1862 Rupee
Victoria Queen
1862 Rupee


The Coins of British India

Queen Victoria 1862 - 1901


1883B Rupee
Victoria Empress
1883B Rupee

The purpose of this web site is to describe the beautiful coinage of British India during the reign of Queen Victoria, 1862-1901. A guide to identifying the many varieties will be offered with photos showing the mint marks, obverse and reverse varieties and other features, such as the dot varieties of the 1862 Rupee. One motivation for creating this site is the frequent lack of identifications of British Indian coins being sold on the web. Hopefully, the guides to coin identification will enable sellers to describe their offerings in greater detail. Often even the mintmark isn't listed. Using the guides here sellers should be able to precisely describe their coins.

It will take time to develop this site. Input from readers will be appreciated. If you have something to add to this site, have some information to share with your fellow collectors, can document unlisted varieties or just have some suggestions or encouragement for me I want to hear from you.

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