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Welcome to On the Square. Following is a list of previously unpublished articles, most written specifically for this web site. New articles will appear on a frequent basis, sometimes written by me and sometimes by guest columnists. In addition to articles I will also reply to questions and address subjects suggested by you. Please send your suggestions (Contact Webmaster) for subjects and give me your views. Your input will be essential to the success of this venture.

Complete listing of On the Square articles

6-Aug-2007 Report of the USCF Correspondence Chess Committee by Bob Rizzo
31-May-2007 Reflection time and the length of tournaments by Wim van Vugt
1-Sept-2006 Captain Vladimir Sournin: A Russian Chess Player's Exploits in America by Olimpiu G. Urcan
16-Aug-2006 The USCF CC Workshop - Wednesday August 9, 2006 by J. Franklin Campbell
15-June-2006 The Postal Lion: Jackson Showalter and Correspondence Chess by Neil R. Brennen
15-Mar-2006 The Caged Bird: The Story of T. A. Thompson by Neil R. Brennen
14-Feb-2006 Half a Bitch is Better Than None, a review of Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport by Jennifer Shahade.
Reviewed by Neil R. Brennen
18-Nov-2005 The path to self-damnation: the dangers of self-publishing, a review by Olimpiu G. Urcan
15-Nov-2005 Wanted: Opponents by Neil Brennen
10-Nov-2005 The Reverend Charles Edward Ranken and Mid-Victorian Correspondence Chess by John S. Hilbert
7-Nov-2005 "The Queen of Chess": The Correspondence Chess of Ellen Gilbert by Neil Brennen
5-June-2005 The ideal time allotment by Wim van Vugt
31-May-2005 Computers in the World of Correspondence Chess by J. Franklin Campbell
9-May-2005 The Process of Creation: Correspondence Play and the Growth of Chess in Texas a Century Ago by Neil Brennen
*2005 CJA Award "Honorable Mention" for Best Historical Article
4-May-2005 "Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine", a film by TH!NKFilm LLC
Reviewed by ICCF IM Robert Rizzo
1-April-2005 Confidential Email from The Historian by Neil Brennen
28-Feb-2005 Sculpting in Snow by Neil Brennen
10-Feb-2005 Statutes of ICCF as approved by the 2004 ICCF Congress, Mumbai, India
26-Jan-2005 Proposal for ICCF Press Officer Job Description and Web Site Design by J. Franklin Campbell
20-Dec-2004 Chess Reconstruction: Jacob Elson in Memphis by Neil Brennen
24-Sept-2004 The Saddle of Correspondence Chess - An episode from Old Singapore 1900-1902 by Olimpiu G. Urcan
2-Aug-2004 The Whitaker Trap by Neil Brennen
21-July-2004 How much difference does it make? by Wim van Vugt
17-June-2004 Chess, Poker, Duplicate Bridge and Backgammon by Dave Taylor
8-May-04 Tournament Directing in ICCF A Proposal by J. Franklin Campbell
22-April-04 The Champion of the North:
James Jellett's Adventures in American Chess
by Neil Brennen
*2004 CJA Award for Best Historical Article
27-Jan-04 Live Presentation of Correspondence Chess Games by J. Franklin Campbell
29-Nov-03 The Rules Define the Ethics by J. Franklin Campbell
19-Oct-03 Review of "First Anglo-Pacific Invitational Chess Championship" by ICCM Erik Osbun
Review by Volker Jeschonnek
*2004 CJA Award for Best Web-Based Review
18-Sep-03 Hermann Helms and Correspondence Chess Coverage in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle by John S. Hilbert
27-Aug-03 Freedom, inequality or brotherhood? by Wim van Vugt
1-Aug-03 Leonard "Corky" Schakel vs. Kristo Miettinen - Danish Gambit Accepted
by Leonard Schakel
16-July-03 A Tribute to Ken Whyld : Three New Lasker Games by Neil Brennen
15-July-03 Preserving the Heritage of Correspondence Chess by J. Franklin Campbell
14-June-03 A selection of rejection letters from The Campbell Report by Neil Brennen
6-June-03 My Correspondence Chess Experience by Chris Kantack
6-May-03 Review of chess magazine Squares: The Chess World's Picture Magazine titled Much Ado About Nothing... by Neil Brennen
5-May-03 Leaving postal chess behind for every gain there is a loss by J. Franklin Campbell
22-Feb-03: The Light Within; Or, Let Us Now Praise A Good Man by Neil Brennen
7-Feb-03: Overcoming Sins of the Past by Tom Halfpap
5-Feb-03: Drug Testing in Correspondence Chess by Investigative Reporter "N"
27-Jan-03: Howard Staunton and Chess by "Electric Telegraph" by John S. Hilbert
14-Jan-03: Updated previous article and renamed it USCF Resumes Service to Prison Inmates
23-Dec-02 USCF Abandons Prison Inmates by J. Franklin Campbell
26-Oct-02: Steve Ryan's Open Letter to CC Organizations
6-July-02: Why I Dislike ICCF's Current 60/10 E-mail Time Rules by "The Modern Correspondence Chess Player"
2-Nov-01: Playing by the Rules a commentary by Russell Black
15-Jul-01: Numeric or alphanumeric - The final verdict by Wim van Vugt
17-Jun-01: Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, A Short Story by Timothy Blevins
25-Oct-00: PONZIANI POWER by David Taylor, a book review by Senior Master Steve Ham
23-Oct-00: A Correspondence Chess Historian Meets the Computer Age by John S. Hilbert
20-May-00: The Goring Gambit--A Return to the Romantic by Gary Good
16-Mar-00: A Tribute to our Two American Deans of Chess: Walter G. Muir & George Koltanowski by Gary Good
5-Dec-99: Mordecai Morgan: Mystery Man Of Correspondence Chess by John S. Hilbert
4-Dec-99: New Chess Film "In the Open" Captures Essence of Amateur Chess by Eric C. Johnson
27-Nov-99: The Seventh Rank by Harold L. Bearce
7-Nov-99: A Modest Proposal by Joseph Bacon
24-Oct-99: Fifty Years of Correspondence Chess by Hardon H. McFarland
9-Oct-99: Chess by Email -- Personal Impressions from the Semifinal of the XXIII. World-Championship in Correspondence Chess by Christian Sender
24-Aug-99: Some Thoughts on the Mechanics of CC Play by Steve Ryan
28-July-99: Now, the Postcard by John P. McCumiskey
3-July-99: Emil Kemeny and the Value of Correspondence Chess: An Historical Perspective by John S. Hilbert
23-May-99: Opening Angst or a Patzer’s Paranoia? by Robert Rizzo
11-May-99: The Lure of Correspondence Chess by John P. McCumiskey
2-May-99: "To Checkmate the Kaiser": American Correspondence Chess at the Conclusion of the Great War by John S. Hilbert
17-Jan-99: Why CC Must Operate On The Honour System by Steve Ryan
30-Nov-98: Oh, Brother: The Duffer's Guide to Handicapping
Correspondence Chess Siblings
by John S. Hilbert
13-Nov-98: Campbell - Rodriguez, 14th USCCC (Dual Annotations)
by J. Franklin Campbell and USCF Master Keith Rodriguez
10-Oct-98: Mistakes in Elista, 1998 by J. Franklin Campbell
8-Oct-98: I'm Not Prejudiced, Really...
(Some of My Best Friends are Correspondence Players)
by National Master Randy Bauer
6-Sept-98: "Emanuel Lasker, Vol. I (1889-1907)" by Egon Varnusz by John S. Hilbert
2-Sept-98: "Playing by the Rules" ... Right or Wrong? by J. Franklin Campbell
12-Aug-98: What, That's My Rating?! by John P. McCumiskey
5-Aug-98: Confessions of a Rueful Postal Player by Robert Rizzo
29-Jul-98: Some Thoughts on Style in Chess by Rick Melton
23-Jul-98: How My Wife Almost Wrote a Chess Book by Roy DeVault
18-Jul-98: Confessions of a Lazy CC Competitor by J. Franklin Campbell
2-Jul-98: Chess Columns: Now and Then by John S. Hilbert
21-Jun-98: Technology is Changing the CC World by Roy DeVault
4-Jun-98: A Century Ago in Correspondence Chess by John S. Hilbert
29-May-98: Two Generations, Generations Ago by John S. Hilbert
21-May-98: Dual Commentary of Chess Games by J. Franklin Campbell
14-May-98: Obligations of a Team Player by J. Franklin Campbell
3-May-98: On Style in Chess Play by Roy DeVault
28-Apr-98: Stalking the Blue-Eyed Chess Score by John S. Hilbert
26-Apr-98: Defensive Resources in Chess by J. Franklin Campbell
17-Apr-98: The Global Correspondence Chess Community by John C. Knudsen

I also welcome submissions from my fellow chess journalists. If you have a subject of interest, including opinion pieces, let me know. This is a good place for discussing controversial subjects or new ideas. If you have strongly felt opinions that impact correspondence chess or have suggestions for improving our art/sport/science this might be the place to express your views.

Any submissions by other authors will be subject to minor editing. Your views need not correspond closely with mine. Copyright will remain with the author. Articles should directly address some area of chess. Most will address correspondence chess subjects. Articles should entertain, inform or argue a point of view. -- J. Franklin Campbell


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