Tournament Introduction and Explanation
by Senior International Master Søren Peschardt

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SIM Søren Peschardt
Creator of the "NFL Comes to ICCF" Tournament

During the 2007-08 NFL-season I also had the pleasure to play ICCF-games against Jason, George and Glen. We shared many great sundays together - exchanging moves in our games while watching NFL on TV :-)

An idea came to my mind: While watching NFL on any given sunday - why not play a small tournament online somewhere on a server? Well - that was a bit too complicated for us - and it might also have removed our focus from the most important in our lives on a sunday afternoon: The TV-screen!

So - we went for something better! We invited other CC-friends from ICCF - and suddenly we had 9 players! Everybody contributed to the setup of this tournament - and suddenly we had this: "NFL comes to ICCF - full contact correspondence chess" :-)

Unfortunately NFL denied us the use of our team-logos in the crosstable - so we just settled for our team names! ICCF did not have any objections - we got the necessary permissions immidiately :-)

On the "NFL Comes to ICCF" home page you will find links to our individiual profiles, our teams and our cheerleaders!! Please feel free to enjoy this event with us - games are available live with zero moves delay!! Just click on the "Games" links for each player or go to the tournament crosstable.

Other details: It is a non-rated event, 30 days for every 10 moves and we allow conditionals. Startdate is August 3rd - same day as NFL.

And every player have paid 20 USD in entry fee - which we will donate to some kind of charity.

-- Søren Peschardt

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