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01   Will A WonderBra Improve Your Rating?

02   Warpaint

03  Crying Wolf

04   In The Bag

05   The Pillowfight: Packing Bricks

06   The Girl's Club

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For years webmaster S. F. Strahan maintained her excellent and popular Tales of 1001 Knights web site. One of her popular features was a series of articles by the mysterious ChessChick. After Susan Strahan removed her site from the Internet she granted me permission to archive these wonderful articles. Thanks both to S. F. Strahan and to ChessChick. You can see my interview of the mysterious lady at ChessChick Interview.
-- J. Franklin Campbell, 30-May-2005

ChessChick's Guide To Girl Stuff

Although I've lost touch with ChessChick, before she disappeared she assured me that I could keep her column on my site for as long as I wanted.  It has proven to be enduringly popular, even though it hasn't been updated in some years.  --S.F. Strahan

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