Hazel Simone Campbell-Crawley, about 5 months (page 2)

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Hazel Simone Campbell-Crawley
Born: 11 December 2001
Age: about 5 months (early-mid May 2002)
May 2002 - Page 2

Hazel in pink with Mommy (May 2002)
8. Hazel in pink with Mommy, May 2002

Hazel (pink dress) and Toby
9. Hazel (pink dress) and Toby, May 2002

Toby and Hazel (pink dress)
10. Toby and Hazel (pink dress), May 2002

A loving pair
11. A loving brother and sister, May 2002

Meg with Hazel
12. Meg with loving (or hungry) daughter Hazel, May 2002

Hazel and Mum
13. Hazel with Mum, May 2002

Hazel, Meg and puppy
14. Hazel, Meg and puppy, May 2002

Hazel joins Toby and puppy
15. Hazel joins Toby and puppy, May 2002

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