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  ICCF# Name Rating Profile Games NFL Team Preseason Regular
1 511009 GM Jason Bokar 2574 Profile Games Cleveland Browns 2-2 5-11
2 510509 IA J. Franklin Campbell 2272 Profile Games Detroit Lions 3-1 6-10
3 620204 IM George Pyrich 2265 Profile Games Green Bay Packers - y 2-2 10-6
4 511806 Glen D. Shields 2255 Profile Games Buffalo Bills 2-2 4-12
5 180455 Jean-Christophe Chazalette 2240 Profile Games New Orleans Saints - y 2-2 11-5
6 150234 SIM Søren Peschardt 2206 Profile Games Pittsburgh Steelers - z 3-1 12-4
7 440353 IM Valer-Eugen Demian 2342 Profile Games Seattle Seahawks - z 1-3 7-9
8 210753 Andrew Dearnley 2378 Profile Games Philadelphia Eagles - z 2-2 10-6
  Playoffs - z: won division, y: won wild card
Referee SIM/IA Ian M Pheby Profile --- ---
updated 4.01.2011
Season 1 (2008-09) introduction by tournament creator SIM Søren Peschardt: "During the 2007-08 NFL-season I also had the pleasure to play ICCF-games against Jason, George and Glen. We shared many great sundays together - exchanging moves in our games while watching NFL on TV :-) ..." click here to read Søren's entire NFL Tournament Introduction.


News Updates

4 January 2011: NFL Playoffs

Congratulations to our playoff teams and their ICCF supporters! Over half of our group have supported teams that have achieved the goal of qualifying to the playoffs, three by winning their divisions and two by securing wildcard slots. The final standings (with indications of playoff status) is shown in the standings at the top. Congratulations in particular to Søren's Pittsburgh Steelers on scoring the best overall record in our group with a 12-4 record and to JC's New Orleans Saints finishing just behind with an excellent 11-5 record. Will one of our group also win the Super Bowl?

Wembley 2010
Søren and Andrew at Wembley stadium

21 December 2010: More photos from Wembley Stadium

Søren Peschardt has sent two more photos taken at Wembley Stadium in London! See Report from Wembley Stadium. It looks like a friendly place.

Only two more weeks before the regular season is finished, and many playoff positions are still wide open. Of the teams supported by our group only Søren's Pittsburgh Steelers have clinced a spot, but several other teams appear likely to make it. Glen's Buffalo Bills and Franklin's Detroit Lions have finally shown some life while JC's New Orleans Saints, Søren's Pittsburgh Steelers and Andrew's Piladelphia Eagles have shown their class with 10-4 records.

UK fans at Orchard Park
UK fans at Buffalo stadium

12 December 2010: Glen Shields send info on UK fans of Buffalo Bills

Congratulations to Glen on his team's victory today:
Buffalo Bills 13    Cleveland Browns 6
Glen has provided the following comments:

Franklin - here's a link from some UK Buffalo Bills fans who come to watch the Bills every year.  There's a video at the end.  Thought maybe our Euro friends would find this interesting:


3 December 2010: Update to standings, JC meets Jason

Recently New Orleans Saints' supporter Jean-Christophe Chazalette traveled to Paris to meet with Cleveland Browns' enthusiast Jason Bokar [update: JC informs me of my mistake. He says, "You're saying on the site "traveled to Paris to meet" Jason. Oh no :-) I live near Paris and I took the train (a looooong nearly 4 hours long trip) down to Clermont-Ferrand to meet Jason. You're scratching my 8 hours (OK I read the latest novel by Hanif Kureishi, Something to Tell You, and it's amazing brilliant and funny) in train to meet my big man there - that's different! Cheers, JC". -- JFC]. Looks like they were having fun! Thanks for sending the picture, Jason.

JC meets Jason

1 November 2010: Report from Wembley Stadium

Andrew Dearnley has sent the first photo report in from London! See Report from Wembley Stadium. For a recap of the game see ESPN Game Recap.

Framed at Wembley

NFL comes to Congress!

17 October 2010: "Distorted" Photo leads to misunderstandings!

My apologies to Jean-Christophe Chazalette for accidently posting a "distorted" photo from Congress below (must have been a strange camera angle). To the right is the "corrected" photo. Here are some of the comments exchanged based on the original "distorted" photo:

Eugen ... "I was wondering: was JC sitting down by any chance? George and Andrew look huge in comparison :-) Kind regards,"

JC ... "Oh that's cheap shot! I'm 5'7" tall, but these men are giants, what can I do? I agree I look like a dwarf :-) How tall are you again Eugen? :-)"

Eugen ... "16 years have not been enough (a lifetime won't do it either) to make me understand these stupid units of measurement, so I will respond as any normal person should: 182 cm :-) Hey, "Lord of the rings" is my all time favorite trilogy! Dwarfs have always been my friends ;-)"

JC ... "OK, then you're a giant too, because 5'7" only makes 170 cm. Let's say I'm Tolkien Dwarf, I can live with that :-)"

Jason ... "I'm not much taller than you JC... a full 172cm (but then, as my waist-line got bigger, I have a feeling it came from my height! :) "

Glen ... "Okay … I’ll join in.  Middle of the pack here.   178 cm.   I think my waist is almost that big too … not really, but it’s bigger than it ought to be smile"

Sorry for the confusion, JC! ... Franklin

14 October 2010: NFL comes to Congress!

Below is a photo from the just-finished ICCF Congress in Turkey showing our three representatives from the NFL tournament. Jean-Christophe says, "We from the NFL addiction somehow managed to be photographed together, in Kemer, Turkey, at the end of the ICCF Congress. Actually, since it was the closing banquet the three of us thought it would be better to take the pic before starting the serious drink case. There we are, all sober ;-)".

Thanks to Jean-Christophe for supplying this photo.

NFL comes to Congress!
2010 ICCF Congress in Turkey.
Left to right we have IM George Pyrich,
Jean-Christophe Chazalette and Andrew Dearnley

IM George Pyrich
IM George Pyrich

13 September 2010: George has sent the text for his profile page. "I am now 59 years old, married to Catherine and we live in Glenrothes, a town of some 40,000 souls in east central Scotland, about halfway between the cities of Edinburgh and Dundee. I am employed as an accountant with the local government authority, suitable qualification you may say for the position of ICCF Finance Director which I assumed just about a year ago. ..." For the entire profile see the Pyrich profile page.

Only three profiles remain without an update.

SIM Søren Peschardt
Søren at Wembly Stadium
Campbell as Dog
Campbell as dog

10 September 2010: Søren has sent a small update to his old profile. I left the report at the top of his profile page from last year of a game he saw in London, so you can see lots of photos and read his colorful text. See the Peschardt profile page. I have also updated my profile. See Campbell profile page. We now have four updated profiles with more to come (hopefully).


10 September 2010: Last night saw the start of the NFL regular season, which coincides with the official start date of our tournament. It was a huge night for our new player Jean-Christophe Chazalette, who registered a win with the New Orlean Saints scoring a 14-9 victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

The timing was perfect, as Jean-Christophe has just provided the text and photos for his profile page. His profile page is now posted and ready for your reading and viewing pleasure. You'll have to agree that he looks spendid in his judicial robes! See the Chazalette profile page.

4 September 2010: Preseason is over and the table above shows the final preseason records. Congratulations to Søren (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Franklin (Detroit Lions) on "winning" preseason (some people don't think it counts, but for fans of teams like the Lions every win counts!). Coming up next is the regular season opener Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints on Thursday, 9 September 2010, which coincides with the official start date for our tournament.

cheerleaders George Pyrich

2 September 2010: Thanks to Jason Bokar for the photo of cheerleaders wearing his team's colors. See the Bokar profile page.

George Pyrich also provided a new photo of himself for his profile page. See the Pyrich profile page.

1 September 2010: The first update to a profile has arrived from our TD Ian Pheby. See Pheby profile. Feel free to be as creative as you wish with profiles, including multiple photos.

31 August 2010: New web site for Season 3 (2010-11) of the NFL Comes to ICCF tournament is under construction here. The old web sites for Season 1 (2008-09) ( and Season 2 (2009-10) ( are still available.

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