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Welcome to Hard Chess. Following is a list of columns written specifically for this web site by USCF Senior Master Mark Morss. If you have any comments on these columns please send them directly to him.
Listing of Hard Chess columns by Mark Morss
30-Apr-2000: We'll to the Woods No More
9-Apr-2000: The Queen's Gambit Point Machine
28-Feb-2000: Rubinstein Four Knights Reversed; Schliemann Considerations
30-Jan-2000: My Advice Criticized; The Dark Side of the Noteboom
29-Dec-1999: Some Advice to Correspondence Players; Noteboom Variation
30-Nov-1999: Dear Santa; A Fancy Gambit Against the Slav
18-Oct-1999: In My Laboratory; More about the Two Knights Modern
27-Sept-1999: Lost Variations
30-Aug-1999: The Max Lange Once More; the Staunton Gambit
26-July-1999: Computerized Analysis; Rubinstein's Defense to the Max Lange
21-June-1999: The Classical Defense to the Spanish - Part 2
17-May-1999: The Classical Defense to the Spanish - Part 1
19-Apr-1999: Recommendations against the Spanish; The Modern Defense to the King's Gambit
15-Mar-1999: Repertoire Books; the Main Line of the Two Knights
15-Feb-1999: Chess by Smell; a Difficult Line in the 4. Qc2 Nimzo
18-Jan-1999: The Importance of the Open Game; the Goering Gambit


Mark Morss is a USCF OTB Master and Correspondence Senior Master. In 1991 USCF offered thematic sections in the Classical King's Indian, and he joined two of them because of his interest in chess theory. He was soon hooked on the correspondence game and, since then, has played in several USCF and ICCF sections. Recently, in US13P05, he obtained ten wins, three draws, and no losses and won the section to advance in the ongoing 13th U.S. Championship. He is currently playing in the 1997 USCF Absolute Championship. His postal rating is about 2400 in USCF and also in ICCF. His OTB rating is 2240, though he has not played OTB since 1994.

For the past six years Mark Morss has volunteered much of his free time to coach chess at a Columbus, Ohio public school, Indianola Alternative Elementary. Indianola's "Rainbow Knights" have won many awards and honors, including successive Ohio Elementary Team Championships in 1996 and 1997, and they were Ohio K-5 Champions in 1998.

Mark Morss also writes classical lyric verse, which he features on his poetry page. [no longer available]


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