1862 Rupee
Victoria Queen
1862 Rupee

The Coins of
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1862 - 1947

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1883B Rupee
Victoria Empress
1883B Rupee

india-coins.com Updated 20-April-2009
     This is a professional looking web site with objectives very similar to this web site (Coins of British India). The British India section is full of detailed photos and line drawings illustrating the various coin types and variations. I really appreciate the comprehensive and detailed information. The site has an extensive coverage of the coins of India, going far beyond the British colonial era. Congratulations to Dr. B. Jinadatha, professor at J J M medical college in Davangere, Karnataka, INDIA, on the creation of this fabulous web site.india-coins.com also incorporates a fantastic new resource for collections of the coins of India, namely the India Coins Discussion Forum.
The Coins of British India 1862-1947
     This link takes you to this current web site. The site use to focus narrowly on the copper and silver coins of India in the period 1862-1901. It is currently being expanded to cover the complete British India coinage through 1947. There is a good representation of the 1862 "dot" Rupees, showing some of the variations. There are also checklists of the coins of Victoria. These pages should be useful for eBay and other auction buyers/sellers to accurately identify the coins (accurate identification appears to be a real problem on such auctions). Collectors can print out the checklists and record the coins they have for handy reference at coin shows and retail shops. Auction buyers can refer sellers to specific pages to help them make more precise identification. An attempt has been made to provide good quality close-up photos of the main coin features.
South Asia Coin Group Updated 18-June-2005
     Here you will find how to join the South Asia Yahoo group. As they say, "The aim of the SouthAsia-Coins group is to promote an understanding of coins, ancient to present, from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet, and the Maldives." This discussion group is a real resource for collectors! The old page at http://www215.pair.com/sacoins/ is still active but appears to be out of date.
Nupam's Webpage for the Indian coins Updated 29-July-2008
     This is the personal site of Dr. Nupam Mahajan, Ph.D., FRNS. The best description is ... "fantastic!" This site presents the coins of India in the context of its history, and the text is illustrated with beautiful pictures of the pertinent coinage. Don't miss this gorgeous site.
CoinIndia Added 30-April-2012
     Subtitled, "Indian Coins from Ancient to Modern Times, The Virtual Museum of Indian Coins".
Webmaster Pankaj Tandon has done a fine job of creating an interesting and useful survey of Indian coins through the centuries with some good quality photos. Only a few coins from British India are shown but there are many interesting coins on display from the rich and lengthy history of India coinage along with very interesting descriptive text.
Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies Added 13-Dec-2002 Updated 4-February-2015
Indische Münzen / Coins of India -- in German
Mis-struck World Coins - A Primer Added 4-February-2015
     Bill Snyder's interesting site named "Brockages, Double Strikes, and other interesting Error Coins" seems to have disappeared, but his article on error coins with some British India examples is still on-line.
British India Coins 1857-1947
RBI Monetary Museum - British India Coinage Updated 7-November-2011
     A great site covering the currency of India through the years.
Modern Coins of India
Republic Coins of India Added 5-May-2011
     Ravi Shankar Sharma has created this new web site devoted to Republic India coins. It doesn't yet have much content but collectors of modern coins of India should watch it out for future developments.
LakdivaCoins Collection Updated 18-June-2005
     Kavan U. Ratnatunga, a contributor to the famous Krause World Coins Catalog, presents his collection of Lanka coins (ancient and modern) started by his grandfather. In the modern area there are a few coins of Victoria. He also provides some interesting comments on reasons to create your own coins web site and also hints on how to create a good site. Highly recommended!
Doug Smith's Ancient Coins Updated 4-February-2015
     Doug Smith's web site is devoted to ancient coins and the photography of these coins. Any collector will find his articles of interest, and his detailed description of photographing coins will be useful to a collector of coins of any type. Check the links near the top of the web page for several links to the coin photography pages.
Imaging Coins: Scanner vs. Camera Updated 4-February-2015
Queen Victoria - Images Updated 4-February-2015
Krause Publications Books
Scott Semans World Coins Updated 30-June-2004
     Scott Semans is a highly reputable and very knowledgeable dealer in world coins, including British India. For coins and books you can't go wrong with Scott.
Thakkar Numismatic and Art Foundation Updated 7-November-2011
     This site provides photos and information on the coins of India (there doesn't seem to be a section for British India, but maybe it will be added later). It also covers non-coin items such as weights, seals & dies, tokens and medals and explains their significance.
Indian Coins Updated 7-November-2011
     Sanjay Kansal of India has created this site to display the recent coins of India, including photos of stamp issues which commerorate the same subject as the coins.. He also provides a complete listing of the post-independence coins of India. The site may be outdated.
Numismaster Added 31-October-2007
     This is a fascinating web site presented by the famous catalog publishers Krause Publications. A representative characterized the site as folows: "NumisMaster opens Krause Publicationsí massive coin and paper money database to a worldwide online audience and allows hobbyists to select and sort the information to fit their individual collecting interests. This database comprises the content for every book Krause Publications has published in the Standard Catalog line of price guides for more than 50 years." It also apparently provides tools for organizing your collecting records, such as your inventory and want list. I haven't personally used these features yet but the name Krause surely makes this a web site worth investigating.
Coin Community Forums Added 7-August-2008
     This looks like a good place for general coin collection discussions, such as exploring different methods of storing coins or taking photos of them.
Uttarakhand Worldwide Added 25-October-2009
     An interesting web page with comments on the history of India with pictures of a number of coins.
Numismatic Society of Calcutta Added 20-July-2010

A new web site based in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

Surana Art Added 7-January-2011

This web site, recently created by Amit Surana, has some great photos of British India coins, banknotes and some silver art objects.

India Coin News Added 7-January-2011

News about the coins of the Republic of India. The associated Facebook page may cover a greater range.

COINSHEET Numismatic Directory Added 7-November-2011

A huge collection of links of interest ot collectors of the coins of India.

British India Coins Added 15-April-2012

A blog with some interesting information on the coins of India.

Silver Coins Added 4-February-2015

Devoted to silver and silver coins. One article describes how to identify fake silver coins.

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