV ... chess enthusiast, chess cartoonist, cc competitor since 1964. Editor/publisher for APCT Team Newsletter for NTC-1. 61 years old. Lives in Mason, Michigan (USA). Works as a systems programmer.
Ralph 'The Masher' Marconi Board 4: Ralph 'The Masher' Marconi
The Masher
Prepare to
be Mashed!

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ICCF Rating 2132, highest ICCF rating 2260. Age: 50; Residence: Joliette, Québec (Canada); has played CC for 30 years. ICCF TD since 1986: Québec Open CC Championships (5) founded and organized in 1986 (not ICCF); Horowitz Memorial Open (1992 - 1996); 8th & 9th North American Ivitational CCC (NAICCC); Team Captain of Canadian teams in: 12th CC Oylmpiad Final, 13th CC Olympiad Prelims, PATT 4, Paul Diaconescu Memorial - Group A; Team Captain of the winning NAPZ team in the CADAP vs NAPZ 100 board match. NAPZ Zonal Director since 2000. a CCCA Vice-President. ICCF International Arbiter Title awarded in 1994. CCCA Games Editor. Webmaster for CCCA and Ralph Marconi's Chess Page. Defeated a future SIM and an IM; drew a CC game with legendary GM S. Reshevsky. Work: Chess Today Technical Editor, Private teacher (English conversation course). Received Gold Bertl von Massow medal at 2001 ICCF Congress.

ICCF Champions League

John Knudsen, Grayling Hill, J. Franklin Campbell, Ralph Marconi

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