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Tournament Director SIM Ian M Pheby
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SIM Ian M Pheby, IA
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SIM Ian M Pheby, IA

I am 60 years old, and I live with my wife in London. We have two grown up daughters, one is a registered nurse, the other is a designer. I am a retired scientific consultant specialising in transport and supply of dangerous goods.

I started playing chess at a very early age, though did not take it too seriously until the age of 18. I have been playing correspondence chess since then but have only concentrated on ICCF games since my first major tournament which started in 2000 (the Pat Thorn Memorial). Since then, I have obtained my International Master and Senior International Master titles, and one Grandmaster norm. My highest ICCF rating has been 2621 in October 2004. I have had the privilege of representing England on board 1 of the 6th European Team Championship Final.

I have been a chess administrator in England for 42 years where I have had a variety of duties, predominantly in controlling large Leagues and rating games. I have been Chairman of Civil Service Chess in the United Kingdom since 1989. I became BFCC Games Archivist in September 2003. My service to the ICCF as a TD started in September 2006 soon after I retired, and I play in many ICCF tournaments.

In 2009 the ICCF awarded me my International Arbiter Title which was presented to me at the ICCF Congress in Leeds. Also in 2009, I was awarded the English Chess Federation’s President’s Award for my services to chess over a period of 40 years.

Outside of chess I enjoy visiting gardens with my wife and in particular the world famous Kew Gardens which is just a short drive from my house. It is truly a fascinating place most times of the year. I enjoy watching most sport though my days of active participation at table tennis are behind me!


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