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  ICCF# Name Rating Profile Games NFL Team Preseason Regular
1 360368 GM Raymond Boger 2623 Profile Games Minnesota Vikings 1-3 10-6
2 511009 GM Jason Bokar 2587 Profile Games Cleveland Browns 0-4 4-12
3 510509 IA J. Franklin Campbell 2281 Profile Games Detroit Lions 4-0 0-16
4 210753 Andrew Dearnley 2341 Profile Games Philadelphia Eagles 2-2 9-6-1
5 400206 SIM Gino Figlio 2483 Profile Games New York Giants 2-2 12-4
6 510836 SIM Michael Millstone 2447 Profile Games Miami Dolphins 3-1 11-5
7 150234 SIM Søren Peschardt 2085 Profile Games Pittsburgh Steelers 3-1 12-4
8 620204 IM George Pyrich 2243 Profile Games Green Bay Packers 1-3 6-10
9 511806 Glen D. Shields 2222 Profile Games Buffalo Bills 2-2 7-9
Referee SIM Ian M Pheby Profile --- ---
updated 16.12.2008
Introduction by tournament creator SIM Søren Peschardt: "During the 2007-08 NFL-season I also had the pleasure to play ICCF-games against Jason, George and Glen. We shared many great sundays together - exchanging moves in our games while watching NFL on TV :-) ..." click here to read Søren's entire NFL Tournament Introduction.

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News Updates

2 September 2009: Final Standings

Congratulations to the winners of the chess event: GM Raymond Boger and SM Dr. Michael Millstone tied for first with 6-2 scores, with Raymond taking the SB tie-break 21 to 20.5. GM Dr. Jason Bokar and SM Gino Figlio join the winners as the other undefeated players.


Congratulations to SIM Søren Peschardt and his Pittsburgh Steelers and SIM Gino Figlio and his New York Giants for the best regular season records of 12-4. The other teams with winning seasons were SIM Michael Millstone (Miami Dolphins, 11-5), GM Raymond Boger (Minnesota Vikings, 10-6) and Andrew Dearnley (Philadelphia Eagles, 9-6-1).

Of course, special congratulations are due to SIM Søren Peschardt whose Pittsburgh Steelers won the 2009 Superbowl 27-23 over the Arizona Cardinals.

14 December 2008: Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3-0) defeat Baltimore Ravens (9-5-0) by score of 13 - 9

"Division title and 1st round bye :-)))) / What a GREAT sunday :-))"
- Søren

17 November 2008: Franklin Campbell finally updates profile with Lions-related photos

"Following week 10 of the NFL season I couldn't put it off any longer. My plan was to post photos to celebrate the Lions' first win of the season. That has failed to be a useful goal, so I have now added some photos showing myself as what I picture as a typical Detroit Lions' fan." See Franklin's profile page.

1 November 2008: A "gift" from Søren

Søren Peschardt sent the following note to the participants: Try this please: After the animation type in "Søren" in the first field and "your own name" in the second and then click "visualizer".

I (Franklin) tried it and saw the following (just four samples from the video petty much tell the story).

31 October 2008: Email about Detroit Lions

In a recent email from Søren he said,
"PS! Have promised Franklin to find a player for next season - who support the Bengals :-)"
Thanks, Søren. Of course the reference is to Detroit's current standing of 0-7. By coincidence I just received another email concerning the Detroit Lions. See Email about Detroit Lions.

Happy Halloween! -- Franklin

30 October 2008: More photos of the Wembley Stadium trip

Thanks to Søren Peschardt for sending me these additional pics from his trip to Wembley stadium with Andrew Dearnley. Special thanks for the interesting captions to the photos! Be sure to click on links below the photos to see the full size pictures.

C'mon feel the steel!
Click here for larger photo

Frankly, they were most interested
in selling us their calendar.
I only buy such stuff from the Steelerettes!
Click here for larger photo

Also met a cheerleader from Buffalo
Click here for larger photo

A tribute to you George :-)
Click here for larger photo

The only Lions fan at Wembley -
and he was just another Dane!!
Click here for larger photo

Pre-game entertainment - most important
stuff goes on at the 50-yard line!!
Click here for larger photo

27 October 2008: Søren and Andrew at NFL regular season game played at Wembley in London

The NFL makes history by playing a regular season game at Wembley stadium in London, England on 26 October 2008 and our intrepid NFL fans Andrew Dearnley and Søren Peschardt were there! The New Orleans Saints took the win over the San Diego Chargers 37-32 in an exciting, high-scoring event. Andrew has provided the first photos documenting the festivities before the game where Andrew and Søren get up close and personal with the Saints' cheerleaders at the pre-game tailgating. More photos are promised.

Søren Peschardt and Andrew Dearnley
with two delightful Saints' cheerleaders
Click here for larger photo

Andrew Dearnley with another
stunning Saints' cheerleader
Click here for larger photo

Søren and Andrew
in front of the stadium
Click here for larger photo
Steelers lose to Eagles look 21-Sept-08
Søren contemplated the Pittsburgh loss
while Michael enjoys a Miami victory

6 October 2008: Thanks to Andrew Dearnley for this photo taken after games played in week 3 of the NFL season (just after the 2008 ICCF Congress). Miami scored a huge 38-13 win over the favored Patriots while Søren's Steelers lost to the Eagles 15-6. Cheer up, Søren! You can take confort in Pittsburgh's current 4-1 standing while some of us face a miserable non-win season. Maybe Detroit should sack not only the coaches but all the players as well, not to mention the owners.

3 October 2008: Glen D. Shields joins his 4-0 Buffalo Bills to lead the NFL enthusiasts pack with the first result in this event, a resounding win! To see his quick dismantling of Franklin Campbell (who joins his 0-3 Detroit Lions in the losers' brigade) check out the game page.

3 October 2008: Our fellow NFL enthusiast (and Minnesota Vikings fan) GM Raymond Boger has set up a web page with a whole batch of photos from the Bulgarian Congress. See:

22 September 2008: First day Congress Report

The ICCF Congress in Plevin, Bulgaria is underway with several of our fellow NFL enthusiasts in attendance. Check out the Day 1 Report with text and photos from Raymond Boger, Andrew Dearnley and Neil Limbert. Here are a few photos from the report (see report for full size versions and more photos.

New Finance Director
Soren Peschardt!

Your reporters!
Neil Limbert (left)
and Andrew Dearnley

American Football fans!
Andrew Dearnley, Raymond Boger
and Soren Peschardt looking forward
to watching the football game
Andrew Dearnleyt and friend

4 September 2008: Just before the opening game of the NFL regular season our friend and opponent Andrew Dearnley has provided his interesting and entertaining profile to go with his extensive set of photos. Check out the Dearnley Profile page during breaks in the Washington Redskins vs. the New York Giants game. Guess who is organizing the ICCF Congress next year!

28 August 2008: The NFL pre-season is finally over and the real games that count will soon begin. The final pre-season standings have been updated above. Some of us with low expectations for the season can at least delight in good pre-season results (note the Detroit Lions at 4-0). And we can hope to have better results in our chess than our beloved teams have on the field.

Tournament Director SIM Ian M Pheby
TD SIM Ian M Pheby

15 August 2008: Our Tournament Director has provided a photo to go with his profile, which was posted previously. See the Pheby Profile Page for all the details

13 August 2008: The football standings above have been updated with one result so far for each team. Søren (Pittsburgh) and Franklin (Detroit) are leading with 1-0 each. As the season progresses additional results will be recorded.

2 August 2008: A photo of GM Raymond Boger has been added. See the Boger Profile page.

1 August 2008: We have a new profile from SIM Michael Millstone. See the Millstone Profile page. NFL Tournament creator Søren Peschardt has also provided a introduction and explanation of this unique event. See NFL Tournament Intro page.

30 July 2008: We have a new batch of player information on the site!

Andrew Dearnley and friend
Andrew Dearnley
GM Jason Bokar
GM Jason Bokar
SIM Søren Peschardt
SIM Søren Peschardt
Glen D. Shields
Glen D. Shields

25 July 2008: The web site was updated again today with the profile and photo of Glen D. Shields. Check it all out on the Shields Profile Page. There's no doubt about his NFL preferences!

20 July 2008: More web site updates arrived today. IM George Pyrich sent a photo and his personal profile. Check it out on the Pyrich Profile Page. His photo is shown below. The second photo is of SIM Søren Peschardt at a football game in Florida. The Peschardt Profile Page has been updated.

IM George Pyrich
IM George Pyrich
SIM Søren Peschardt
SIM Søren Peschardt (at right) in Florida

19 July 2008: Personal profile material is starting to trickle in for the participants in this spectacular event. Our "Referee" SIM Ian Pheby has sent in his profile and promised a photo soon. See Pheby Profile. Note that Ian has not selected an NFL team but he has declared his own sporting interest, as represented by the background of his profile page. Go Liverpool!

Your humble webmaster has found a suitable portrait of this event's creator SIM Søren Peschardt and placed it on his profile page, but he may choose to replace it with his own choice. SIM Michael Millstone is the first to submit his own choice of photo for his profile page, and it is a dilly! Andrew Dearnley's photo arrived second and is shown on his profile page. Click the link under some photos on the profile pages to see larger versions. The three new photos are shown below.

SIM Søren Peschardt
SIM Søren Peschardt
SIM Michael Millstone
SIM Michael Millstone
Andrew Dearnley
Andrew Dearnley
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