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17.02.2008: Welcome Message from ICCF-CL Administrator

We are 6 months into season 3 and games are running smoothly; also quite a few results have been registered so far. Please visit each group to see the current situation. Our support team is wishing you all an enjoyable experience and awaits for your feedback in any matter concerning the league.

Valer Eugen Demian
ICCF-CL Administrator

17.02.2008: New Home Page for Champions League Season 3

After some delay we are launching this new home page for the current season 3 of the Champions League (2007-2009). The links have all been updated. Additional features will appear in the future. A contest to design a new Champions League logo will be announced in the near future. We don't have a sponsor this season so we won't have the cash prizes we had last season. All games are being played on the server this season. The links to the crosstables above/left will show you the current standings in each group. Note that the promotion/relegation rules have not yet been set. Our administrator informs us, "Promotion/ relegation for this season 3 are under review by a Working group". If anyone wishs to submit their input regarding this subject, please contact Valer Eugen Demian directly. The final rules for promotion/relegation will be published here as soon as they become available.

If you have suggestions on how this web site may be improved, please contact the webmaster. Teams with web sites and/or logos are invited to send them to the webmaster for the future Team Logos/Links page.

Franklin Campbell
ICCF-CL Webmaster

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