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Andrew Dearnley outside
Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville
before Superbowl 39
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Andrew Dearnley

I am 44 years old and a Bank Manager for a large global bank and have worked there since I left school a long time ago! I have been fortunate to work in New York and Toronto so far and that's enough about work.

I have just taken over as England's delegate to ICCF and have been assisting Alan Rawlings for the last 3 years.

I learnt chess at 4 years old just before school and I was lucky to have a junior school headmaster who was keen to take his school chess team all over England to compete. We even had coaching sessions in London run by Leonard Barden, who still writes the chess column for the London Evening Times. At this time I used to regularly play GM Nigel Short, who was on the same circuit of junior tournaments. He was a year younger than me and all of a sudden he got a 'bit' better and I stayed being a County player!

When I got to high school I took up rugby league ( a tougher/better Northern game than rugby union!) I loved this game and I played twice a week and spilt my time between chess and rugby until I decided to take up the latter professionally. I played for Leeds second team until I badly injured my knee (no pads all over the body in this game!) To some extent playing both games was a blessing because eventually I took up postal chess when I found I did not have time to play OTB. I joined the British Correspondence Chess Association (BCCA) Through this group I met a US player Ted Greiner (Harrisburg, PA) and my interest for American football started. He is a Steelers fan and I had just seen my first few games on English TV and decided to support the Eagles. I liked scrambling QB Randall Cunningham and the late, great Reggie White who will always be my hero! 28 years later I am still a passionate fan and have been lucky to see the Eagles play in Super Bowl XXXIX in Jax, in the loss to the Patriots. I try to get 'over the pond' every year to see them play. I just love Philly as a place and more recently I have started to go to road games, the last one being Washington, where they did not particlary like my kelly green shirt! I was also 'insulted' when a 'skins fan thought my northern accent was Scottish! Sorry George ;-)

I watch 3 or 4 live games on TV every week. Isn't satellite TV great?

AMBITION : To see the Eagles WIN a Super Bowl and visit every Pro NFL stadium and also retire early to do route 66!
FAVOURITE PLAYERS : Reggie White, Brian Westbrook, Seth Joyner and Brian Dawkins
LEAST FAVOURITE TEAMS : Cowboys (goes without saying!!), Raiders (don't like their attitude!) and Redskins
FAVOURITE CHESS PLAYER : The best thing to come out of Denmark before Søren, Bent Larsen - Love his original play/ideas/unusual openings
FAVOURITE/SPECIALIST OPENING : From Gambit (white side!) Done lots of research on this opening and I have never lost to it at CC. Damn I bet that puts 'the dampers' on that!
OTHER INTERESTS : Watching Rugby League, following my hometown team Huddersfield and travelling abroad. I have been to Norway recently where I met Raymond and he made me climb a mountain! This Easter I was in Havana meeting Pablo Salcedo (Cuba's delegate) and enjoying sugarcane juice - not to be missed!
NEXT MAJOR JOB : Try to organise a decent ICCF congress in England 2009.

Have a great season and I hope you will all nearly be as successful as the EAGLES. Well you got to have confidence when you have never won the big one!


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Team Stadium - Lincoln Financial Field


Cool beer and girl
@ Super Bowl XXXIX
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@Washington Vs Eagles
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Andrew Dearnley Outside Linc
Philadelphia 2004
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Sorry George Pyrich !
47 -17 picture of scoreboard!
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Favre ready to snap
vs Eagles 2004
"Favre - what's all the fuss!"
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Katheryn, Eagles ch.leader
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Eagles cheerleader,
75 years uniform
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Inside stadium
Super Bowl XXXIX
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Super Bowl XXXIX
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City of Brotherly LOVE
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ROCKY Philadelphia 2004
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Wembley 2007 NFL
NYG Vs Dolphins
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Soren and me
@Wembley 2007 fins vs Giants
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The Linc Philadelphia 2004
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First ever regular season game outside North America, Mr Millstone loses to Mr Figlio at Wembley

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