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2006 CJA
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15th USA cc Champion SIM Edward Duliba

(23 December 2006): 15th USA Champion SIM Edward Duliba

Congratulations once again to SIM Edward Duliba on winning the 15th USCCC (USA cc championship). I just posted a very nice photo of SIM Duliba with his impressive championship trophy. You can see it on the crosstable page in the ICCF-U.S. Archive.

15th USCCC Final Crosstable

(14 November 2006): The Campbell Report for Nov-Dec 2006

The Campbell Report for November-December 2006 is now available at "The Campbell Report" Columns. This is my final column in this series, ending an 18-year run starting in 1989. The first five years were composed on an Amiga dual floppy computer (no hard drive) and the original files are no longer available, but the other 13 years are now on-line. APCT News Bulletin ceases publication with this issue, as APCT is doing an orderly shutdown, with Helen & Jim Warren retiring from their excellent work for USA correspondence chess. The American Postal Chess Tournaments (APCT) cc organization will be greatly missed.

(22 October 2006): ICCF Congress Minutes and Anthem

ICCF has released the first draft of their Congress minutes in record time. Congress also approved a new anthem by GM Dmitry Lybin (BLS), which is available as an mp3 file. Both can be found at the ICCF Congress Web Site.

(18 October 2006): 1st WS USCCC final to start

Tournament Director Ralph Marconi has made the following announcement.

The 1st WS USCCC final is scheduled to start 1 November 2006. Below is the list of participants.

  1. Herrera, Alex (2191)
  2. IM Schakel, Corky (2383)
  3. Ledford, Steven O. (2226)
  4. Fass, Robert N. (2311)
  5. Eilmes, Don P. (2321)
  6. Zawadski, Anthony J. (2233)
  7. Myers, David R. (2361)
  8. Jones, Kenneth E. (2262)
  9. Gildred, Terrence L. (2430)

Average rating: 2302
TD: Ralph P. Marconi
Live Display of games, with a 3-move delay

Qualifying preliminary crosstables
Final crosstable (on server)

(10 October 2006): The Campbell Report for Sept-Oct 2006

The Campbell Report for September-October 2006 is now available at "The Campbell Report" Columns.

(21 September 2006): 1st Webserver USCCC Prelims Complete

The final game has just finished and the 1st Webserver USA Championship Preliminary round is finished with the following players qualified to play in a future USCCC Final:

WS USCCC-P01: Myers, David R. and Herrera, Alex (4½)
WS USCCC-P02: Jones, Kenneth E. (5½)
WS USCCC-P03: Fass, Robert N. (4½)
WS USCCC-P04: Gildred, Terrence L. (5/5)
WS USCCC-P05: IM Schakel, Corky (4½)
WS USCCC-P06: Eilmes, Don P.; Zawadski, Anthony J.; Ledford, Steven O. (4)

The ICCF-U.S. Games Archive has been updated to include these 126 games.

  ICCF-U.S. Crosstable
  ICCF-U.S. Games Archive
  PGN File for download

(8 September 2006): Duliba wins 15th USA Championship

Just a few days following announcement of the winners of the 2nd Email USA Championship the final game has finished in the 15th USA Championship (postal). Congratulations to top rated SIM Edward Duliba on his victory in this difficult tournament! He finished with an undefeated 11-3 score (8 wins, 6 draws).

The 2nd highest rated player Kenneth M. Reinhart took 2nd place, also undefeated but with one less win for a 10½-3½ score. The last game finished was Michael S. Foust 1/2 Reinhart, as Ken played a 100-move draw attempting to get the win needed to tie for first. This was an epic battle and a very fine game.

IM John Mousessian took 3rd (undefeated 9½)and IM Corky Schakel took 4th (8½).

The two crosstables show slight differences due to the different ways ICCF-U.S. and ICCF deal with previously finished games after a player withdraws (player Robert P. Chalker unfortunately died during the competition).

  ICCF-U.S. Crosstable
  ICCF Webserver Crosstable

Total Replay logo

(7 September 2006): Total Replay

John Knudsen, creator of this domain, has announced a new very useful subdomain providing javascript replay of major cc events. It already has most of the finals of the ICCF World Championships as well as several other major events, like the NBC Millennium Email tournament, and John has promised more to come. You can also download the PGN files for the events.

A link to Total Replay has been added to the special collection of chess links at the top of this page. When you have a few spare moments, why not spend them viewing the games of some of the most talented cc players in the world.

See: Total Replay

(4 September 2006): 2nd Email USA Championship

IM Skeels

Congratulations to IM James B. Skeels and Julius Simon on becoming USA Co-Champions by both finishing with undefeated 6-2 scores in the 2nd USCCC/EM Final. The prelims were played by email but the final took place on the ICCF webserver. IM Robert Rizzo and IM Kristo S. Miettinen are tied for third place, but Rizzo still has one game remaining to try to break the tie.

  ICCF-U.S. Crosstable
  ICCF Webserver Crosstable

(4 September 2006): The Campbell Report for July-August 2006

Posted The Campbell Report for July-August 2006 to "The Campbell Report" Columns.

The American Postal Chess Tournaments organization is shutting down soon and the last issue of the APCT News Bulletin will be the November-December 2006 issue. Just two more issues to go before my 18-year run of columns is finished. -- JFC

(1 September 2006): New Historical Article by CJA Winner

Olimpiu G. Urcan

Recently Olimpiu G. Urcan (Singapore) won the Chess Journalists of America award for "Best Historical Article" for the second year in a row (see Cat. 28 in the CJA Awards listings for 2005 and 2006). Read this talented chess researcher's latest article Captain Vladimir Sournin: A Russian Chess Player's Exploits in America, his third entry here in the "On the Square" collection of chess articles.

(26 August 2006): ICCF-U.S. Secretary to Retire

ICCF-U.S. Secretary Max Zavanelli has announced his plan to retire from this position. More importantly, the person who has actually done the work Ruth Ann Fay will be retiring as ICCF-U.S. Assistant Secretary and NAPZ Zonal Director. This is of major significance to ICCF players in the USA, since the national federations USCF, CCLA and APCT do not directly represent the USA in ICCF activities.

If Ruth Ann's call for someone to take on these duties does not prompt a capable candidate to step forward soon, USA will face a major emergency with respect to International cc play.

Please read Ruth Ann Fay's Announcement.

(22 August 2006): NAPZ Master Class games

I just added 112 ICCF games to the NAPZ Master Class database in the NAPZ games archive, adding sections M-68 to M-73. See the NAPZ Games Archive to download this 399-game PGN database.

(17 August 2006): CJA Information Posted

I just posted the list of CJA chess journalism awards for 2006 at the CJA web site.

See: 2006 CJA Awards

I also posted a pictorial report of the annual CJA meeting (and other meetings) held at the US Open Chess Championships.

See: CJA Pictorial Report

(16 August 2006): USCF Correspondence Chess Workshop

I just posted my unofficial report on the USCF Correspondence Chess Workshop held August 9, 2006 during the US Open Chess Championship in Oak Brook, Illinois. A few other meetings are also covered briefly.

See: USCF CC Workshop

(13 August 2006): Three CJA Prizes at The Campbell Report

At the recent annual meeting of the Chess Journalists of America the prizes for the traditional awards program were announced. This web site was involved in three awards:

  1. Best Correspondence Chess Web Site: The Campbell Report
  2. Best Web-based Review: "Half a Bitch is Better Than None" by Neil R. Brennen
  3. Honorable Mention, Best Historical Article: "'The Queen of Chess': The Correspondence Chess of Ellen Gilbert" by Neil R. Brennen

(29 July 2006): The Campbell Report for May-June 2006

Posted The Campbell Report for May-June 2006 to "The Campbell Report" Columns

(18 July 2006): New Category on Links Page

Thanks to GM Alexander Baburin's excellent daily chess newsletter Chess Today I have added two new links to the Sites of Note and Chess Links pages. I have also reorganized the Chess Links by moving all the links to individual player sites into a new section Player Sites. Check out the web sites of Victor Viorel Bologan and Alexander Onischuk.

(15 June 2006): Jackson Showalter

Chess Historian Neil Brennen makes his 13th appearance on The Campbell Report with his article The Postal Lion: Jackson Showalter and Correspondence Chess. There is a short introduction by the man he ties in total number of contributions here chess historian John Hilbert (did you see Hilbert's article on Pillsbury in the June 2006 Chess Life?). As usual, a games database is provided for download.

ChessVista Logo

(30 May 2006): Olympiad Photos

Congratulations to chess photographer Frits Agterdenbos of The Netherlands on his great new and highly visual web site ChessVista. It's a pleasure to see such high quality chess photos. Hopefully, he can continue publishing material at the high level of these first efforts. He has started with daily reports from the Chess Olympiad - Torino 2006 with some superb photos of the competitors.

(24 May 2006): Photos from FIDE Olympiad

ICCF GM Raymond Boger (NOR) has sent some photos from the FIDE Chess Olympiad - Torino 2006. As new photos arrive they will be added to this page.

See: Photos by Boger

(19 May 2006): New Logo for CJA

As webmaster for the Chess Journalists of America I'm pleased to announce our new logo. Note the logo in the masthead above indicating my membership in CJA. For more information go to the CJA logo page. Code is provided to add a link to your web page using the new logo.
J. Franklin Campbell

(10 May 2006): ICCF TD/TO Guide

In my role as ICCF Server Tables Coordinator I have produced the Server Guidelines For Tournament Directors and Organizers. It is published here as part of my ICCF Server Tutorial. There are links at the top of this web page for downloading a PDF file or an RTF format document containing the TD/TO Guide.
J. Franklin Campbell

(8 May 2006): The Campbell Report for Mar-Apr 2006

Posted The Campbell Report for March-April 2006 to "The Campbell Report" Columns

(30 Apr 2006): Chess Today ... 2000 issues!

Today the Chess Today email chess newsletter reached issue #2000. Congratulations to GM Alexander Baburin on this remarkable milestone.

I highly recommend this excellent publication to every chess enthusiast. For more information on subscribing go to the Chess Today web site.

(28 Apr 2006): World Champion Web Site

13th CC World Champion GM Mikhail Umansky has announced the launch of his personal web site with biographical information, results, photos and games. He plans to add more annotated games in the future. It is available in English, German and Russian.

See: 13th CC World Champion Mikhail Umansky

(15 Mar 2006): New Historical Article by Neil Brennen

Neil Brennen has provided many interesting articles for this site on the history of chess and correspondence chess in the USA. He has now provided a significant piece of research on an early black American's life and his outstanding chess abilities. To deliver this important article to a wider audience it will also soon be posted on The Chess Drum (recipient of three CJA awards in 2005) published by Dr. Daaim Shabazz.

See: The Caged Bird: The Story of T. A. Thompson by Neil R. Brennen

(15 Mar 2006): FIDE withdraws Olympiad invitation to ICCF??

There has been much excitement in the cc community about the invitation by FIDE for ICCF to send a team to the Chess Olympiad - Torino 2006. However, there is now confusion about this invitation. Apparently it has been withdrawn, after ICCF went through the team selection process (see 3 March 2006 story below) and team members have made plans to attend (arranging vacation time, buying supplies such as software and laptop computers, cancelling other significant competitions). Perhaps the invitation was made by mistake, not following official FIDE policy.

Currently, it is not known what will happen ... perhaps ICCF will still have a team in Torino, perhaps not. Hopefully it will be settled within the next week. ICCF officials are working on the situation now trying to clarify the issues and (hopefully) pave the way for ICCF participation.

ICCF is a member federation of FIDE but, since it doesn't represent a single country or national entity (such as Wales), it wouldn't normally be invited to enter this team event. In a few cases exceptions have been made. At the Chess Olympiad - Calvia 2004 in the men's division two non-national teams (out of a total of 129 teams) participated, International Braille Chess Association (IBCA) which finished in 96th place and International Physically Disabled Chess Association (IPCA) which finished in 57th place.

(15 Mar 2006): ICCF Server Tutorial Updated

New features have been added to the ICCF Server and the tutorial has been updated. There are two new pages: Looking up player information and For the TD (instructions for the TD on how to modify tournament information and enter game results). There is also an update to the Personal settings & Email Notifications page (explaining how to selectively disable email notifications to yourself of your move and/or your opponent's move).

The most significant update to the ICCF server recently is the addition of crosstables for postal/email events. In future, the TDs of these events will enter results directly into the server crosstables for display and rating purposes. We are currently in a transition period ... the results through 31-Dec-2005, which had been gathered for the last rating period, have been incorporated into the server. The TDs must now bring the database up to date by entering any results since then and making any other corrections/additions that may be required.
-- Franklin Campbell

(3 Mar 2006): The Campbell Report for Jan-Feb 2006

I am starting my 18th year writing The Campbell Report chess column for APCT News Bulletin. Unfortunately, it is my last year, since APCT is shutting down and ending publication of the magazine at the end of this year. I have just posted my Jan-Feb 2006 column on-line. All but the first five years are now posted on-line and can be found at the APCT Columns Archive.
-- Franklin Campbell

Olympiad Mascot

(3 Mar 2006): ICCF Announces FIDE Olympiad Team

For the first time, ICCF will be sending a team to the FIDE Chess Olympiad. The following team has been announced for the FIDE World Chess Olympiad - Turino 2006.

  • GM Tunc Hamarat (AUT)
  • GM Gert-Jan Timmerman (NED)
  • GM Fritz Baumbach (GER)
  • GM Jean Hébert (CAN)
  • GM Dmitry Lybin (BLR)
  • GM Marc Geenen (BEL)
  • Team Captain - GM John Timm (USA)
  • Reserve - GM Roman Chytilek (CZE)

The first three players listed are cc world champions. Can top cc players compete at this level in an OTB event? ... we will soon see. This 13-round team event (played on four boards) will be held May 20 - June 4 in Torino (Turin), Italy. The event web site is:

(3 Mar 2006): USA Team for Olympiad XV Final

The USA team will be meeting the following teams in the Final of Olympiad XV: Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Austria, Kazakhstan, Portugal, and Estonia. Play will start on March 30, 2006

  • Board 1: SIM Daniel Fleetwood (Category XV event}
  • Board 2: SIM Jason Bokar (Category XIII)
  • Board 3: SIM Timothy Murray (Category XII)
  • Board 4: GM Joseph DeMauro
  • Board 5: SIM Gary Kubach
  • Board 6: SIM Stephen Jones
  • Team Captain: Tom Dougherty
  • reserve player: Kenneth Reinhart

Olympiad XV will be played on the ICCF server. See Server Crosstable. Unfortunately, the games will not be displayed "live", though perhaps after a sufficient number of moves have been made in the games the event will be switched to "live" display.

(1 Mar 2006): 2006 USA Championship

The USA OTB Chess Championship will be played in San Diego, California. 64 men and women who have qualified for the championship will be divided into two groups which will play a 9-round Swiss system tournament. The top man and woman in each group will advance to the final to determine the men's champion and women's champion. Strangely, after playing standard time limits to qualify to the final match, the championship finals will be determined by a pair of rapid games. Each of the two groups will have 25 men and 9 women.

(20 Feb 2006): Turino Olympiad Newsletter

The organizers of the Chess Olympiad - Torino 2006 have issued their first newsletter. Michele Cordara, General Manager, Turin Chess Olympiad has asked for it to be distributed as widely as possible, so I am providing it as a download here in PDF format. It contains some general information about the history of the Chess Olympiad and about the city of Turino (Turin), the current site of the Winter Olympics.

The ICCF team participating in the Chess Olympiad - Turino 2006 should be announced shortly. The team members will be staying in the Olympic Village, where the athletes of the Winter Olympics are currently housed. This newsletter will be published daily during the Chess Olympiad. To view this first issue see: Turin Moves n.0 (950KB).

(14 Feb 2006): New book review

A frequent contributor to The Campbell Report Neil Brennen adds his review to the other dozens of published reviews of the interesting new book Chess Bitch by two-time USA Women's Champion Jennifer Shahade.

Find out what our chess historian friend Neil Brennen thinks of this mildly controversial book. Read Half a Bitch is Better Than None, a review of Chess Bitch: Women in the Ultimate Intellectual Sport by Jennifer Shahade. [I love Neil's title! -- JFC]

CT publisher

(4 Feb 2006): Chess Today Sample Issues

GM Alexander Baburin (see photo) has kindly made several issues of his superb daily electronic newsletter Chess Today available to readers here. The issues for Feb 2 and Feb 3 have some interesting commentary by GM Baburin and GM Nigel Short, respectively, on the upcoming FIDE election for President. The issue for Feb 1 is particularly interesting for cc enthusiasts with it's lengthy article by well known cc journalist Junior Tay.

I have provided links to download these three issues along with links for the associated databases, with the permission of GM Baburin. Check out the download page for GM Baburin's description of his excellent newsletter along with links to all the files mentioned above.

See: Chess Today download page.

Alpine-Rookies Team Logo

(30 Jan 2006): ICCF Champions League Logo Award

The first prize has been announced in the current season of the ICCF Champions League. The "Best Team Logo" prize went to Alpine-Rookies. For full information see the ICCF Champions League site and the full announcement.

(26 Jan 2006): 2005 News Items Archived

All 2005 news items on this page have been removed to an archive page. To see these older items please go to Index2005.htm.

(21 Jan 2006): ICCF Champions League Poll

Plans are being made for the next season of the ICCF Champions League. Players who may participate are asked to express their preferences for the coming season. Following recent trends and reflecting the huge popularity of the ICCF webserver, the next CL may be played entirely on the server (no email). Would you refuse to play if it were a server-only tournament?

In the past some players have resisted using the server due to lack of experience with the server, but the server without doubt provides a much superior way to play chess than the ackward email approach. Those unfamiliar with server play can examine my ICCF Server Tutorial. Then go to the ICCF Champions League web site and vote in the poll. You can also view the current voting stats.

(8 Jan 2006): Tag Team Match Underway

A tag team match has recently started with the two White players 7th USA Champion Dave Taylor and IM Chris Sergel (2512) and two Black players SIM Jason Bokar (2571) and GM Peter Coleman (2597) alternating moves (without consultation). For a complete description of this remarkable match see Sites of Note or Chess Links.

(5 Jan 2006): The Campbell Report for Nov-Dec 2005

I just posted my Nov-Dec 2005 column "The Campbell Report" from the magazine APCT News Bulletin. For all the on-line versions of my columns see Archive of The Campbell Report.

(3 Jan 2006): New ICCF Web Site

ICCF Webmaster Evelin Radosztics (Austria) has announced that the old ICCF web site has been replaced with an entirely new web site, using a CMS (Content Management System). This should allow easier updates and expansions later. Congratulations to ICCF and its webmaster on this step forward. The old site had much out of date information. The new site should be up right up to date.

For news items posted in 2005, go to Index2005.htm
For news items posted in 2004, go to Index2004.htm
Snapshot taken from end of December 2004
For news items posted in 2003, go to Index2003.htm.
Snapshots of site from September 1999, April 2001, June 2001.

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