American Postal Chess Tournaments

APCT Life Achievement Certificate Holders

Following are the requirements for receiving the APCT Life Master Certificate:

  1. A minimum of five continuous or a total of seven years of APCT play
  2. A minimum of 150 games as a rated master verified by presence in the APCT rating list
  3. A minimum of 100 games (of 150) played in Rook Semi-Finals, Rook Finals, Super Queen, Queen, M/E Class, Semi-Class, or Regional Team events
  4. Bonus Features:
    1. 10 games "credit" for winning the Rook Championship; 8 games "credit" for 2nd; 6 for 3rd; 4 for 4th and 5th
    2. 4 games "credit" for winning a Super Queen section
    3. 4 games "credit" for winning the M/E Class Championship
    4. 2 games "credit" for winning a Semi-Class section with all M/E opposition
    5. 2 games "credit" for winning any of Bds. 1-5 in the Regional Team Championship
APCT Life Master Certificates

  1. George Fawbush, Ferguson, MO
  2. Jon Edwards, Pennington, NJ
  3. Fred Bender, Madison, WI

APCT Life Achievement Certificates

The APCT Life Achievement Award requires a player to have completed 200 or more games in APCT compeition. The following players have received this award:

  1. Richard Barrett, Grand Rapids, MI
  2. Timothy Sawyer, Williamsport, PA
  3. Ralph Pirtle, Cordova, AK
  4. Murray Smith, Miami Beach, FL
  5. Maurice Ellis, New Castle, PA
  6. Clark Mayo, Crestline, CA
  7. John Blumetti, Staten Island, NY
  8. John G. Warren, Casselberry, FL
  9. John G. Coriell, Portsmouth, OH
  10. John McCumiskey, Sacramento, CA
  11. Ron Chaney, Burlington, IA
  12. Joe Bacon, Los Angeles, CA
  13. Bruce Pascute, Hicksville, OH
  14. Rudy Vance, Sebring, FL
  15. David Stevenson, Kearney, NE (posth.)
  16. Steve St. Martin, Bloomington, MN
  17. Warren Coolidge, Carlisle, PA
  18. Steve Bowles, Portsmouth, OH
  19. Joe Hitselberger, Oshkosh, WI
  20. Lyle Cherner, Chandler, AZ
  21. William Stone, Chicago, IL

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