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Robin Smith
13th US Champion
Robin Smith (2587)
goes undefeated and
finishes with 11½-1½
in 13th USCCC Final
to win his 2nd title.

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Updated 8 Apr 2001

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Robin Smith wins 13th USA Championship
(8-Apr-2001) Robin Smith wins 13th USA cc Championship (he was co-chamipion in the 11th USCCC). See the report at the ICCF-U.S. web site
TCCMB Team takes on 7th USA Champion Dave Taylor
(7-Apr-2001) The Correspondence Chess Message Board consultation team follows up it’s victory over IM-elect John Knudsen by challenging the 7th USA Champion Dave Taylor. You can follow the “live” coverage of this cc match testing the Albin Counter Gambit at:
Dave Taylor vs. TCCMB
Happy 50th Birthday ICCF!
The International Correspondence Chess Federation was constituted on 22nd March 1951 and has, since then, served the international cc community, held world championships & team Olympiads, granted titles and international ratings and generally promoted our art/sport/science throughout the world. Competition is available to all classes of players. To celebrate this significant occasion ICCF President Alan Borwell has announced several free tournaments and special events. Read his Special Jubilee Press Release at the ICCF web site
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13th USCCC Final
Last game ends
on April 5, 2001

Java replay available (using Palview)
Computer CC Challenge!
Click here for match details

Steve Ham vs. Fritz 6
After 86. … Rd6 ½ - ½

All Four Current Positions

Links to all four game scores
with extensive notes by
Senior Master Steve Ham

Game 1: Steve Ham vs. Nimzo 7.32
Game 2: Nimzo 7.32 vs. Steve Ham
Game 3: Steve Ham vs. Fritz 6
Game 4: Fritz 6 vs. Steve Ham

Starting 6 Mar 2000 Fritz 6 has been upgraded to the more powerful 6a engine!

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