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Tutorial for using the ICCF Server -- Tables and Results

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In the illustrations, my cursor will be shown as or


To view a list of all events on the server click on the "Tables and results" link in the left column of links under the heading "System".

This will go to the "Tables and results" page (see next illustration) providing links to the various events being played on the server. After the number of events being played increased to a large number, the list was re-organized as shown in the screenshot below. The items at the top of the list are headers, not names of events. If you click on one of these links you go to a page listing events organized under this title. After a gap (blank line) the list continues by showing events that are not organized under a header. The first such event in this listing is "Steering group test event". Click this link to go to the crosstable for this event.


In the above example, I clicked on the item "Introductory WS event for Nat. Feds.". This resulted in the following page, listing all the tournament sections organized under this title.


Note that this list could also include one or more headers at the top of the list. In this example there are no headers, just a list of events. Note the indications "(Live)" after some of the events. These events are display "live" to viewers. See Viewing "Live" Games for more information on this. In this example I have clicked on the first event listed, "Introductory WS event for Nat. Feds., group 01" to get the following:


This shows the crosstable for the event and a list of the tournament rules directly under it. In this case, the public rule allows the public to download the finished games, so there is a "Get PGN" link. Click on this to download the games in a PGN file. Each player's name is also a link. Click on a name and you will get some basic information about this player, including any server events she/he is currently participating in. To avoid display another person's information I will show the display you would see if you clicked on my name.


If you are logged in and click on your own name in a crosstable you go to your Personal Settings page, otherwise you get the display shown above. Displayed are the player's ICCF ID#, country and current rating. Below this is a list of the player's current server events. If you click on a tournament link it will display the crosstable for that event.

A note about ratings: For each event the players' ratings are "frozen" for that event for rating purposes. If you look at different crosstables you may see different ratings for the same player. By using a "frozen" rating for a player is a specific event this guarantees the rating points won or lost by a player won't change in time. It doesn't matter how long a game is dragged or how quickly it is finished. The effect on the player's rating will be identical in either case.

A note about flags: It is unlikely you will know all the country flags. However, if you place your cursor over the flag and wait a moment the country abbeviation should be displayed.


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