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Season 4 (2011-2012)

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  ICCF# Name   Rating Profile Games NFL Team Pre Regular
1 910196 SIM Maigonis Avotinš LAT 2446 Profile # Games San Francisco 49ers 2-2 13-3
2 360368 GM Raymond Boger NOR 2654 Profile Games Minnesota Vikings 2-2 3-13
3 511009 GM Jason Bokar USA 2577 Profile Games Cleveland Browns 1-3 4-12
4 510509 IA J. Franklin Campbell USA 2247 Profile # Games Detroit Lions 4-0 10-6
5 240397 Marco Caressa ITA 2248 Profile Games Washington Redskins 3-1 5-11
6 180455 Jean-Christophe Chazalette FRA 2274 Profile # Games New Orleans Saints 2-2 13-3
7 210753 Andrew Dearnley ENG 2336 Profile Games Philadelphia Eagles 3-1 8-8
8 440353 IM Valer-Eugen Demian CAN 2329 Profile Games Seattle Seahawks 2-2 7-9
9 400206 SIM Gino Franco Figlio PER 2397 Profile Games New York Giants 2-2 9-7
10 510836 SIM Dr. Michael Millstone USA 2464 Profile Games Miami Dolphins 3-1 6-10
11 159028 IM Søren Rud Ottesen DEN 2406 Profile Games Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-2 4-12
12 371088 Willem Adrianus Oudheusden NED 2267 Profile Games New England Patriots 2-2 13-3
13 150234 SIM Søren Peschardt DEN 2250 Profile Games Pittsburgh Steelers 3-1 12-4
14 620204 IM George Pyrich SCO 2211 Profile Games Green Bay Packers 3-1 15-1
15 511806 Glen D. Shields USA 2247 Profile Games Buffalo Bills 1-3 6-10
Referee SIM/IA Ian M Pheby ENG   Profile # # - Profile updated for 2011
updated 11.01.2012
Season 1 (2008-09) introduction by tournament creator SIM Søren Peschardt: "During the 2007-08 NFL-season I also had the pleasure to play ICCF-games against Jason, George and Glen. We shared many great sundays together - exchanging moves in our games while watching NFL on TV :-) ..." click here to read Søren's entire NFL Tournament Introduction.

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News Updates

11 October 2011: Eugen Demian has sent this interesting report on a fabulous new football stadium in Vancouver. His full report is on his Profile page.

New BC Stadium

"This past Friday (Sep 30, 2011) I went with a friend of mine to the opening of the newly refurbish BC Place stadium from downtown Vancouver. The opening coincided with the CFL game between:
BC Lions - Edmonton Eskimos 33-24 ..."
See full report

1 October 2011: NFL Picks

Note from Søren Peschardt:

Well, this little extra competition was not the most popular thing.
Only 6 team captains sent their picks.

 GlenMichaelGeorgeMaigonisAndy Søren P.

18 September 2011: IA Ian M Pheby, TD of the ICCF NFL Championships, announces finish of tournament III

Announcement from IA Ian M Pheby:


NFL III is now complete with a convincing win for Jason – congratulations!
The cross table may be found at

Ian M Pheby, IA (TD)

SIM Maigonis Avotinš
SIM Maigonis Avotinš

11 September 2011: SIM Maigonis Avotinš Profile Added

SIM Maigonis Avotinš has sent in an update for his Profile with a nice photo. Check it out. His games list at the bottom of the profile page (as well as those of the other updated profiles) has been updated to the games of this 2011 season.

Each time a profile page is updated the games list for that player will also be updated. So far updates to four of the 16 Profiles have been received. Even after sending your original update I continue to welcome new text and photos for all profiles.

8 September 2011: GM Jason Bokar takes 2010 NFL/ICCF Title!

Andrew Dearnley has informed that he has just resigned to Jason Bokar, which means that Jason has taken the title for season 3 by 1-½ points. Congratulations to Jason, the Season 3 Champion! See crosstable below. -- Webmaster

Season 3 crosstable

3 September 2011: Preseason has ended and the final standings are shown in the table above. Now we wait breathlessly for the start of the regular (real) season. My Detroit Lions are one of only two teams to finish with 4-0, though I regret to say that last time that happened they went 0-16 for the regular season. I'm hoping for better this year! -- Webmaster

NFL Comes to ICCF Trophy

29 August 2011: NFL/ICCF Commissioner Announces Trophy

We have a trophy!

Michael has been shopping! Upon his offer to supply us with a trophee - my request was: Please a really ugly one! But unfortunately, our General Secretary could not find any ugly stuff - so instead we now have this absolutely wonderful masterpiece!!

Well, at least I would love to have it in my office - Esperanza will never allow it in the house!
Am pretty sure, that also goes for the rest of you. Is of course only an academic question, because I will never win the tournament :-)

Now, here you have the rules:

Winner of Season 4 is the first to receive the trophee. Michael will bring it to Congress and we will have a ceremony there with all present runner ups dressed in their NFL gear. If the winner is not present in Rustenburg - it will be sent by post.

Winner of season 4 will be responsible for: Engraving of his own name in the next available spot - on his own expence. And to bring it to the next Congress - no matter if he wins it again or not! If the next winner is unable to come to the Congress - he will have the trophee sent to him by post - at the previous winners expense.

NFL/ICCF Commissioner

PS! The trophee weights 3,5 kilos :-)

For more photos of the trophy go to Trophy

Jason Bokar, new NAPZ Director

28 August 2011: GM Jason Bokar Elected NAPZ Director!

ICCF-U.S. Secretary Corky Schakel has announced that Jason Bokar has been elected to serve as Director of the North American/Pacific Zone (NAPZ). Congratulations to Jason, and thanks to him for taking on this challenging task. The world is divided into four ICCFzones. The NAPZ zone consists of Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and USA. Jason takes over from Corky, who has been doing double duty along with serving as ICCF-U.S. Secretary. This places Jason on the ICCF Executive Board. Best wishes to our fellow NFL-competitor in this important role!

28 August 2011: PREDICTION TIME! from Glen Shields

We're almost ready to start the season. So that means it's PREDICTION TIME! Here's who will make the playoffs this year:

NFC - Dallas, Detroit, New Orleans and St. Louis will win their divisions and make the playoffs. The NFC wildcard teams will be Philadelphia and Green Bay. The Eagles "Dream Team" will be brought to Earth by Michael Vick's erratic play. 2011's two best NFC teams play in the same division. They'll face each other in the NFC Championship game. Those teams are the defending champion Packers and upstart Detroit Lions. Going out on a limb here and saying the Detroit Lions will be the surprise team of the year and will play in their very first Super Bowl. The US "rust belt" will be vindicated. Go Lions! Welcome back Henry Ford :-)

AFC - New England, Pittsburgh, Houston and San Diego will represent their divisions in the 2011 playoffs. The Jets will finish a strong second and receive a wildcard spot. The Baltimore Ravens will barely sneak in and get the second wildcard. The Ravens aging defense has one more year left and they will cover for Joe Flacco one the NFL's biggest QB "hacks." They won't last long though, the Ravens will be gone in the first round. The AFC winner will be the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their defense and QB are as tough as they come and won't be denied. The Steelers misfortune is they play in the AFC where the top 3 or 4 teams reside. Beating their AFC brethren will take its toll. There will be too little left by the time they face the Lions. These two old "rust belt" giants will slug it out. It will be the steel workers versus the automobile workers , and in the end the Lions will roar and the Lombardi trophy will reside in Detroit. Two other rust belt teams - Cleveland and Buffalo won't compete this year, maybe not even next year, but they are going to be A LOT better than last year.

One final prediction - ESPN, the excellence in sports network, will be so distraught this year that a New York City team doesn't win a championship they will rename themselves to something more appropriate. The on-going rumor is it will be TCCS - The Comedy Channel of Sports :-)

Good luck everyone - hopefully no one is offended. There can be only one winner. I know it won't be my team [Buffalo Bills - webmaster], but I do hope they look better than last year. That won't be difficult :-)

My best,

George Pyrich comments:

Dear friends,

My thanks to Glen for cheering up my boring Sunday afternoon. My beloved Raith Rovers lost yesterday and on tv Manchester United have just scored an 8th goal against sad old Arsenal (I say old but most of their team are just kids).

I'm almost in agreement with Glen's summary - in the NFC Detroit must surely make use of all these top draft picks and finally come good although I think that Tampa Bay will win the South. In the AFC, Rivers will carry San Diego all the way to the AFC Championship and a meeting with the Patriots which they will lose narrowly. However they in turn will lose out in the Superbowl to the mighty Packers!

kind regards

Glen Shields comments:

Thanks George. 

Some of my predictions weren’t easy.  I shared them with a Eagles friend of mine and he asked me why would I expect Michael Vick’s play to be erratic?  “Good question,” I told him  Vick’s a busy man these days.  Not only did Nike the shoe company renew his contract, he also signed a big deal with another shoe company - “Hush Puppies.”  All the TV ads he’ll be making, plus football, he’ll just be too “dog gone” worn out to be at the top his game all season!

Another friend asked about my St. Louis prediction.  That one admittedly was tough.  Seattle and St Louis will go the final week tied for the division lead with 4-11 records. St Louis will win their final game against the 49ers, Seattle will lose to Arizona and the Rams will make the playoffs with a 5-11 record smile  Take it to the bank!

Søren Peschardt comments:

Dear all

Just got back in from 2 great weeks by the seaside - moves and more will follow tonight!!

Thank you to Glen for starting this - gave me an idea:

All of us picks 4 divisional winners and 2 wildcard teams from each conference.
We also pick the two teams to go to the SuperBowl - and the winner.

In total 15 picks to be sent to Ian september the 7th at the latest. Late picks after the deadline are invalid!!!

On the 8th Ian forwards all picks to me - and I make some kind of a table for the website.

When the season is over - we have a winner..... Beers at Congress or something - but the honour will also be sufficient!!


George Pyrich comments:


Michael Vick and "Hush Puppies" !? This was a joke when he was thrown out of Atlanta when the scandal broke some years back - now it's for real?!

best regards

Andrew Dearnley comments:

Dear all,

Soren's idea is great and I will make some picks soon. Glen, we shall see how worn out Vick is in week 5 ;-)

Can't wait for the season to start and also for the Wembley tickets to go on sale. 
Jean-Christophe and Arjen will be there this year!

All the best,


New Orleans Cheerleader

14 August 2011: Today I updated the preseason standings above. Also, Jean-Christophe Chazalette sent in some photo updates for his Profile. There's a new photo of JC at the upper left plus a nice shot of a Saints' cheerleader. Nice updates, JC! -- Webmaster

13 August 2011: The table of players above has been updated to include IM Søren Rud Ottesen, who replaces Ragnar Wikman, who was unable to play due to time issues. I have also added a "#" next to the "Profile" link for players who have provided profiles (or updates) for this 2011 season. I also added a yellow background to indicate the NFL teams' standings that correspond to the "updated" date. I look forward to receiving additional profiles/updates. Our Referee IA Ian Pheby has provide us with the first update to his profile. Photos add a lot of interest to the web site so they are always welcome! The little number just above the "News Updates" title is a page counter showing the number of visitors to our home page. -- Webmaster

Comments from the players concerning the new season (most recent shown first)

Eugen Demian (9.08.2011) responding to Baltimore Ravens team comment: "I really don't know Soren; such cheerleaders would melt rocks, forget our feeble human hearts! :-) Eugen, already looking at Ravens with different eyes "

Eugen Demian (9.08.2011): "There is no Marketing Director as much as I know. Aren't you interested Soren? Afterall you managed to steal a Spanish gem very smoothly... That must say something about your charm and charm is a needed quality for such position :-)"

Søren Peschardt (9.08.2011): "JC Any chance, you can use her in the Direct Entry program? Please feel free to forward this to the Marketing Director! "

Michael Millstone (9.08.2011): "This will teach Ragnar never to quit. If someone could photoshop Ragnar into this, I think we will have our league cheerleader. Anybody?
Who said expansion? "

Santa cheerleader     Who said expansion?

Søren Peschardt (9.08.2011): "Sorry Michael There will never - repeat NEVER - be a Baltimore Ravens team in NFL/ICCF! As I wrote in my profile page: Hope they relocate back to Cleveland, so we can beat the Cookies 4 times every year! Søren "

Søren Peschardt (9.08.2011): "And here again - the ONLY woman in ICCF/NFL history to escort her hombre to Wembley 2 years in a row! First year to watch the game with her QB - second year just to give Andy a hug :-)"

Søren's Number One Fan

Søren Peschardt (9.08.2011): "Here she is - with her favourite and only HALL OF FAME QB"

Søren and friend

Michael Millstone (9.08.2011): "Here is a Ravens shirt that would fit Ragnar -- seems small enough."

Ravens Cheerleader

Søren Peschardt (9.08.2011): "Hola everybody! We have an expansion team - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers :-) Vikings II have decided to move south to the sunny Florida - and the new team captain (and player at board 1) will be Søren Rud Ottesen. Most of you know Søren from the last 3-4 Congresses, where he has been supporting the honourable Danish delegate! Thank you to Ragnar for trying - we all know, that the real reason for your withdrawal is, that you were unable to buy a t-shirt small enough :-) Also thank you to Corky for being the emergency QB in case nobody else got drafted! Søren NFL/ICCF Commissioner "

Michael Millstone (9.08.2011): "I keep waiting for a picture of the Steelers cheerleaders."

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

iccf-server (9.08.2011): "In the event ICCF NFL Championship IV board 1, the player Wikman, Ragnar has been replaced with Ottesen, Søren Rud."

Søren Peschardt (6.08.2011): "Dear Ragnar No problem - we will try to find a replacement :-) I have tried to replace you with our TD Ian Pheby - so you could have been our TD instead - but Ian has the same thoughts as you. Will try to shop around - anybody else have a candidate? Søren "

Jason Bokar (6.08.2011): "Great simulation of how the real NFL season will most likely start!! :-()"

Glen D. Shields (6.08.2011): "LOL … don't worry Raymond. Didn't mean to add complication. Just was trying to find a way to keep Ragnar in the hunt. I'm ready to go no matter what we do."

Raymond Boger (6.08.2011): "What the fu**** :-) I have made all my moves ... Lets play! Ray "

Glen D. Shields (6.08.2011): "Dear Commish - Before Ragnar drops out what about the possibility of two divisions - split approximately 50/50. Players would play divisional opponents only. That would keep the game total down a little. A quick check says we're a little heavy with NFC teams so we can't split AFC vs NFC. Too bad. Assuming each game lasts about 50 moves, 20/10, 10 days leave and start sooner than Sept 8 we can probably have a winner identified in each division my mid-Jan. The two winners can play one game and we'll call it the Super Bowl. Know we have everything started so don't like making last minute suggestions, but on the other hand hate to see someone drop out. Glen "

Ragnar Wikman (6.08.2011): "Dear friends! My sincere apologies - I obviously got carried away during Congress... Now when I am back in Åbo, and realise I'd have to play 14 games at a speed of 20/10... :-( I am sorry, but there is no way I can accommodate this into an autumn which also otherwise is going to be filled with zillions of other obligations... And disgracing the Minnesota Vikings by losing 14 games on time - I shudder at the mere thought... :-( So with a heavy heart I have to withdraw before the start of the tournament and thus forfeit entry fees, T-shirts, and other possible qualifications for SuperBowl tickets and other perks... Rest assured, however, that I will follow the tournament with great interest - ALMOST as great as I will follow the NFL itself... ;-) Have fun, guys, and enjoy! Best wishes, Ragnar aka the carried-away one "

George Pyrich (6.08.2011): "Dear Jean-Christophe, The cost was 24 euros for the 8 players (3 euros each). It's kind of you to pay for this, thank-you best regards George "

Jean-Christophe Chazalette (6.08.2011): "You're right, the outcome is clear as crystal :-) What about everybody at Wembley this year? Andrew are tickets still being sold? JC "

Marco Caressa (6.08.2011): "Is it necessary to play ? You already sent the final result :-) 1. 240397 ITA Caressa, Marco (2248) 2. 910196 LAT SIM Avotins, Maigonis (2446) ... 15. 360368 NOR GM Boger, Raymond (2654) Regards. Marco. "

Michael Millstone (6.08.2011): "Sitting in the Amsterdam lounge waiting for the flight to Chicago and ran into Lilly, a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. She agreed with the rules and offered a pose for the league. Dolphins rule! "

Lilly, a Miami Dolphins cheerleader

Søren Peschardt (6.08.2011): "Dear all This is not a Congress, where we can discuss details forever - so the Commissioner (who has nothing better to do today - waiting for his flight home) have decided: 20 moves in 10 days 10 days of vacation No adjudications Linear conditionals Tournament will start in a few minutes - giving players time to put a lot of days "in the bank" if preferred. So: KICKOFF time my friends - may the best team win. Remember: Trash talk is expected and allowed - but still in the spirit of Amici Sumus :-) Søren "

Michael Millstone (5.08.2011): "The Dolphins will procure a suitable "ugly" ICCF NFL trophy, with engraved plates for the winners and room for many future seasons. I will bring to South Africa for presentation to the latest winner."

Jason Bokar (5.08.2011): "I have the same opinion as Raymond, either time control is ok but I will need leave time. Adjudication is also ok with me. Thanks and best wishes, "

Raymond Boger (5.08.2011): "- 10/20 is ok ... - But I have to have leave ... I have planed two trips to Spain in October, one with my daughter. Normal leave in 2011 and no leave in 2012 is ok for me - Adjudications by the players is ok for me ... "

George Pyrich (5.08.2011): "I agree with Marco"

Marco Caressa (5.08.2011): "10/20 No leave No adjudications Regards. Marco. "

Eugen Demian (5.08.2011): "Since the Commish likes me lately (in complete opposition with the ICCF President for example...) and accepted my suggestion, here comes another one pushing my luck: 1. Adjudications to be done by the players involved; if they do not agree on the outcome, the Commish (or designated Guru) has the final say. 1.1 We need to designate a Guru for adjudication purposes. What we are doing could be ground breaking for ICCF in future! :-) "

Glen D. Shields (5.08.2011): "10/20 okay here. Adjudication okay too, though I have no problem finishing out the games as well. Also willing to throw in some cash to help pay the entry fee or have a final prize. "

Jean-Christophe Chazalette (5.08.2011): "George, Last year was on me, I still haven't paid anything. Please tell me the amount and I'll make a Paypal payment.
10/20 days sounds good to me. What about the leave? No leave? 10? 20? Best JC "

WA Oudheusden (5.08.2011): "10 moves in 20 days will be sufficient for the NE Patriots to take the championship "

Søren Peschardt (5.08.2011): "Fear all Closing banquet provided us with player number 15: Maigonis Avotins from Latvia - representing the San Francisco 49ers!! Breaking news - breaking news: We have a trophy!!! Will be someting with an american football, cheerleaders and engraved names of the winners from season 1-4 - to be presented in Rustenburg next year. We will also organise some kind of ceremony for NFL/ICCF there!! As ICCF/NFL selfproclaimed commissioner, I have decided for tre most democratic solution for the Demian-proposal - 10 moves in 20 days and all games must be completed at Superbowl. My imperial and dictatorial decision will be: Let's take a vote :-) Send me you vote for: 10 moves in 20 days or 10 moves in 30 days ASAP. We will not be voting for Ginos proposal - it will be too difficult for the majority to commit to that. Maybe in season V..... I would also like to hear opinions for: Adjudications after the SB - no matter what time control will be chosen. Amici sumus Søren "

Eugen Demian (5.08.2011): "This is an excellent futuristic idea! Imagine the possibilities to have divisional games followed by playoffs. It would be as close to the real thing as you can come :-) If the ICCF server is still too restrictive, we can play these games at other sites like "Chesscube": This is my latest discovery after a blog suggestion coming from GM Spraggett.
My nick in Chesscube is LamarPeru"

George Pyrich (5.08.2011): "I think that I would happily accept any format although some may find it a bit difficult if they already have a large load of other games."

Gino Figlio (5.08.2011): "NFL friends and foes, At some point I had to come up with an outrageous suggestion, that's what I do best. How about we consider a slow "freestyle" in the future and mimick the regular season game by game (play our games one day before to avoid missing the real NFL games). It could be something like game in 4-6 hours but we would have to brainwash the powers that be in order to allow a time control in minutes/hours as an option on the webserver. Sincerely, The-real-mimicker-Gino "

Eugen Demian (5.08.2011): "Hi Soren ICCF/ NFL Commissioner Sir, Is it possible to have the games played during the season only and not longer? Arguments in favour: 1. These are friendly/ unrated games anyway. 2. Playing beyond the Super Bowl completely loses its purpose IMO One idea to help out with the above is reflection time of 2 days per move. How is everyone feeling about this? "

Eugen Demian (5.08.2011): "Arjen, Sure, sure! We all said the same in our rookie season. Luckily for you there's not a lot of work for you on the Wet Coast (it rains a lot but it is no dirt to mix with it); however Green Bay and similar play some games literally in mud. Should be fun! :-) Soren, give both rookies a bear hug as a welcome gift. Hopefully this will injure Ragnar's main QB before the season. Don't know how well built is Arjen though... I see that Raymond wants to take our money. I am sure his QB will change his mind after the first few sacs of the season drop on him. Beware of dropping pieces Raymond! Oh man, trash talk is back in full swing. Franklin, we need these beauties on the website to give Raymond noogies instead of prizes in SA, plus nice brushes for Arjen and Ragnar. I am watching you all from above, Eugen Seahawk "

George D. Pyrich (5.08.2011): "It seems that our new event will be another great success! The cost for the event is the same as for an international open event, 3 euros per player, and I will bill this at the same time as all the NF Statements for 2011, probably around the end of January 2012. The Green Bay Packers were not so successful last year - however, they did win the real event, the Superbowl! kind regards George "

WA Oudheusden (5.08.2011): "Plse be aware the NE Patriots have come to take the title, not polish boots. Just so that you are aware ;-) Arjen "

Søren Peschardt (5.08.2011): "Great! Raymond and Marco will receive instructions from George asap. Thank you for volunteering! "

Marco Caressa (5.08.2011): "Hi all, the second bill is mine. "

Raymond Boger (5.08.2011): "I can take one of the bill for this season ... Please let me how I shall pay (Paypal ?) and I will send the money ... If we all dont throw in 25$ and buy some prizes... will I bring a local prize from Norway to give it to the team and man! who come second :-) in this year tournament!. "

Søren Peschardt (5.08.2011): "Thank you Raymond :-) This is incredibly!! Everybody from the 3 previous seasons will be starters this year - and we even have 2 new rookies to polish our boots and to carry our water :-) We are now 14 starting teams (Raymond will be Vikings I and Ragnar Vikings II) - and I will try to find team number 15 at the closing banquet tonight. Will give all teams 7 kickoffs each! Sinve we have a large number of games - the bill to ICCF will be bigger this year. I paid the first year, George the second and Jean Claude the thidr. Proposal: We split the bill in two this year - any volunteers? Prizes? I remember our deal from the first season - think it was some kind of a trophee with names ingraved. A plate engraved with the final table (like for the World Champions would maybe be to much!) But some kind of an ugly trophee with names om - I would love to have that! I also remember, who promised to provide us with a trophee in season 1 - I will confront him tonight! Franklin: YES we need the website again - and EVERYBODY will send updated profiles. We also need new cheerleaderpics from London - Andy and I will provide them again! Bucs and Bears are playing on October 23rd - Tampa Bay is the home team and they have beautiful cheerleaders :-)) Best wishes from the last day of the Congress - Søren (ICCF/NFL Commissioner!!) "

Raymond Boger (5.08.2011): "Minnesota Vikings have had a board meeting and have decided to defend our win from ICCF NFL Championship I. The "quarterback" this season will be GM Raymond Boger ranked 12 in the ICCF world!. A request from the Vikings; Could we have some prizes this season ?? ... ( We expected to collect some! :-) ) We could all throw in 25$, buy some local prizes and then have a awarding ceremony in south-Africa next year ... What do you say ?? "

Franklin Campbell (4.08.2011): "Detroit Lions should do better this year, hopefully win more games than last year. Me, too, I want to win more than last year (no wins). I assume we'll want an updated web site as well. Currently I'm without my normal web tools, but by game time I should be ready! But will the players send me their updated profiles, photos and news item? Time will tell."

Michael Millstone (3.08.2011): "The Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, directed by your General Secretary are now heading back into the fray after a few seasons off."

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

7 August 2011: This new web site for Season 4 (2011-12) of the NFL Comes to ICCF tournament is under construction here. 14 players are shown in the table at the top but one additional player will be added to replace Ragnar Wikman, who is shown on the server crosstable but was unable to participate. The official start date for the tournament is 8 September 2011 with a fast time limit of 10 moves in 20 days. All games will be shown "live" with no delay. Some links will not function properly till later and everyone is requested to send updated personal profiles and photos. Last season's profiles can be used for ideas on what you may care to submit.

The old web sites for Season 1 (2008-09), Season 2 (2009-10) and Season 3 (2010-11) are still available.

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