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Links to APCT Material

"The Campbell Report" columns
You can find all "The Campbell Report" columns from the APCT News Bulletin from Jan-Feb 1994 to present here.

The First National Team Championship (NTC-1)
Here's a complete tournament report on the only National Team Championship ever held in the USA. The ICCF-U.S. office directed this event which invited all the major USA cc organizations to compete on 50 boards for the USA Championship.

Sites Concentrating on Correspondence Chess

One of the best collections of cc sites on the web. If you enjoy correspondence chess you must visit chess journalist and CCLA Master John Knudsen's gift to the cc world.

The Correspondence Chess Message Board (TCCMB) [updated 25-May-2004]
An important site where cc enthusiasts can share their opinions and ideas.

Correspondence Chess News
An excellent on-line correspondence chess magazine/

The Campbell Report
Articles, news and features about correspondence chess by regular APCT News Bulletin columnist J. Franklin Campbell (also Webmaster of this APCT site). The last six years of Campbell's APCT column are available here, crosstables of the USCCC (USA Championship) events and a regular column on openings by USCF Senior Master Mark Morss.

Ralph Marconi's Chess Page
This is the excellent cc site created and maintained by International Arbiter, tournament director, cc Master and APCT member Ralph Marconi. He's a regular columnist for Check! and The Chess Correspondent and the team captain for the Canadian Olympiad team.

Chess Mail magazine
Tim Harding's cc magazine is perhaps the best cc publication is the world, certainly the best cc magazine published in English. Harding brings us the latest news and a lot of great information and you'll frequently find new material here ... news, games, reviews, photos. This is one of the biggest correspondence chess sites on the web.

ICCF-US official site.
The home of the USA office of the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF). APCT is represented by the ICCF-U.S. office and ICCF-U.S. Secretary Max Zavanelli in international correspondence chess affairs. APCT members (along with CCLA and USCF members) are automatically qualified to play in ICCF postal and email events.

ICCF's Official Site
Main site for the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) with frequent updates concerning the world of International competition and a comprehensive rating list. The web site was recently completely redone by new ICCF Webmaster Evelin Radosztics.[updated 8-Dec-2001]

CC GM Dr. Stephan Busemann's site
Dr. Stephan Busemann is a Grandmaster of correspondence chess. A small site with and interesting section on "Using computers in CC - Opinions".

This is the homepage of Jaap van der Kooij, a Dutch cc master and a collector of cc games. Here he provides hundreds of games for downloading in ChessBase and NicBase formats.

Egbert Bösenberg's home page
He's a Master Class ICCF cc player and tournament director in Germany. There are some ICCF crosstables and a selection of his games in PGN.

ICCF Deputy President Ragnar Wikman
Not much chess but some good "New Age" links. It may be worth checking occasionally for something new.

USA Correspondence Chess Rating Lists

Note that these links are subject to change. All of these organizations use basically the same rating system and the numbers should be roughly comparable. However, many players in one organization have substantially different ratings in other organizations (due to inactivity or differences in attitude in competitions). If you know your opponent's main cc organization, you can probably get his rating from the appropriate list below.

APCT Rating List
The current ratings of APCT players at this APCT site.

ICCF Rating List
You'll find information about the rating of players in the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) here. Click on the "Ratings & Titles" link in the top navigation bar. For a complete rating list you'll need to download either the PDF list or the excellent "Eloquery" program.[updated 8-Dec-2001]

USCF Rating List
There are several U. S. Chess Federation cc rating lists available here covering 6-month periods. Just scroll down the page to "CC Ratings" and select the list to view.

CCLA Rating List
This is a recent rating list for the Correspondence Chess League of America (CCLA).

Sites By APCT Members

Chess is Fun [updated 25-May-2004]
APCT and 10th USA cc Champion IM Jon Edwards web page dedicated to teaching chess to beginners. He has recently created additional pages (actually a new web site linked to the old one) providing book reviews and a games collection for those just learning chess. If you are a new student of the game or provide instruction to others then you may find this site most useful. Just click the link Book Reviews and Great Game Archive to get to the new section and Free Chess instruction to go back to the original pages. Update: Jon Edwards now posts material almost daily in his new Chess Blog. Highly recommended! .

Joseph Hitselberger's Chess Page
APCT member Joseph Hitselberger's web page with information about the Wisconsin cc championship.

Sacramento Chess Club
APCT member John McCumiskey's web page dedicated to the activities of the Sacramento Chess Club.

Ralph Marconi's Chess Page
APCT member Ralph Marconi. He's also ICCF North America/Pacific Zone (NAPZ) Director.

APCT'er John Knudsen created this domain full of correspondence chess sites, including his own.

The Campbell Report
APCT member Franklin Campbell's web site, including on-line versions of his APCT column by the same name.

Keith Hayward's Home Page
APCT member Keith Hayward has found a new home for his chess analysis.[added 27-Sept-2001]

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"Live" Coverage of CC Games

13th USCCC Final - Diary of Mark Morss
Here are the moves and positions of all 13 games of USCF Senior Master Mark Morss in the 13th U. S. Correspondence Chess Championship Final Round updated as they are being played. Mark plays an aggressive and entertaining style of chess so this is definitely a page to check frequently.

14th USCCC Diary
J. Franklin Campbell's coverage of his games in the 14th U. S. Correspondence Chess Championship (14th USCCC). These games are being played by postal delivery, so new moves appear about weekly for most games. However, most of the games are already finished.

Homepage Herbert Bellmann
This strong German ICCF Master (2460) displays his current crosstables plus a selection of games being played by email. I note that Herbert Bellmann doesn't lose many games.

Interactive Game 2
Ralph Marconi has been documenting the email match between USCF Senior Master Steve Ham and a consultation team of Master players from NOST. The game has finished with Steve Ham winning with strong play. The resulting report contains a deeply annotated game with comprehensive notes by Ham and numerous additional comments by members of the losing team of master players.

GSF vs IM Hans Klarenbeek
Herbert Bellmann's coverage of a match between IM Hans Klarenbeek and the GSF (GambitSoft Computerschach-Forum).

Laurent Tinture's PGN Viewer
Laurent Tinture, a strong French cc competitor (2430 in John Knudsen's Exclam! rating list), presents a dozen of his current games using the Misty Beach PGN Viewer, so you can play over his entire game (up to the current move). Very nice, if you have a modern browser.

A more complete list go to The Campbell Report 'Live' Chess Links. I would like to create links to additional pages where we can watch cc games being played "live." Please send me any URL's of sites with "live" coverage of cc games in progress. Contact Webmaster

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Other Recommended Sites

Chess Journalists of America (CJA)
The CJA publishes a quarterly journal and conducts the annual competition for the best chess journalism for the year. This web site provides information on the organization, how to join, sample magazine articles and resources for the working chess journalist.

Grandmaster Chess School
This is an interesting site, particularly for those who follow OTB chess. They offer free downloads of large collections of games arranged by player and coverage of major OTB events, in addition to their training programs available for a fee. FIDE World Champion GM Alexander Khalifman is the director and ICCF GM Gennady Nesis is on the staff.

Russian Chess
Interesting coverage of some major OTB events. I recommend a visit. If you have a modern browser you can follow events "live." They also have a number of tournaments archived so that you can play through all the games move by move.

TWIC - The Week in Chess by Mark Crowther
The best source for current chess news and games. Mark Crowther is one of the great chess enthusiasts on the web and constantly updates the news on this site. He also provides many recently played games for downloading.

The Chess Cafe
One of the most professional and informative sites on the web for chess enthusiasts. Hanon Russell hosts a number of regular columns by well-known chess jounalists, including cc authority Tim Harding. There is a huge amount of material at this site.

Kasparov Chess.
The Former World OTB champ Garry Kasparov is opinionated and always presents his own viewpoint as the only "correct" one, but it's big news when such a player presents his own web site. Popular chess journalist Michael Greengard (Mig) and a number of top players participate in this site. Highly recommended!

USCF Master Randy Bauer's Chess Site
An outstanding OTB site. Master Randy Bauer presents thoughtful reviews of a number of chess books, and his carefully annotated games are excellent. His annotated game vs. IM Mike Brooks, with additional commentary from GM Alex Yermolinsky, is particularly interesting and educational. Also read "Chess Tips" (Playing To Win With "Your" Defense).

Chess Archaeology
Nick Pope's site is devoted to accurate and entertaining explorations of the history of chess. Here you'll find articles about significant chess matches of the past as well as photos, drawings, game collections and references. Nick Pope is also the webmaster & historian for the Michigan Chess Association.

Tales Of 1001 Knights
A fascinating site by chess enthusiast S.F.Strahan. I suggest dropping by and browsing through her material for some interesting reading. She offers essays on various topics and on a few top players, as well as games from various events (including many opportunities to go over the games using a Java viewer).

La Mecca - Chess Encyclopedia
An interesting site with chess news, links, definitions and apparently much more. My best recommendation is to visit it for yourself and take a look around. Check out the Blitz Chess Releases and What's New pages first.

EN PASSANT - Nørresundby Chess Club
This Danish Chess Club page features software, chess fonts, chess graphics and selected links ... well worth visiting.

The Chess-L Archives
According to the Chess-L chess discussion list moderator Frank Maximus this web site contains the archives of the discussion group from February 1994 to the present. While the mix of comments by the list contributors spans the spectrum from intelligent observation to the studiply inane, there's little doubt an interested reader could spend many hours at this site.

Jon Levitt's Chess Pages
English GM Jon Levitt's personal web site. There's not a lot of material here yet but it's worth a visit and holds promise for the future.

Fide - World Chess Federation (OTB)
This site carries the official FIDE news and announcements.

Alabama Chess Federation
This is a good source for USCF OTB ratings.

Alex Yermolinsky's webpage
GM Alex Yermolinsky's web site. I particularly recommend reading his monthly Diary. He is outspoken about his opinions and has some very interesting ones.

The Retrograde Analysis Corner
A neat site devoted to retrograde analysis. Even if you don't normally care for chess problems you should check out this site. Like me you may find this kind of chess problem especially enjoyable.

University of Pittsburgh Chess Page
THE site for downloading masses of games. There are also some chess utilities here. Check the "Chess Archives" for games to download.

Chess Lab
200,000 games neatly organized by ECO code (with common names also given). A good source for downloading games of particular opening lines.

Chess Lab
I don't have any experience with this one but it looks useful. It claims to have access to 2,000,000 games which you can search on-line.

G. Ossimitz: Chess-Page
Again, I don't have direct experience with this one. However, it looks quite useful to ChessBase users with various collections of games. Of particular interest are the collections from specific books, such as Nimzo's "My System" and Euwe/Kramer's "The Middle Game" where the games are in the same order as in the book.

Tom Purser's Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Pages
Any BDG enthusiast will want to visit the web site of Tom Purser, one on the chief proponents of this exciting opening.

New In Chess (NIC) Site
By the publishers of the superb New In Chess magazine.

ChessBase USA
Donald Maddox's site for his ChessBase USA operation. If you're a ChessBase user, as I am, you may want to visit occasionally for new product information. The T-Notes column provides news and advice on using ChessBase.

ChessBase International Site (Germany)
This much improved site for the International office of ChessBase will be mostly of interest to ChessBase users.

Club Mate
Colin Carroll of Yorkshire, England offers a low-cost but full-featured chess database alternative. I have no opinion on this product, having never used it personally, but you may find it worthwhile to check it out for yourself.

Alpine Chess and Game Fonts
The late Steve Smith's chess fonts are the best I've seen. Contact his son Adrian Smith if you need to print or display chess diagrams or FAN notation. I use them with ChessBase as well as with my printing.

Chess Puzzle Series for Kids and Adults
Chess tutorial software and training simulators for beginners and tournament chess players. [added 21-October-2001]

The Chesshaven
How to move the pieces, chess lessons, free chess downloads, recommended books, etc. A neat little site with some interesting features. [added 6-November-2001]

Syzygy Chess Books
Writes and sells books dedicated to specific openings. [added 3-September-2002]

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Other Lists of Chess Links

Originally created by Harris Nizel, this collection of chess links appears to be one of the best on the web.

This is another excellent source for chess links.

Brain Games Web Guide - Correspondence Chess
Michael Curl's link to correspondence chess sites. From this page you can travel to his other pages of selected chess links ... well thought out and very useful.

Edinburgh University Chess Club Links
Another good source for chess links.

GamesTalks.COM Chess Links [added 1-May-2004]
A set of chess links. Check the list at the left for specific types of links, such as cc links. This is part of the GamesTalks.COM web site, which covers a variety of games.

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