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Tutorial for using the ICCF Server

ICCF chess webserver: http://www.iccf-webchess.com/

ANNOUNCEMENT: the webserver received a major update on 20.04.2007. Many of the screenshots and instructions in this tutorial are no longer valid or are incomplete. Many new features have been added and the pages have been redesigned. Much of the tutorial is still correct in general and can still be used as a guideline. However, many specifics have changed. Eventually, this tutorial will be completely replaced with a new tutorial.

Click here for a few tips on the new version of the webserver (updated 27.04.2007).


I hope this tutorial will provide a useful reference to all players, both those new to server chess and to those more experienced. If you have suggestions for additional topics that should be included or wish to point out areas which are unclear, poorly illustrated or incorrect, please send them to me. I am gratified that this tutorial has provided a model for additional tutorials in other languages, listed below.
. -- J. Franklin Campbell  (Contact Webmaster)

In Nederlands (Dutch) - Marc Smet:   Handleiding ICCF webserver
In Czech - Josef Mrkvička:   Pruvodce užíváním webserveru ICCF
En espańol (Spanish) - Raúl Polo Molina:   Traducido el Tutorial del Webserver
auf Deutsch (German) - Uwe Bekemann:   Benutzungshilfe für den ICCF-Webserver
En français (French) - Marc Smet & Charles Moeykens:   Manuel d'emploi pour le serveur ICCF

To illustrate how to use the server I have provided a number of screen shots, i.e. pictures of the web pages. To minimize download sizes some pictures will only show part of the server page. Following is a menu of material covered in this tutorial.

  1. How to log in, log out, cookies
  2. Personal settings & Email Notifications
  3. Game list
  4. Game page (Waiting) ("Leave" explained here) (7.09.2006)
  5. Game page (Your move) (25.06.2006)
  6. Tables and results
  7. On-line help files
  8. Viewing "Live" Games
  9. Looking up player information (including ratings)
  10. Hints and Comments (25.06.2006)
  11. For the TD (how to update results in tables)
    Note: this section will not be updated. (07.05.2006)
    It is replaced by the new Server Guidelines For Tournament Directors and Organizers.

In the illustrations on the following pages, my cursor will be shown as or

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