American Postal Chess Tournaments
(Note: for historical information only ... entries are no longer being accepted. April 2005)

Postal Tournaments

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APCT offers a variety of e-mail and postal tournaments, one suitable for every level of chess proficiency. We recognize that postalites enjoy the hobby for different reasons; we have designed our tournament schedule accordingly. Following is a brief description of APCT's seven postal events (for the e-mail events go to E-Mail Tournaments).

The Knight Tournament ... We offer two sections of the Knight event: the Knight A open to all without rating restriction, and Knight B for players rated under 1750, or whose rating in other postal organizations is Class C or below. Thus mid-strength players have the same opportunity to compete for identical prizes. This is a nine-player tournament, one game with eight opponents. Entry is $12.00, two sections for $21.00. Prizes are in cash: $30.00 (1st) and $15.00 (2nd).

The Queen Tournament ... indeed, the "Queen" of APCT events! This is a thirteen-player section in which you play one game with each opponent, six as White, six as Black. This distinguished event offers mid-strength players the chance to meet instructive opposition. It is also the arena for our strongest players to encounter stiff competition. Entry is $17.00, two for $30.00. Prizes are $50.00 (1st), $25.00 (2nd), and $15.00 (3rd). Periodically we offer the SUPER QUEEN for players rated over 2000, with an Entry of $35.00 and prizes of $150.00 (1st), $75.00 (2nd), and $35.00 (3rd).

The Rook Tournament, The APCT Open Championship ... This annual event, open year-round, is a three-round qualifying tournament with weighted point scoring. First round sections are filled as entries come in. All who score 4 out of 6 points or better advance to the semi-finals, usually nine-player sections. Top three scorers in each semi-finalsadvance to the Finals, combining their prelim and semi-finals scores. Prelim wins count as 1.0, semi-finals wins count 1.5. You may enter as many prelims as you wish and advance to more than one semi-finals, but you advance to one finals section only. Number in Finals section(s) is determined by number of semi-finals sections. In addition to cash prizes, the APCT Champion wins an engraved trophy. The APCT Championship now has a guaranteed prize fund as follows: $500 (1st), $250 (2nd), $125 (3rd), $75 (4th) and $50 (5th). Entry is $10.00 per section, two for $18.00.

The King Qualifier ... This annual event is open to masters and experts. Winner of each section is automatically seeded into the next forming King Closed. 7-9 player sections. Entries open in March for June/July assignment. Entry: $12. One prize to first place: $50.

The King Tournament: The APCT Closed Championship ... The APCT Closed Championship...This is a biennial invitational event. Participation is determined by seeding qualifiers from Master/Expert Champion, Rook Champions and runners-up, first place finishers in Super Queens, King Qualifiers, and the winner of the previous King. This is an eleven-thirteen player event without entry fee or cash prizes. Trophy, title of APCT Closed Champion, and preferential assignment to ICCF invitational evens are accorded the winner of the King.

All APCT events described above are open for entries throughout the year. Consult the Sections Forming department in each APCT News Bulletin for details.

Unless otherwise stated, APCT events start play when two or more players have entered a section, with subsequent joiners contacting those assigned previously. Thus, there is never a long wait for assignment. In addition, APCT offers a DATED tournament, the Semi-Class, which starts at a specified calendar date and is announced in advance in the magazine.

The Semi-Class ... This very popular event was the first of APCT's dated offerings and remains the best attended. This annual tournament begins taking entries of June 15; deadline for entries is Oct. 1. Assignments are mailed on Oct. 10. Seven players form each section. All entries are lined up in rating order. The top rated seven players form section one, the next seven form section two, etc. Thus, participants are assured of meeting opponents very close in rating to their own. Entry is $10.00, two for $18.00. You may enter up to TWO sections and will be paired UP in your first section.

Challenge Matches ... with your favorite opponent are available throughout the year. Two game matches are $4.00 for each player, $6.00 for four game matches per player. Matches should be arranged by interested players with entries sent in together. Challenge matches are rated.

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