American Postal Chess Tournaments

Games of the Year
Awards Competition

Each year APCT honors the better games played in its tournaments with a competition judged by a grandmaster. Trophy and book prizes are awarded to First Place and Runner-up games. Rules governing this contest are published annually in the Sept.-Oct. APCT News Bulletin. All APCTers are eligible to submit one game played during the previous GYA year from Oct. 31 to Oct. 31. Following are winners of the Game of the Year since inception of the competition in 1974:

1974: Gene Klein

1975: Ben Pekelder

1976: Jim Warren

1977: Gary Terry

1978: Ed Frumkin

1979: George Thompson

1980: George Thompson

1981: Walt Stephan

1982: Gregg Guffrey

1983: Mike Carey

1984: Rudy Vance

1985: Rudy Vance

1986: Rudy Vance

1987: Greg Bungo

1988: Ed Frumkin

1989: Wayne Williams

1990: Fred Bender

1991: Allan Savage

1992: Jon Edwards

1993: Jon Edwards

1994: Michael Downey

1995: John Burke

1996: Jim Marfia

1997: Greg Henderson

1998: John Burke

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