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Tutorial for using the ICCF Server -- Online Help

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The ICCF server offers the user some help files to answer questions by the users and other useful links. The pertinent links in the left navigation bar of the server are as follows:

  1. Online help ... a set of helpful web pages shown in a popup window.
  2. FAQ ... Frequently Asked Questions, a set of obvious questions with answers. You can also get to the FAQ from the Online Help link.
  3. Bug report... provides an on-line form to fill out to report about any errors you encounter to the server team
  4. Feedback ... a mailto link to send emails to the server team give your opinions about the server
  5. Helpdesk ... a mailto link to send your questions to a person responsible for helping the users

When you click on "Online help" you'll get a popup window with variety of useful information.

Click on "Online help" and you get the following popup window:

I recommend that you read through at least some of these help files. In particular, read the Playing Rules. Ignore the "Interim Playing Rules", unless you are playing in one of the events started before the regular playing rules were established on Jan. 1, 2005. It is also useful to read through the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)". You'll find a lot of interesting and useful information there.

This on-line help will doubtless provide a different viewpoint and a different description for the same topics covered by this tutorial, so any question not answered by one may be answered by the other.

There are a number of topics covered in these help files that aren't covered by the Tuturial. If you are an administrator of the server there are additional help files for you.

I clicked on the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" link and got the following in the popup window.

The top illustration is of the top of the popup window I got using the Internet Explorer (IE) browser, and below that is the top of the popup window I got using Netscape. They look different, but they both have the same useful buttons at the top of the page, very similar to regular web pages.

<- Back button ... clicking on this will return to the page containing the link you clicked to get here.

-> Forward button ... clicking here will take you forward one display page, back where you had been before you clicked the Back button.

So, just like on a regular web page you can click links, go back, and go forward. When you are finished reading the help topics of interest, just close the popup window.


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