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Home Page for John Q. Jones 

Name: John Q. Jones
Country: USA
ICCF ID: 123456
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The new Gold Book is back from the printer and ready to ship. Order your copy from your national federation today.
New world champion is crowned: John Knudsen (USA) is the 17th World Champion!
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SectionGameDate Received/SentTime Limit White Time Used Black Time Used
US14P01 Jones-Berliner26-Nov-200260/10 59/9 10/9
US14P01 Palciauskas-Jones 24-Nov-2002 60/10 29/8 40/7
US14P01 Binder-Jones 21-Nov-2002 60/10 27/7 50/6
US14P01 Oim-Jones 25-Nov-2002 60/10 59/9 10/9
US14P01 Campbell-Jones 26-Nov-2002 30/10 15/9 10/9
US14P01 Luers-Jones 26-Nov-200260/10 59/9 10/9
US14P01 Jones-Smith 26-Nov-200260/10 59/19 10/18
US14P01 Karpov-Jones 26-Nov-200260/10 59/9 10/9
US15P10 Jones-Kasparov 26-Nov-200260/10 59/25 10/24
US15P10 Anand-Jones 26-Nov-200260/10 59/9 10/9
US15P10 Jones-Berliner26-Nov-200260/10 88/24 95/24
US15P10 Palciauskas-Jones26-Nov-200260/10 59/9 10/9