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Tournament Page for John Q. Jones 

Name: John Q. Jones
Country: USA
ICCF ID: 123456
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The new Gold Book is back from the printer and ready to ship. Order your copy from your national federation today.
New world champion is crowned: John Knudsen (USA) is the 17th World Champion!
Active Tournaments
Name ID Tournament Director Start Date End Date
14th USCCC Prelims US14P01 Grayling Hill 1-Jan-2000 15-June-2001
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Note from TD (US14P01): Close-out date extended to 1-Jan-2000, send report on game status for any games not completed by that date.
15th USCCC Prelims US15P10 Ralph Marconi 15-Mar-2001 31-Dec-2003
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NAPZ Master Class NAPZ M-71 Per Söderberg 10-Jun-2002 15-Dec-2004
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