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Full contact correspondence chess

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  ICCF# Name Rating Profile Games NFL Team Preseason Regular
1 150234 SIM Søren Peschardt 2154 Profile Games Pittsburgh Steelers 3-1 9-7
2 510509 IA J. Franklin Campbell 2274 Profile Games Detroit Lions 3-1 2-14
3 620204 IM George Pyrich 2254 Profile Games Green Bay Packers 3-1 11-5
4 210753 Andrew Dearnley 2369 Profile Games Philadelphia Eagles 1-3 11-5
5 240397 Marco Caressa 2123 Profile Games Washington Redskins 1-3 4-12
6 440353 IM Valer-Eugen Demian 2365 Profile Games Seattle Seahawks 4-0 5-11
7 511806 Glen D. Shields 2267 Profile Games Buffalo Bills 1-4 6-10
Referee SIM Ian M Pheby Profile --- ---
updated 15.01.2010
Season 1 (2008-09) introduction by tournament creator SIM Søren Peschardt: "During the 2007-08 NFL-season I also had the pleasure to play ICCF-games against Jason, George and Glen. We shared many great sundays together - exchanging moves in our games while watching NFL on TV :-) ..." click here to read Søren's entire NFL Tournament Introduction.

News Updates

5 August 2010: Final Standings

Final Crosstable

From IM George Pyrich:

Hi guys,

I hope that this message finds you all well!
Congratualtions to the Bills and the Lions on your great success!
Forgive my asking, but when did they last ever win anything??
OK, the Packers finished just under 50% but nowadays that's not so unusual!
Thanks also to our great TD! Hope to play you all again next season!

kind regards

From Ian M Pheby, IA (TD):

Dear Chessfriends,

As you know, the above tournament is now complete and all of the games are available for download from the server.
Congratulations to the winners, Glen and Franklin. I hope that everyone enjoyed their games.
I would be delighted to be your TD once again should NFL III be held.

Best regards to all.
Ian M Pheby, IA (TD)

15 January 2010: Quarterback Names from Søren Peschardt

Søren says, "Just received this from Michael. Very very nice :-((( Maybe you can use it somewhere? Without the last picture maybe...... :-) "

Sorry, Søren, but I just can't make myself leave out a single picture (but I did delete a portion of the last shot to be more polite)! Michael labeled this, "Why NFL quarterbacks need to keep their names short...". That says it all. ... Franklin

RomoBrady & Favre Roethlisberger
Søren and girlfriend

29 October 2009: from Søren Peschardt - Some words and pictures from London and Wembley:

Dear friends and NFL-freaks!
With this I have the pleasure to report from my recent trip to London. It was at the same time better and worse than last year. ... [See Søren's complete report with photos]

29 October 2009: from Franklin Campbell - Week 7 standings for NFL teams updated

Pittsburgh Steelers (Søren Peschardt) 27-17 Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers (George Pyrich) bye
Detroit Lions (Franklin Campbell) bye
Philadelphia Eagles (Andrew Dearnley) 27-17 Washington Redskins (Marco Caressa)
Seattle Seahawks (Eugen Demian) bye
Buffalo Bills (Glen D. Shields) 20-9 Carolina Panthers

19 October 2009: from Franklin Campbell - : Week 6 standings for NFL teams updated

Pittsburgh Steelers (Søren Peschardt) 27-14 Minnesota Vikings
Green Bay Packers (George Pyrich) 26-0 Detroit Lions (Franklin Campbell)
Kansas City Chiefs 14-6 Washington Redskins (Marco Caressa)
Oakland Raiders 13-9 Philadelphia Eagles (Andrew Dearnley)
Arizona Cardinals 27-3 Seattle Seahawks (Eugen Demian)
Buffalo Bills (Glen D. Shields) 16-13 New York Jets

The Steelers are picking up steam as they take the lead in our NFL tournament standings at 4-2. Green Bay appears to be in top form as they crush the hapless Detroit Lions, who have returned to their 2008 season form (losing by shutout for the first time in eight years). The Buffalo Bills seem to be improving with a win over a good NY Jets team.

6 October 2009: from Franklin Campbell - Standings for NFL teams updated above to include these week 4 results:

Pittsburgh Steelers (Søren Peschardt) 38-28 San Diego Chargers
Chicago Bears 48-24 Detroit Lions (Franklin Campbell)
Minnesota Vikings 30-23 Green Bay Packers (George Pyrich)
Washington Redskins (Marco Caressa) 16-13 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Philadelphia Eagles (Andrew Dearnley) bye week
Indianapolis Colts 34-17 Seattle Seahawks (Eugen Demian)
Miami Dolphins 38-10 Buffalo Bills (Glen D. Shields)

After four weeks we still see a lot of parity with all teams with similar records. Only Philadelphia has a plus score. Pittsburgh righted their ship with an impressive showing. Detroit had a great half only to be crushed in the second half. The Washington Redskins had a nice win to even their record. Seattle and Buffalo keep pace with the Lions at 1-3.

28 September 2009: from Franklin Campbell - Standings for NFL teams updated above to include these week 3 results:

Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 Pittsburgh Steelers (Søren Peschardt)
Detroit Lions (Franklin Campbell) 19-14 Washington Redskins (Marco Caressa)
Green Bay Packers (George Pyrich) 36-17 St. Louis Rams
Philadelphia Eagles (Andrew Dearnley) 34-14 Kansas City Chiefs
Chicago Bears 25-19 Seattle Seahawks (Eugen Demian)
New Orleans Saints 27-7 Buffalo Bills (Glen D. Shields)

After three weeks all our teams are closely bunched with two teams at 2-1 and the rest at 1-2. It's nice to see my Detroit Lions standing equal to the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers. Clearly in a contest between the two teams we'd have to see overtime to settle who is the best team! Ha, ha, as one web site says of the Detroit win, "The nightmare is over!"

26 September 2009: from Franklin Campbell - Standings for NFL teams updated above to include these week 2 results:

Chicago Bears 17-14 Pittsburgh Steelers (Søren Peschardt)
Minnesota Vikings 27-13 Detroit Lions (Franklin Campbell)
Cincinnati Bengals 31-24 Green Bay Packers (George Pyrich)
New Orleans Saints 48-22 Philadelphia Eagles (Andrew Dearnley)
Washington Redskins (Marco Caressa) 9-3 St. Louis Rams
San Francisco 49ers 23-10 Seattle Seahawks (Eugen Demian)
Buffalo Bills (Glen D. Shields) 33-20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

So, after two weeks all our teams are 1-1 (with one notable exception!).

22 September 2009: from Andrew Dearnley: A couple of pictures of Søren getting the I/A title at Leeds congress. He looks better from behind! [for larger versions click on the photos ... webmaster]

Peschardt    Peschardt's back

17 September 2009: from Franklin Campbell: The ICCF Congress in Leeds is finishing up and four daily reports have been posted on the ICCF Congress web site. I scanned the reports (click on the Day links below to see the PDF files) for mention of our NFL gang and found the following:
Day 1: Andrew Dearnly opens Congress. Franklin Campbell receives silver Bertl von Massow Award. George Pyrich (SCO) was approved as Finance Director by Congress.
Day 2: George Pyrich (Finance Director) addressed the meeting ... Ian Pheby receives silver Bertl von Massow Award.
Day 3: Søren Peschardt (DEN) received his IA title. Ian M. Pheby (ENG) received his IA title. The Webserver Schools Tournament was reported on by Andrew Dearnley (ENG). Marco Caressa (ITA) presented the report of the World Tournament Director.
Day 4: nothing found.
There are also some photos showing some of our guys.

Week 1 of the NFL season is now in the books. The standings above have been updated. Here are the relevant scores for the players in this tournament:

Pittsburgh Steelers (Søren Peschardt) 13-10 Tennessee Titans (ot)
New Orleans Saints 45-27 Detroit Lions (Franklin Campbell)
Green Bay Packers (George Pyrich) 21-15 Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles (Andrew Dearnley) 38-10 Carolina Panthers
New York Giants 23-17 Washington Redskins (Marco Caressa)
Seattle Seahawks (Eugen Demian) 28-0 St. Louis Rams
New England Patriots 25-24 Buffalo Bills (Glen D. Shields)

10 September 2009: Though it is still Wednesday evening September 9th here in the USA the ICCF server time is just past midnight September 10th and both the NFL regular season and this correspondence chess tournament start today. Soon the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers will be hosting the Tennessee Titans in the season opener at Heinz Field.

A few changes have just been made to this web site:

  • Just under the header "News Updates" above there is now a counter to register the number of visitors to this page.
  • The Playing Rules link now points to the new 2009 rules (different from Season 1). The main difference appears to be with time calculations, where every day over 20 taken on a single move is now doubled as a penalty for taking excessive time on a single move.
  • There is a new link above for a web page Live Display of Games displaying all the tournament games "live". This page uses frames with a list of games at the left and the game display on the right. Just click a game link and that game is displayed on the right. You can just click through all the games one after another to review the entire tournament. For some reason frames don't maintain the information about log in, so you can't actually make a move in your game on this page, but you can easily and quickly view all the games being played (with no move delays).
  • A link to this web site has also been added below the tournament crosstable on the ICCF server.

If any tournament participant wishes to see anything different at this site please notify me. Go Lions!

-- J. Franklin Campbell, webmaster

5 September 2009: Pre-season is over and we're heading into the regular season with the Tennessee Titans taking on Søren Peschardt's Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field on Thursday night 10.09.2009. Pittsburgh is installed as early 5-point favorites to win their home-opener. Will Søren repeat last year's success as the Superbowl winner? Time will tell. In the meanwhile, the official start of our chess tournament is approaching as we start play on the opening day of the NFL season. Sunday 13.09.2009 and Monday (two games) will see the other teams take to the field for their first games. Did you think opening day would never arrive? Let the games (all of them) begin!

2 September 2009: New web site for Season 2 (2009-10) of the NFL Comes to ICCF tournament is under construction here. The old web site for Season 1 (2008-09) is now at:

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