American Postal Chess Tournaments

(Note: for historical information only ... entries are no longer being accepted. April 2005)

E-mail Tournaments

For players who have access to the Internet, APCT conducts the following tournaments (for postal events go to Postal Tournaments).

The E-Mail Social ... is designed for players rated under 1800 who enjoy sociable play rather than competition for prizes. This event pits you against four opponents, two games as White and two as Black. The winner receives a free entry into another E-mail Social section. Entry fee is $6.00 or four sections for $20.00.

The E-Mail Knight ... We offer two sections of the Knight event: the Knight A open to all without rating restriction, and Knight B for players rated under 1750, or whose rating in other postal organizations is Class C or below. Thus mid-strength players have the same opportunity to compete for identical prizes. This is a nine-player tournament, one game with eight opponents. Entry is $12.00, two sections for $21.00. Prizes are in cash: $30.00 (1st) and $15.00 (2nd). Moves are sent via e-mail.

The E-Mail Queen ... indeed, the "Queen" of APCT events! This is a thirteen-player section in which you play one game with each opponent, six as White, six as Black. This distinguished event offers mid-strength players the chance to meet instructive opposition. It is also the arena for our strongest players to encounter stiff competition. Entry is $17.00, two for $30.00. Prizes are $50.00 (1st), $25.00 (2nd), and $15.00 (3rd).

The Warren Gold Cup ... The APCT E-Mail Championship. This annual event, open from November through April, is a two-round qualifying tournament with weighted point scoring. First round sections are filled as entries come in. All who score 4 out of 6 points or better advance to the finals, usually nine- to eleven-player sections. Prelim wins count 1.0 (draws .5), finals wins count 1.5 (draws .75). You may enter as many prelims as you wish, but you advance to one finals section only. Players qualifying from multiple prelims take their best score with them. Number in finals section(s) determined by number of prelims.In addition to cash prizes, the APCT Warren Gold Cup E-Mail Champion wins an engraved trophy. There is a guaranteed prize fund of $600 distributed as follow: $300 (1st), $150 (2d), $100 (3d), $50 (4th). The prized fund is increased if more than thirteen are filled, with the following amounts added for each additional prelim: $18 (1st), $9 (2d), $6 (3d), $3 (4th). Entry is $9.00 per section, two for $17.00.

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