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IM Valer-Eugen Demian

Team: Seattle Superhawks

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Eugen Demian
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IM Valer-Eugen Demian


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This past Friday (Sep 30, 2011) I went with a friend of mine to the opening of the newly refurbish BC Place stadium from downtown Vancouver. The opening coincided with the CFL game between:
BC Lions - Edmonton Eskimos 33-24

The stadium is awesome! Here you can see online some of the features we enjoy from now on while participating at sports events:
Live webcams can be used here:

In an interesting connection to NFL, our stadium has now the second largest TV screens above the field in North America, next to the biggest ones for Dallas Cowboys. Watching the game on those screens from the upper deck (where we had tickets) was like in front of your TV at home; impeccable clarity! When the roof opened, it gave everyone an incredible feeling. here is a You tube video with it:
I was one of the 50,200 and change present there. The temporary stadium they played in for a season and a half could accommodate just about 21,000 seats; big difference!

If you care for the game highlights, here is the TSN coverage from after the game:
We got going a bit slow and the referees were bad in the 4th quarter, but we won nevertheless. It was not far away from an NFL game either.

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