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This site is no longer updated and has been modified to serve as a historical reference only.
APCT is going through an orderly shutdown. New tournament entries are no longer being accepted.

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April 19, 2005 site update

Serving the American
Correspondence Chess Player
for Over 30 Years!

APCT offers a variety of postal and e-mail chess tournaments, one suitable for every level of chess proficiency. We recognize that correspondence chess players enjoy the hobby for different reasons; we have designed our tournament schedule accordingly. APCT also publishes the finest correspondence chess magazine available in the U.S.A, the APCT News Bulletin. It is frequently named the best correspondence chess magazine in the U.S.A. by the Chess Journalists of America.

Announcement. Entries will be accepted for traditional sections till April 1, 2005 and e-mail entries till May 1, 2005. All events will then be played to a finish. The magazine will continue to be published.
APCT is the National Champion of the USA. The APCT Team won the National Team Championship of the United States in an event which matched all the major cc organizations in a 50-board team competition played 1991-1994. For a complete report of APCT's impressive victory go to NTC-1 Report .

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