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November-December 1999

APCT News & Announcements149-155
 APCT Web Site149
 From the TD & Editor151
 Sections Filled151
 Sections Forming151
 Prize Winners153
 2000 Warren Gold Cup153
 ICCF News155
 GYA Competition155

Tournament Notes152
Game Results154
APCT Ratings & Active Masters156

Book Reviews -- Allan Savage159

Draw Yah -- Keith Hayward160

Completed Sections161

Games from APCT Play -- Jon Voth, Games Editor162

The Campbell Report -- J. Franklin Campbell164

The Practical Endgame in Action -- Chip Chapin169

The Problem Solver -- Newman Guttman170
Book Talk171

Marfspace -- Jim Marfia: Another Attempt to Avoid the "Spanish Torture"172

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