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Dear friends and NFL-freaks!

With this I have the pleasure to report from my recent trip to London. It was at the same time better and worse than last year. Worse for 2 reasons: The game it self was very boring. Bucs simply is one of the worst teams this year - there was never any doubt about the result. Even worse was, that there were NO CHEERLEADERS at the tailgate party!!! OK, they gave a short performance on the stage (did not see it) but last year we were able to get pictures with them. Was impossible this year :-(
Better for one reason: My company and roommate was definately prettier than last year :-)

Atmosphere both at and inside the stadium was simply GREAT! Almost 85.000 all dressed up in different team colours. Really sorry Glen - did not see even ONE dressed up in a Bills-uniform (wonder why?) - but I managed to find one pretty girl for you Franklin. Complimented her for the courage to show up in such a uniform - her answer was: Well, I was born there :-))

Also met a celebrity of some kind - anybody knows, who he is?

Enough for now - another report will follow next year!

Best kicks

Wembley 2009    Wembley 2009

Wembley 2009    Wembley 2009

Wembley 2009    Wembley 2009

SIM Søren Peschardt

I'm 54 years old and live in Sevilla, Spain. Left Denmark in October 2009 to join up with my cheerleader Esperanza (see above) and her 2 sons. Still work for my Danish company -  a big hospital just outside Copenhagen in the computer department. I'm not a programmer and not a technician either! Give me a screwdriver, and I can ruin almost anything! My responsibilities are handling of incidents and service request in the IT-environment - and to act as project manager in all possible kind of projects - small and big.

Søren at Wembley
Click here for larger photo

In my spare time I like to play badminton, OTB-chess (FIDE 2167) and I also read a lot (mostly detective novels and about history). Am also very interested in all kind of sports - I attend all home games of my favourite soccer club FC Copenhagen.

How did I get into the NFL? Well ICCF is to blame for that! In my first correspondence chess tournament WT/III/132 - all the way back in 1974-76 - I was lucky to meet an opponent from the US Eugene Robbins, Euclid Ave in Dravosburg (suburb to Pittsburgh). Very quickly we switched from postcards to loooong letters - and in 1998 he invited me to visit him in his mobile home! And, here it comes: On my 22nd birthday (August 5th 1978) he took me to Three Rivers Stadium for a NFL preseason game Falcons@Steelers. The action on the field got me immediately - hey I did not even know the sport existed…..

Back home in DEN I missed the NFL a lot! Nothing in the newspapers (not even results) and nothing on TV! Luckily about a decade later somebody invented the Internet - and then I started to learn and read everything about the Steelers. And to my big surprise (and joy) I realized, that I had actually seen the winners of SuperBowl XIII.

10 years ago Danish TV suddenly started to show NFL-games. The first couple of years only the SuperBowl - but the last 5 years I have been able to watch NFL every Sunday!

I have been so lucky to attend 2 more live games: In 2000 after the ICCF Congress in Daytona Beach George Packers (Sorry: Pyrich) and I drove to Tampa to see the Jets@Buccanners - and last year Andy was so kind to invite me to London for the Dolphins@Giants game at Wembley! And we are going again this year!!

Go Søren!!

I have stayed in the ICCF family without any breaks since 1974 - and I got the IM-title in 2004 and the SIM-title in 2006. Next year I will most likely get my last title: IA. I have had several different ICCF positions - webmaster, title tournaments commissioner and lately FD-assistant and organizer of the Money Prize Tournaments. I became the delegate from Denmark in 1997 and have attended every Congress since. A little curiosity: In the first draft of this profile Franklin gave me the title of Grandmaster SIM - and everybody was yelling at him for that! But the "title" is really not completely wrong!! In ICCF I'm only a SIM - but in the TV gameshow Jeopardy I am a Grandmaster!! I have the show on a disc - so if anyone can teach me how to create an Internet compatible video from a disk - you will be able to watch it here! It is not a threat - it is a promise :

  • Favourite team: Pittsburgh Steelers - only dissapointment: They have NO Cheerleaders!!
  • Favourite player (past): Jack Lambert
  • Favourite player (present): Ben Roethlisberger - see below
  • Favourite player (non-US): Morten Andersen - recold holder in the NFL - most scored points in history!!
  • Favourite position: Nose tackle - but I have actually never held a football in my hands!!
  • Wish for Christmas: That NFL will relocate the Baltimore Ravens back to Cleveland - so we can beat the Browns 4 times a year!!

Ben - the big no 7: 1st round draft choise in 2004 and plays QB as I play chess! Excellent athlete, strong arm, great escaping trouble by running away - and has a burger named after him!! Make this on any given Sunday: The original burger can be eaten at Peppi's, 927 Western Ave, Pittsburgh - of course the prize is 7 USD!!

George Pyrich and me at a rainy
Raymond James Stadium, Tampa 2000

My Steeler Buddy Gene and me at Niagara Falls, 1978. Some years after my visit in "the Burgh" we lost contact - but 10 years ago, I tracked him down at the Internet! Since that day we have played friendly games at This is what ICCF really can give us - if we grab the chance - lifetime friendships!


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